Preventive oral health care for mitigating the COVID-19 induced adverse maternal outcomes: View point from Sri Lanka on opportunities in crisis

    DOI Logo 10.17352/jgro.000103

    Published On: October 14, 2021 | Pages: 036 - 041

    Author(s): Irosha Perera*, Manosha Perera, Nadisha Ratnasekera, Chandana Gajanayake and Migara Epa
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    Lifestyle and Risk factors associated with threatened miscarriage in Elsaudi maternity hospital, Khartoum, Sudan (2018)

    Author(s): Mohammed Eltayeb Abdelkhalig Mustafa
    Received Date: 04 May, 2020

    A contingent-screening model in prenatal diagnosis trisomy with application of the non-invasive prenatal test in maternal blood (nipt) in intermediate-risk pregnants

    Author(s): Plaza Arranz Javier
    Received Date: 30 Jul, 2020

    Obstetric and perinatal outcomes in singleton pregnancies after fresh versus frozen embryo transfer: A Retrospective Cohort Study

    Author(s): Lijun Sun
    Received Date: 07 Nov, 2020

    Understanding limits of parametrial resection in radical hysterectomy: A randomized controlled trial

    Author(s): Stefano Siringo
    Received Date: 07 Dec, 2020

    Association of genetic polymorphisms in DNA repair genes in polycystic ovary syndrome

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    Early Versus Traditional Oral Hydration After Cesarean Section

    Author(s): Mohamed Hassan
    Received Date: 03 Aug, 2018

    The Role of Umbilical Cord Thickness, Interventricular Septum Thickness and HbA1c Levels in the Prediction of Fetal Macrosomia in Patients with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. A Randomized Comparative Study

    Author(s): Rehab Mohamed Abdelrahman
    Received Date: 18 Jul, 2018

    Midwifery in Health Care System

    Author(s): Sinisa Franjic
    Received Date: 21 Jan, 2019

    Rise & fall of fetal heart rate,the principle of fetal monitoring: hypoxia index prevents cerebral palsy

    Author(s): Kazuo Maeda
    Received Date: 08 Nov, 2018

    Successful Pregnancy Outcome in a Heterotopic Abdominal Pregnancy: A case report

    Author(s): Soha Mirreza
    Received Date: 22 Oct, 2018

    Misdiognised Robert’s uterus: A case report and review of the literature

    Author(s): Huijuan Peng
    Received Date: 20 Sep, 2018

    Use of Polyglycolic Acid Mesh in Extreme Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes (PPROM)

    Author(s): Pervin Karl
    Received Date: 28 Aug, 2018

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