Articles from Italy

The Role of Speech Therapists in Olfactory Rehabilitation: A Short Report on Ten Cases of Total Laryngectomy
Michelle Passerini, Martina Da Re, Sonia Antoni, Cristina Pierluca, Giancarlo Tirelli and Vittorio Grill*
Published On 09 Dec, 2020
Treatment of patellofemoral chondropathy with BIOART
Ferdinando Franzoni*, Jonathan Fusi, Marco Ceccarelli, Andrea Petrocchi, Matteo Vitale, Marco Letari, Riccardo Banducci, Veronica Santini, Giorgia Scarfò, Eugenio Cerri and Fabio Galetta
Published On 03 Dec, 2020
A new litholytic therapy for nephrolithiasis
Papalia T* and Greco R
Published On 02 Dec, 2020
Metabolic Wellbeing and Covid-19
Carmine Finelli*
Published On 05 Nov, 2020
The future of elder care in Italy in COVID-19 pandemic times: Socio-economic considerations
Chiara Bugari*and Giovanni Lamura
Published On 29 Oct, 2020
Neonatal and infantile abuse in a family settings
Giulio Perrotta*
Published On 06 Oct, 2020
Surgical Management of Multiple Myeloma and Plasmocytoma of the Spine
G Evangelisti*, E Pesce, R Gala, S Bandiera, G Tedesco, G Barbanti Brodano, S Terzi, R Ghermandi, M Girolami, V Pipola and A Gasbarrini
Published On 10 Sep, 2020
Radon risk in carcinogenesis what prevention
Mauro Mazzotta*
Published On 05 Sep, 2020
Flu vaccination in children. The pleasant surprise of an indirect positive effect
Gaetano Bottaro*, Giuseppe Bottaro, Filippo Di Forti and Mara Nicosia
Published On 29 Aug, 2020
A case of anomalous aortic origin of coronary arteries from the opposite sinus
Alessandra Tanzilli, Simone Griffo, Alessandra De Luca Vincenzo Capasso, Vincenzo Rossi, Marco Di Palma, Simone Calcagno*, Francesco Panno, Riccardo Di Pietro, Pino Aisle and Francesco Versaci
Published On 06 Aug, 2020
Duodenal bleeding in a patient with Covid-19-Related Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Maurizio Gabrielli*, Laura Franza, Maria Chiara Bungaro, Tommaso de Cunzo, Alessandra Esperide, Federico Valletta, Irene Gasparrini, Luca Santarelli, Alessio Migneco, Lorenzo Capaldi and Francesco Franceschi
Published On 05 Aug, 2020
Laryngeal Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma: A rare neoplasm with still undefined treatment aspects. Case report and literature review
Gianluigi Mariano Grilli, Rossana Giancaspro, Valeria Fiore, Anna Del Colle*, Luciano Enrico Renato Magaldi and Giuseppe Pannone
Published On 11 Jul, 2020
Breast neuroendocrine tumors multidisciplinary treatment. Single experience in our Centre
Lucia Stella Curto*, Rita Gervasi and Nadia Innaro
Published On 06 Jul, 2020
The use of aerosolized - Adrenergic agonist therapy after lung transplantation in pediatric age
Giorgia Grutter* and Zaccaria Ricci
Published On 29 Jun, 2020
Oral Bisoprolol for the treatment of non-resolving central serous chorioretinopathy: A case report
Vingolo EM, Napolitano G*, Rigoni E and De Rosa V
Published On 12 Jun, 2020
So close yet so distant: evidence from Lombardy and Veneto to plan COVID-19 recovery strategy
Silvia Ussai*, Marzia Calvi, Benedetta Armocida, Beatrice Formenti, Francesca Palestra and Eduardo Missoni
Published On 01 Jun, 2020
