Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Therapy Submit Manuscript

    Aims and Scope

    Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Therapy is a online peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, case reports, short communications, review articles and clinical studies related to all aspects of Clinical Nutrition, Practice, Dietary Surveys, Food Processing and Technology. The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for researchers, surgeons, clinicians and other health professionals to find most recent advances in the areas of applications of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics. The Journal accepts in vivo, as well as epidemiological studies in humans.

    Subsequent research topics are covered by the JFSNT:
    • Food safety/ hygiene
    • Clinical Nutrition and Practice
    • Food microbiology
    • Nutrition and Food Health
    • Food preservation
    • Food Processing and Technology
    • Food engineering
    • Nutritional Epidemiology
    • Product development
    • Production
    • Sensory analysis
    • Food chemistry
    • Molecular gastronomy
    • Food packaging
    • Food physics
    • Food physical chemistry
    • Balanced Eating
    • Dangers of poor nutrition
    • Diabetes
    • Appetite, Food Intake and Nutritional Status
    • Human Nutrition
    • Diet Therapy
    • Food technology
    • GMO Food
    • Meat Science
    • Food Hygiene
    • Dietary Surveys          
    • Obesity, Weight Control
    • Diet and Disease
    • Macronutrients, Micronutrients
    • Metabolic Syndrome
    • Malnutrition, Children malnutrition
    • Food & Nutritional Science
    • Food Processing Engineering Technologies
    • Healthy diets
    • Parenteral nutrition
    • Food insecurity
    • Food poisoning
    • Nutritional Disorders
    • Food and nutrition disorders
    • Food analysis
    • Personalised Nutrition
    • Nutritional assessment
    • Vitamins & Minerals
    • Food Addiction
    • Nutrition Therapies
    • Poor Nutritional Status
    • Community Nutrition
    • Vitamin Deficiency
    • Nutrition Deficiency & Treatment
    • Food Intolerance
    • Diet & Metabolic Syndrome
    • Drug & Protein Metabolism
    • Quality assurance/control

    In conclusion topics covered include
    • Hazard/risk detection/analysis/management, manufacturing practices
    • Food irradiation, genetically modified food, sustainable food production
    • Public health challenges/consequences, diet selection/therapies
    • Emergency disasters, food poisoning outbreaks
    • Control of communicable/non-communicable diseases
    • Research methods, testing technologies, assay formats
    • Food allergen/contaminants/pathogens detection
    • Food migration/scalping
    • Nutritive value/bioavailability, trace elements, functional foods, nutraceuticals
    • Human nutrition and health sciences, epidemiology, micronutrients
    • Energy/metabolism, physical activity, exercise, sport nutrition
    • Public health/nutrition programmes/interventions/promotion, consumer attitudes
    • Public health governance/policy/audit/quality, food security/nutrition policies
    • Health service effectiveness/management/design, clinical nutrition
    • Nutritional implications of food processing
    • Bioavailability of nutrients and non nutrients
    • Nutritional quality of novel foods
    • Role of the human microbioma in nutrition
    • Food-nutrient interactions
    • Use of biotechnology in food science/nutrition
    • Food acceptability and dietary selection
    • Nutritional and physiological aspects of food
    • Dietary requirements and nutritive value of food
    • Food toxicology
    • Behavioral and consumer science


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