Aims and Scope

    Scientific Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy, all manuscripts must be acceptable in English version, which are subject to a rigorous and fair peer-review process. Accepted papers will immediately appear online. The scope of the journal including below mentioned topics are unlimited.

    • Classical and Developmental Genetics
    • Conservation and Ecological Genetics (including Behavioural Genetics)
    • Evolutionary and Population Genetics (except Human)
    • Genetic Engineering
    • Genetics of Plants and Animals in Agronomy (including Quantitative Genetics)
    • Genomics
    • Human and Medical Genetics (including Quantitative Genetics, Population Genetics, Psychiatric Genetics)
    • Microbial Genetics
    • Molecular Genetics (including Gene Characterization and Polymorphisms, Control of Gene Expression and Epigenetics)
    • Technical Tips and Improvement
    • Epigenetics and chromosome biology
    • Functional genetics, Human population genetics, Plant population genetics, Animal population genetics, Complex traits and quantitative genetics, Statistical and computational genetics

    Gene therapy
    • Somatic gene therapy, Vectors in gene therapy, Viruses
    • Germ line gene therapy, Major developments in gene therapy
    • Non-viral methods, Preventive gene therapy


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