Surgical Research, Staging-Guided Technical Procedures and Long-Term Clinical Outcomes for the Treatment of Peripheral Lymphedema: the Genoa Protocol
Corrado Cesare Campisi*, Lidia Molinari, Caterina Sara Campisi, Giuseppe Villa, Ezio Fulcheri and Corradino Campisi
Published On 28 May, 2020
Non-surgical acute cholecystitis: 2 cases of gallbladder rupture after internal endoscopic or percutaneous diversion
Lorenzo Monfardini*, Claudio Sallemi, Nicolo’ Gennaro and Claudio Bna
Published On 05 May, 2020
Criminality, Substance abuse and Problematic Family Relations in Adolescence
Valeria Saladino*, Lilli Hoelzlhammer and Valeria Verrastro
Published On 28 Apr, 2020
Vaginal health and well ageing during all stages of women’s life
Letteria Greco*, Marco Fontana, Enzo Berardesca and Maurizio Barbieri Carones
Published On 18 Apr, 2020
Nutritional status of patients on chronic hospital hemodialysis vs home hemodialysis
Duranti Diletta*, Ralli Chiara and Duranti Ennio
Published On 30 Mar, 2020
Horner’s syndrome and fever: An unusual presentation of the giant cell arteritis
L Marzano* and PF Ballerini
Published On 31 Dec, 2019
The application of Kubler-Ross model in Newly Diagnosed Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Giorgia Teresa Maniscalco*, Antonio Rosario Ziello, Valentina Panetta, Giovanni Guarcello, Giovanni Improta and Ciro Florio
Published On 02 Nov, 2019
A retrospective analysis of severe asthma treatment with Mepolizumab
Mattia Serao*, Rossana Vigliarolo,Tiziana Trequattrini, Angela Succu, Marianna Lilli, Rosario Rivitti, Aldo Ciani, Giulia Cacciani, Sara Mannucci and Maria Cristina Zappa
Published On 24 Sep, 2019
A case of severe dermatitis in a patient with Polycythemia Vera during cytoreductive therapy
Accurso V, Santoro M*, Caputo V, Fiorella S, Casimiro P, Sardo M, Marino C, Sucato G and Siragusa S
Published On 20 Jul, 2019
Acute coronary syndrome- A vulnerable patient with vulnerable plaques: A case report
Antonio Maglione*, Salvatore Ambrosio, Carmina Campaniello, Sandro Nello and Raffaele Papa
Published On 25 Jun, 2019
Possible association between lesions of endodontic origin, infectogenomics and myocarditis
FM Abenavoli*, AD Inchingolo, G Dipalma and F Inchingolo
Published On 05 Jun, 2019
Primary Obstructive Megaureter in Children: to Treat or not?
Zampieri Nicola*, Cecchetto Mariangela, Patanè Simone, Vestri Elettra and Camoglio Francesco Saverio
Published On 31 May, 2019
Is there any association between Nasal Polyposis and Osteoma? A retrospective analysis of incidence of Paranasal Sinus Osteoma among 600 patients treated for Nasal Polyposis
Stefano Di Girolamo, Barbara Flora*, Francesco Maria Passali, Roberta Di Mauro, Federica Martino, Emanuela Fuccillo and Pier Giorgio Giacomini
Published On 09 Apr, 2019
The correlation between temporomandibular disorders, atypical swallowing and dyslalia
Alessandro Marchesi, Daniele D’Apote, Anna D’Apote*, Riccardo Ciancaglini and Laura Strohmenger
Published On 12 Mar, 2019
Could neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio be a new mortality predictor value in severe burns?
