Sumbul Saeed

College of Plant Sciences and Technology, National Institute of Crop Genetics Improvement
Huazhong Agricultural University
Journal Associated: Open Journal of Plant Science Biography:

Dr. Sumbul Saeed is a noted Researcher. She earned his BS degree in (Genetics) within the year of 2013. In the same year, she started an Internship on Molecular Training at Molecular Biology (Genetics) Laboratory, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro from 23rd July to 21st August 2013, and at the same year she also joined and started an Internship at Diagnostic and Research Laboratory of Isra University Hospital, Hyderabad from 10th June to 10th July 2013.

After that, she started MPhil in the year of 2015 and completed her MPhil degree with a specialization in (Biotechnology) in the year of 2017. During her MPhil journey, she published two research papers in “Journal of Sensor Lett” as a First Author.

In September 2018, she got a Huazhong Agricultural University Scholarship for Ph.D and started her Ph.D degree in the “National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics Improvement” with a Major of “Crop Genetics and Breeding” with Specialization in “Biotechnology” from Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan China.

In 2011, she got 3rd position on Presented the Panaflex in Exhibition titled “SAVE THE MOTHER EARTH” held on 10th October 2011. She was also Awarded by Pakistan Government in the prime minister Laptop Scheme.

To date, Dr. Sumbul Saeed has 9 SCI papers having (I.F: 50) in well-reputed journals.

Research Interest: Genome Editing, Nanotechnology, Crop Genetics Improvement.

List of Publications:

1)    Sumbul Saeed, M. Rafiq, Q.A. Baloach, S. H. A. Naqvi, A. Tahira, H. Khan, A. A. Hullio, A. B. Mallah, M. Willander, M. Akhtar, Z. H. Ibupoto. Vanillin assisted synthesis of Co3O4 nanostructures for the development of sensitive and selective peptone biosensor. Sensor Letters, Vol: 15, 536-544 (2017). (Citations: 1).
2)    Sumbul Saeed, M. Rafiq, Q.A. Baloach, A. B. Mallah, S. H. A. Naqvi, A. Tahira, M. Willander, M. Akhtar, Z. H. Ibupoto (2016) “Realization of Peptone Biosensor Based on Newly Prepared NiO Nanostructures”. Sensor Letters, Vol: 15, 822-826 (2017)
3)    Khan, Shahid Ullah, Waheed Ullah Khan, Wasim Ullah Khan, Dilfaraz Kham, Sumbul Saeed, Muhammad Ikram, Tawfik A Salah*, “Eu3+, Sm3+ Deed-red Phosphors as novel materials for White Light Emitting Diodes and Simultaneous Performance Enhancement of Organic-Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells”. Small, (2020) (IF: 13.28) (Citations: 11)
4)    Sunny Ahmar, Sumbul Saeed, Shahid Ullah Khan, Muhammad Hafeez Ullah Khan, Freddy Mora-Poblete, Muhammad Kamran, Aroosha Faheem, Ambreen Maqsood, Muhammad Rauf; Saba Saleem, Woo-Jong Hong, Ki-Hong Jung, “A Revolution toward Gene-editing Technology and its Application to Crop Improvement”, Int. J. Mol. Sci, (2020) (I.F: 5.92) (Citations: 16)
5)    Muneeb Ullah1, Abdul Wahab1, Sumbul Saeed2*, Shahid Ullah Khan2, Haider Ali1, Shah Humayun3, Banzeer Ahsan Abbasi4, “Coronavirus and its Terrifying Inning around the Globe: The Pharmaceutical Cares at the main Frontline”, Chemosphere, (2021) (I.F: 7.08) (Citations: 2)
6)    Sundus Saeed Qureshi1, Prem Chand2, Mahnoor Javed3, Sumbul Saeed4*, Rashid Abro2, Shaukat Ali Mazari2, N.M. Mubarak6*, Muhamad Tahir Hussain Siddiqui7, Humair Ahmed Baloch7, Sabzoi Nizamuddin7*, “Hydrothermal Carbonization of Oil Palm Trunk via Taguchi Method”, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering (2021) (I.F: 3.30)
7)    Yaqoob Iqbal Memona, Sundus Saeed Qureshia, Imdad Ali Kandhara, Naeem Ahmed Qureshib, Sumbul Saeedc, N.M Mubarakd, Shahid Ullah Khanc, and Tawfik A. Salehe “Statistical analysis and physicochemical characteristics of groundwater quality parameters: a case study”, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, (2021) (I.F: 2.82) (Citations: 1)
8)    Muneeb Ullaha, Abdul Wahaba, Dilfaraz Khanb, Sumbul Saeedc, Shahid Ullah Khanc, Naimat Ullaha, Tawfik A. Salehd, ⁎, “Modified gold and polymeric gold nanostructures: Toxicology and biomedical applications”, Colloids and Interface Science Communications (2021) (I.F: 4.91) (Citations: 1)
9)    Sundus Saeed Qureshi1, Sabzoi Nimauddin2, Shaukat Ali Mazari3, Sumbul Saeed4,
N. M. Mubarak5, Shahid Ullah Khan4, and Tawfik A. Saleh6,* “Ultrasonic-assisted synthesis of Polythiophene-carbon nanotubes composites as supercapacitors”, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, (2021) (IF: 2.47).

1)    Sumbul Saeed1, Adeel Ahmed2, Sabzoi Nizamuddin3, Sundus Saeed Qureshi4, Raheel Shahzad5, Nasr Ullah Khan6, Muhammad Shaban7, Muhammad Hafeez Ullah Khan1, Shahid Ullah Khan1*. “Novel nanotechnology-based vector delivery in CRISPR system for transgene-free editing”.” Principlal and Practices of OMICs and Genome Editing for Crop Improvement”. Springer (2021).


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