Domenico Rubello

Padova University
Journal Associated: Open Journal of Thyroid Research Biography:

Research Interest: PET/CT animals and in humans; Small animal PET; Nuclear medicine and radiology Animal study (rat and monkey); Kinetic and biodistribution studies of positron emitter radio-tracers in Oncology and neurology (18-Fluoro-Choline;  18 Fluoro-DOPA;  18-Fluoro-Timidine; 11-Carbon-Methionine); Comparison between scintigraphic imaging and morphologic imaging (US, CT scan, MRI) in Head and neck diseases and in oncology;  pneumology;  endocrine tumours;  PET-CT in oncology and Radiotheraphy planning; Physiology and pathophysiology of endocrine tumours; Development of new PET radio-tracers labelled with 68-gallium-labelled compounds; 11C-labelled compounds; 18F-labelled Compounds; Development of new PET softwares for oncologic examinations; PET and molecular imaging; Radio-guided surgery of thyroid cancer; Radio-guided surgery of parathyroid adenomas; Sentinel lymph Node biopsy; Radioiodine treatment of thyroid cancer; Diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine Tumours; Nanomedicine.

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