Ali Ciftci*, Osman Esen, M Burc Yazicioglu, M Celalettin Haksal, Cagri Tiryaki, Abdullah Gunes, Osman Civil, Mehmet Ozyildiz and Hayrunisa Esen
Published On 01 Mar, 2019
Short term subjective outcomes of lateral fracture as a complementary treatment of coblation turbinoplasty in traumatized nose
Pier Giorgio Giacomini*, Francesco Maria Passali, Barbara Flora, Valentina Rosati and Stefano Di Girolamo
Published On 01 Mar, 2019
More than a common acid buffering in the treatment of Non-Erosive GERD-like Clinical Spectrum: A Chios Masthia-based Formulation with (Cyto) Protecting Effect
Barreto R, Todai M, Kumar N, Hayakawa K, Marotta F*, Imaoka Y and Catanzaro R
Published On 26 Feb, 2019
Long-term persistence of Saliva-derived microRNA in human dental calculus for Forensic investigations
Catia Lippolis*, Aldo Cavallini, Ginevra Panzarino and Sandro Sublimi Saponetti
Published On 12 Feb, 2019
Interdisciplinary stepwise approach for an effective and safe Mechanical Transvenous Lead Extraction
Valentino Borghetti*, Giovanni Carreras, Chiara Marini, Stefano Donzelli, Giancarlo D’Addario, Enrico Boschetti and Alessandro Pardini
Published On 30 Oct, 2018
Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis: an Atypical Presentation
Davide Giordano, Lucia Dardani* and Angelo Ghidini
Published On 04 Aug, 2018
Glaucoma: May new technologies help in early diagnosis?
Casillo L, Tricarico S and Vingolo EM*
Published On 16 Mar, 2018
Diabetic foot: What to do and not to do
Mario Pappagallo*
Published On 08 Feb, 2018
Hypertension is also fought at the pace of dance
Mario Pappagallo*
Published On 05 Feb, 2018
Rigor Mortis and News obtained by the Body’s Scientific Reconstruction of the Turin Shroud Man
Bevilacqua M, Concheri G, Concheri S, Fanti G, Rodella S
Published On 26 Jan, 2018
Uterine Cervical Cancer Prevention in Eritrea: Development and Results of a Pilot Project
Massimo Rugge*, F.A.C.G, Michele Cosentino, Kebreab Mehari WG, Paola Bassan, Elisabetta Marcato, Zewdi Ghebremedhin Andemicael, Simon Gebrehiwet, Kibrom Hailu Ghebremicael, Tesfamariam Mehari Halki, Egle A Insacco, Gianlibero Onnis and Daria Minucci
Published On 17 Jan, 2018
Cigarette Smoking Increases the Effect of *Arg/*Arg Genotype of P53 Codon 72 on the Susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes in Overweight Subjects
Anna Neri, Fulvia Gloria-Bottini*, Maria Banci, Andrea Magrini and Egidio Bottini
Published On 17 Nov, 2017
How the New International recommendation for Electrocardiographic interpretation in Athletes would change our practice
Roberto Ferrara, Andrea Serdoz, Mariangela Peruzzi, Elena Cavarretta*
Published On 06 Oct, 2017
The Impact of Sarcopenia on Elderly Cancer Patients
Gianfranco Gioia*
Published On 31 Aug, 2017
Disturbed auditory perceptions: An Update
Egisto Molini, Ruggero Lapenna*, Laura Cipriani, Maria Rita Del Zompo, Giorgia Giommetti and Giampietro Ricci
Published On 20 Jul, 2017
Citicoline in Vascular Cognitive Impairment: Some Latest Evidences
Pietro Gareri* and Alberto Castagna
Published On 17 Jul, 2017
Panhypopituatarism and Azoospermia
Shkembi E*, Daniele N and Zinno F
Published On 05 Jul, 2017
Hyperuricemia and global Cardiovascular Risk: State of the art and preventive prospects
Angelo Michele Carella*, Teresa Marinelli, Armando Melfi tano, Michele Di Pumpo, Giovanni Modola and Angelo Benvenuto
Published On 04 Jul, 2017
