Daxiong Ji

Department of Ocean Science and Engineering
Zhejiang University
Journal Associated: Annals of Robotics and Automation Biography:

Dr. Daxiong Ji is the associate Director of Marine Electronics and Intelligent System Institute and an associate professor at Ocean College, Zhejiang University. He is also an IEEE Senior Member. He obtained his Ph.D. in 2008 from Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is the Academy of Sciences Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Award Winner. Prior to ZJU, he worked at The State Key Lab of Robotics, Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences from July 2008 to March. His research areas of interest are AI, marine robotics and control theory application. He has commitment and mainly participated in the nearly ten research projects granted by the grants including the National High Technique Development Plan and the National Natural Science Fund of China(NSFC). The research results on navigation, observation and control have been transferred to milestone AUVs(including "Qianlong 1"AUV, 4500m AUV and Long Range AUV) in China and are used successfully.  His research interests focus on  intelligent robotics and automation,  marine vehicle and system.  He is the director of NSFC project on AUV behavior fault analysis. He has published more than 30 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as reviewer of repute. He is the editor of International Journal of Advanced Robotics and Automation.

Research Interest: Robotics, Industrial electronics

URL: https://person.zju.edu.cn/jidaxiong

List of Publications:

[1] Taiping Zeng, Fengzhen Tang, Daxiong Ji, Bailu Si*. NeuroBayesSLAM: Neurobiologically Inspired Bayesian Integration of Multisensory Information for Robot Navigation. Neural Networks.2020,126:21-35.(SCI)
[2] Daxiong Ji(冀大雄*).水下机器人先进导航技术.北京:科学出版社(龙门书局).2019.
[3] Dengzhi*, Daxiong Ji, Lizhong Gu, Minzhe SUN, Xin Yao. Underwater Image Enhancement Algorithm Adapted to Different Turbidities Ranges. 2018 IEEE 8th International Conference on Underwater System Technology: Theory and Application, USYS 2018 .IEEE, 2019:1-6.
[4] Zhu Jiang, Ji Daxiong*, Xu Zhiwei, Si Bailu. Combined Optimisation of Waveform and Quantisation Thresholds for Multistatic Radar Systems. IET Signal Processing. 2018,12(5):559-565.(SCI)
[5] Daxiong Ji*, Zhi Deng , Shuo Li, Dongfang Ma, Tao Wang, Wei Soing, Shiqiang Zhu, Zhi Wang, Hongjun Pan, Sanjay Sharma, Xu Yang. A Novel Case of Practical Exponential Observer Using Extended Kalman Filter. IEEE Access. 2018, 6: 58004-58011. (SCI)
[6] Daxiong Ji*, Haichao Li, Chen-Wei Chen, Wei Song, Shiqiang Zhu. Visual Detection and Feature Recognition of Underwater Target Using a Novel Model-based Method. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems.2018,15(6):1-10. (SCI)
[7] Wenyang Gan, Daqi Zhu*, Daxiong Ji. QPSO-model Predictive Control-based Approach to                    Dynamic Trajectory Tracking Control for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles. Ocean     Engineering. 2018,158:208-220.(SCI)    
[8] Fengzhen Tang*,  Bailu Si, Daxiong Ji. A Prey-predator Model for Efficient Robot Tracking. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). Singapore, May 29 - June 3, 2017.IEEE,2017:3568-3574.
[9] Xu Yang, Liu Zhiyong, Hong Qiao, Yong-bo Song, Shu-nan Ren, Da-xiong Ji, Sui-Wu Zheng*.    Underwater Image Matching by Incorporating Structural Constraints. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems. 2017,14(6):1-10. (SCI)                                                           
[10] Dongdong Li, Daxiong Ji*, Jian Liu1 and Yang Lin. A Multi-model EKF Integrated Navigation Algorithm for Deep Water AUV. International Journal of Advanced Robotic      Systems. 2016, 13:3 | doi: 10.5772/62076 .(SCI)
[11] Daxiong Ji(冀大雄),宋伟*,赵宏宇,刘健. Deep Sea AUV Navigation Using Multiple Acoustic Beacons. China Ocean Engineering. 2016,30(2):309-318.(SCI)
[12] Daxiong Ji*, Jian Liu. Multi-Beam Sonar Application on Autonomous Underwater Robot.Marine Geodesy.2015,38(3):281-288. (SCI)
[13] Daxiong Ji*, Dongdong Li. An Improved Sequential Initiation Method for Multi-target Track in Clutter with Large Noise Measurement. Mathematical Problems in Engineering. 2014, 394297:1-9. (SCI)
[14] Daxiong Ji*, Kai Shi, dongdong Li. Reliable EKF Algorithm for Low-Cost AUV Navigation. Sea Technology.2014,55(12):41-44. (SCI)
[15] Ji Daxiong*, Liu Jian, Zheng Rong. Acoustic Theory Application in Ultra Short Baseline System for Tracking AUV. Marine Geodesy.2013,36(4):428-435. (SCI)
[16] Daxiong Ji(冀大雄*), 刘健. Ray Theory Application in LBL System. China Ocean Engineering.2010, 24(1):199—206. (SCI)
[17] Ji Daxiong*, Li Yiping, Liu Jian. Seafloor Transponder Calibration Using Improved Perpendiculars Intersection. Applied Ocean Research,.2010, 32(3):261-266. (SCI)


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