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    Mirabegron to manage symptoms of interstitial cystitis / bladder pain syndrome: A stone for two birds?

    DOI Logo 10.17352/aur.000032

    Published On: April 26, 2021 | Pages: 020 - 023

    Author(s): João Antonio Pereira-Correia*, Luiza Amaral Nahoum, João Ernesto Aldred Pinto and Valter José Fernandes Muller
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    Clinical application of PCNL in oblique supine lithotomy position for upper urinary calculi

    DOI Logo 10.17352/aur.000031

    Published On: April 21, 2021 | Pages: 013 - 019

    Author(s): Hai Yang Zhou#, Xin Feng Chen#, Hua Zhu, Dong Hua Gu, Xiao Dong Pan and Bing Zheng*
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    The use of flexible ureteroscopy is required to improve stone-free rates in ureteroscopy for proximal ureteral stones

    DOI Logo 10.17352/aur.000028

    Published On: January 19, 2021 | Pages: 001 - 005

    Author(s): Fatih Bıçaklıoğlu, Murat Yavuz Koparal* and Ender Cem Bulut
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    Case Report

    Malakoplakie of the ovary: Case report and litterature review

    DOI Logo 10.17352/aur.000030

    Published On: April 10, 2021 | Pages: 010 - 012

    Author(s): EK Laying, RA Gayito Adagba*, JB Djiepti, J Boboe, MA Ganglo, L Guedehoussou, MUB Megninou, AP Karka, H Kassa, TK Hessou and JDG Avakoudjo
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    Prenatally diagnosed patent urachus with bladder prolapse: Case Report and review of the literature

    DOI Logo 10.17352/aur.000029

    Published On: February 12, 2021 | Pages: 006 - 009

    Author(s): Stanislaw Warchol*, Sylwia Slomska, Tomasz Roszkowski and Teresa Dudek-Warchol
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    Mini Review

    Fundamental aspects of isovolumetric contractility measurements of urinary bladder

    DOI Logo 10.17352/aur.000033

    Published On: May 20, 2021 | Pages: 020 - 024

    Author(s): WA Van Duyl*
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