A Case of Isolated Central Nervous System Vasculitis in an Elderly Patient
Clara Bartolaminelli, Gian Paolo Anzola*, Matteo Filippini and Gianluca Boari
Published On 01 Jun, 2017
Osteotropism of Breast and Prostate Cancer: Clinical and Experimental Perspective
Manuel Scimeca#, Francesca Starace#, Deborah Gratti, Viviana Benedicta Sapia, Rita Bonfi glio and Elena Bonanno*
Published On 20 May, 2017
New Light on the Sufferings and the Burial of the Turin Shroud Man
Matteo Bevilacqua, Giulio Fanti* and Michele D’Arienzo
Published On 19 May, 2017
The life experience of parents of Congenital Heart Disease adolescents: A meta-synthesis
Federica Dellafi ore*, Roberta Domanico, Serena Francesca Flocco, Francesco Pittella, Gianluca Conte, Arianna Magon, Massimo Chessa and Rosario Caruso
Published On 17 May, 2017
Short-Term Effects of Pre/Probiotics on P-Cresol and Indoxyl-Sulphate Serum Concentrations During the Various Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease
Filomena Panza, Diletta Duranti, Ralli Chiara, Matteo Basile, Marco Bagnati, Giorgio Bellomo and Ennio Duranti*
Published On 03 May, 2017
Are We Performing the Right Long Term Thromboprophylaxis of Port-A-Cath? Report of a Case of Upper Limb DVT with PE and Port-A-Cath Migration
Pierpaolo Di Micco*, Luca Fontanella, Andrea Fontanella and Luigi Pirolo
Published On 13 Apr, 2017
The Causes of Jesus’ Death in the Light of the Holy Bible and the Turin Shroud
Matteo Bevilacqua, Giulio Fanti* and Michele D’Arienzo
Published On 11 Apr, 2017
Removal of 17-α Ethinylestradiol from Water Systems by Adsorption on Polyacrylonitrile Beads: Isotherm and Kinetics Studies
Luigi Mita, Maurizio Forte, Adriana Rossi, Claudia Adamo, Sergio Rossi, Damiano Gustavo Mita*, Marco Guida, Marianna Portaccio, Tzonka Godievargova, Ivanov Yavour, Mohamed Samir and Mohy Eldin
Published On 07 Apr, 2017
Inhaled GM-CSF in a Pulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis Patient Refractory to Plasmapheresis Combined with Multiple Whole Lung Lavages
Francesca Mariani, Elena Paracchini, Davide Piloni, Zamir Kadija, Elena Salvaterra, Laura Divizia, Giuseppe Rodi, Carmine Tinelli, Federica Meloni and Ilaria Campo*
Published On 06 Apr, 2017
Periocular Erythema and Eczema after Local Application of Calendula Officinalis in Pediatric Age
Vincenzo Patella*, Giovanni Florio, Viviana Cafeo, Gioacchino Calapai, Fabrizio Calapai and Sebastiano Gangemi
Published On 27 Mar, 2017
Sinoatrial Blocks in Hyperthyroidism Treated with Beta-Blockers: A Case of Paradoxical Treatment
Caterina Chiara De Carlini*, Ester Meles, Roberto Galbiati, Marco Di Sabato, Gaetano Gentile, Andrea Farina and Stefano Maggiolini
Published On 16 Mar, 2017
The Role of Implantable Cardioverter- Defi brillators in Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Chronic Kidney Disease
Fabio Fabbian*, Alfredo De Giorgi, Federica Rossin, Carlotta Rotini, Michele Domenico Spampinato and Maria Adelina Ricciardelli
Published On 13 Mar, 2017
Follicular B-Cell Lymphoma Embedded in a Pulmonary Chondroid Hamartoma: A Case Report
Lara Mannelli*, Sofia Kovalchuk, Benedetta Puccini, Gemma Benelli, Catia Dini, Alberto Bosi and Luigi Rigacci
Published On 09 Mar, 2017
Diagnosing HPV-Related Oropharyngeal Cancers: The Need to Speak a Common Language
Daniela Russo#, Francesco Merolla#, Gennaro Ilardi*, Silvia Varricchio, Danila Caroppo, Virginia Napolitano, Massimo Mascolo and Stefania Staibano
Published On 07 Mar, 2017
Occupational Risk Factors for Arterial Hypertension in Workers of High Speed Railway Line in Italy
Norma Barbini*, Martina Speziale, and Rosa Squadroni
Published On 21 Feb, 2017
Should We Screen Patients with Unprovoked Venous Thromboembolism for Hyperthyroidism? Report of Several Paradigmatic Clinical Cases from the RIETE Registry
Pierpaolo Di Micco*, Gualberto Gussoni, Fernando Uresandi, Agustina Rivas, Raquel López- Reyes, Lucia Mazzolai, Rita Duce, Andrei Braester, Pilar Llamas, Manuel Monreal and RIETE Investigators#
Published On 20 Feb, 2017
Extraction of an Infected Active Fixation Coronary Sinus Lead with the Aid of a Tissue Stabilizer
Stefania Blasi, Maurizio Levantino, Luca Paperini, Maria Grazia Bongiorni and Uberto Bortolotti*
Published On 09 Feb, 2017
The Use of New Technologies in the Study of Pregnancy Disorders: The OMICS Approach
Silvia Visentin*, Maria Caterina Bongiorno, Maria Calanducci, Loris Marin and Erich Cosmi
Published On 08 Feb, 2017
Circadian Variations of Serum Mitochondrial Uncoupling Protein 1 (UCP1) Levels and Rectal Temperature in Capra Hircus
Francesca Arfuso, Claudia Giannetto, Francesco Fazio, Maria Rizzo, Concetta Saoca and Giuseppe Piccione*
Published On 07 Feb, 2017
Myxoid Leiomyosarcoma of the Uterus in a Fertile Woman
Vito Leanza, Alfi o D’Agati, Gianluca Leanza, Carlo Pafumi*, Mayada Chammas and Antonio Carbonaro
Published On 07 Feb, 2017
Ischemical Problems after Filler Injections: Anatomical Details and Practical Guide Lines to Avoid Disasters
Redaelli Alessio*, Battistella Melania and Aleksey A Ivanov
Published On 07 Feb, 2017
Nuances of Microsurgical and Endoscope Assisted Surgical Techniques to the Cranio-Vertebral Junction: Review of the Literature
Visocchi Massimiliano*, Signorelli Francesco, Iacopino Gerardo and Barbagallo Giuseppe,
Published On 06 Feb, 2017
Lack of Difference between the Reduced Dose and Full-Dose of Antiretroviral Therapy in Terms of the Decrease in Immune Activation
Nicolè S*, Cucchetto G, Lanzafame M, Rigo F, Lattuada E, Concia E and Vento S
Published On 28 Jan, 2017
Right Ventricular Dysfunction is related with Poor Exercise Tolerance in Elderly Patients with Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
Chiara Fossati, Valentino D’Antoni, Jeganath Murugesan, Deborah Fortuna, Serena Selli, Noemi Punzo and Giuseppe Caminiti*
Published On 23 Jan, 2017
Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases and Helicobacter Pylori
Vincenzo Bassi*, Olimpia Fattoruso and Crescenzo Santinelli
Published On 02 Jan, 2017
Effect of Ocean Acidification on the Communications among Invertebrates Mediated by Plant-Produced Volatile Organic Compounds
Valerio Zupo*, Mirko Mutalipassi, Patrick Fink and Marco Di Natale
Published On 30 Dec, 2016
Orbital Meningoencephalocele Due to Extraventricular Neurocytoma: Case Report
Andrea Cattalani*, Vincenzo Grasso, Matteo Vitali, Gian Paolo Longo, Narciso Mariani and Andrea Barbanera
Published On 20 Dec, 2016
Circulating MicroRNAs as Cancer Biomarkers: Can They Play a Role in Clinical Practice? Short Review
Angelo Michele Carella*, Teresa Marinelli, Armando Mel fi tano, Michele Di Pumpo, Giovanni Modola, Matteo Conte and Angelo Benvenuto
Published On 17 Dec, 2016
Does Milk Intake Play a Specific Role in the Pathogenesis of Kidney Stones?
Simone Brardi*, Tiziano Verdacchi, Giorgio Paoletti, Vanni Giovannelli and Ennio Duranti
Published On 01 Nov, 2016
Pathological Biomineralization in the Calcific Aortic Valve
Elena Cavarretta* and Adriana Maras
Published On 22 Oct, 2016
Oxygen-Ozone Treatment in Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: A Case Report
Cicconetti A*, Passaretti A, Zuccarini F, Tordiglione P, Araimo Morselli FSM, Imperiale C, Miracolo G
Published On 17 Oct, 2016
Direct Aortic Evolut R Implantation as Valve-In-Valve in a Patient Affected by Leriche Syndrome
Pierre Dahdah, Giuseppe Bruschi* and Victor Jebara
Published On 28 Sep, 2016
Temporal Bone Trauma: To Pull Down the Wall of Incommunicableness
Assunta Scuotto* and Michele Rotondo
Published On 26 Aug, 2016
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in Left Main Disease with Idiopathic Artery Pulmonary Hypertension. Role of PGE Therapy
Walter Serra*, Igino Spaggiari, Alessandro Maria Budillon, Filippo Benassi, Giorgio Romano, Tiziano Gherli, Antonella Vezzani and Tullio Manca
Published On 06 Aug, 2016
Retrospective Study of 710 Patients Treated with 4DDome® Mesh: A New Chance for Open Inguinal Hernia Repair
Michele Simone, Emanuele Grasso* and Valentina Cianci
Published On 16 Jul, 2016
Cancer Stem Cells and Nanomedicine
Entela Shkembi*, Nicola Daniele, Francesco Zinno, Gallo Emiliano Omar
Published On 15 Jul, 2016
A Rare Case of Asymptomatic Postmenopausal Tubercular Endometritis in Italy
Caterina Pizzicaroli and Giovanni Larciprete*
Published On 29 Jun, 2016
Ambient Air Pollution and Hypertension: A Relationship that Strikes Around the Clock
Elisa Caldarone, Mario Lombardi, Paolo Severi and Massimo Leggio*
Published On 24 Jun, 2016
Carotid Artery Stenting and Concomitant Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting or other Cardiac Surgical Procedures
Paolo Nardi*, Guglielmo Saitto, Marco Russo and Giovanni Ruvolo
Published On 25 May, 2016
Acute Renal Failure in Sarcoidosis: A Review of the Literature
Teresa Papalia*, Rosita Greco, Agata Mollica and Renzo Bonofiglio
Published On 26 Apr, 2016
One Time Surgery in Contemporary Diseases of the Abdominal Wall and Pelvis in the Elderly
Giorgio Maria Paul Graziano, Carnazzo Santo, Samperisi Luigi and Antonino Graziano*
Published On 30 Mar, 2016
Which Surgery in Geriatric Breast Cancer
Giorgio Maria Paul Graziano and Prof Antonino Graziano*
Published On 16 Mar, 2016
Mass Dimension Evaluation of the Optic Nerve Head Microvascularity in Non-Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathies
Giorgio Bianciardi*, Maria Eugenia Latronico, Claudio Traversi
Published On 07 Mar, 2016
Atherosclerotic Monstrous Double Aneurysm of the Left Main Coronary Artery: A Very Rare Angiographic Finding
Gerardo Musuraca*, Ferdinando Imperadore, Clotilde Terraneo and Emiliano Boldi
Published On 07 Mar, 2016
Adenocarcinoma of Ceruminous Glands: Role of the VMAT
Simona Vallarelli, Stefania Stucci*, Marco Tucci, Nicola Quaranta, Donatella Russo, Marco Moschetta and Franco Silvestris
Published On 22 Feb, 2016
Hemodialysis with Polymethylmethacrylate Restores the Response to Hepatitis B Vaccination in Chronic Dialysis Patients: Hypothesized Mechanism of Action
Ralli Chiara, Imperiali Patrizio, Gabbrilelli Claudio, Conti Paolo, Lombardi Marco, Sidoti Antonino, Capitanini Alessandro, Piluso Adriano, Tekle Kiros Seble, Duranti Diletta and Duranti Ennio*
Published On 21 Jan, 2016
The Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. A Difficult Problem, Between Prevention and Treatment
Giorgio Maria Paolo Graziano Marco Cavallaro and Antonino Graziano*
Published On 19 Jan, 2016
The Correlation Between Arterial Hypertension and Endothelial Function
Francesca Cortese*, Pietro Scicchitano, Michele Gesualdo and Marco Matteo Ciccone
Published On 11 Jan, 2016
Heredo-Familial and Pediatric GISTs: Spot the Differences
Alessandro Perez and Daniele Fanale*
Published On 07 Jan, 2016
Boron Levels in Drinking Water Sources from the Volcanic Area of Sicily (South Italy): Risk Evaluation of Developing Chronic Systemic Effects
Chiara Copat*, Maria Fiore, Alfina Grasso, Giovanni Arena, Angela Dimartino, Gea Oliveri Conti, Salvatore Sciacca and Margherita Ferrante
Published On 05 Jan, 2016
Diabetes Mellitus and Regenerative Medicine: New Possibilities for the Regeneration of β Cells and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Nicola Daniele*, Silvia Franceschilli, Fulvia Fraticelli, Francesco Zinno
Published On 03 Jan, 2016
Escherichia coli Viability in Coastal Marine Environments: A Case Study
Caruso G* and Caruso R
Published On 31 Dec, 2015
The Neuroendocrine Cancer. Personal Comments and Operational Remarks
Andrea Cavallaro, Giorgio Maria Paolo Graziano, Marco Cavallaro and Antonino Graziano*
Published On 28 Oct, 2015
The Stent Evolution in Colo-Rectal Emergencies
Andrea Cavallaro, Giorgio Maria Paolo Graziano, Marco Cavallaro and Antonino Graziano*
Published On 15 Oct, 2015
Agar-based Biocomposites slow down Progression in the Reproductive Cycle Facilitating Synchronization of the Gonads of Reared Specimens of Paracentrotus lividus
Adele Fabbrocini, Maria Grazia Volpe, Elena Coccia, Raffaele D'Adamo and Marina Paolucci*
Published On 14 Oct, 2015
Effect of Immobilized Proteases on Bacterial Growth and Cell Adhesion on Polypropylene Surfaces
Piotr Biniarz, Eugenio Spadoni Andreani, Anna Krasowska, Marcin Łukaszewicz and Francesco Secundo*
Published On 28 Sep, 2015
Risk-Adjusted Models of Costs Referable to General Practitioners Based on Administrative Databases in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in Northern Italy
Piergentili P*, Simon G, Paccagnella O, Grassetti L, Rizzi L and Samani F
Published On 24 Sep, 2015
Muscle-Sparing Thoracotomy: A Systematic Literature Review and the “AVE” Classification
Sava Durkovic and Paolo Scanagatta*
Published On 10 Sep, 2015
Complications in Maxillary Local Anesthesia
Chisci Glauco*
Published On 03 Sep, 2015
Lethal Food-Induced Anaphylaxis in Children
Arnaldo Cantani*
Published On 19 Aug, 2015
Mitral Valve Obstruction and Pulmonary Hypertension Caused by a Giant Left Atrial Myxoma Prolapsing in the Left Ventricle
Musuraca Gerardo*, Agostoni Pierfrancesco, Boldi Emiliano, Terraneo Clotilde, Imperadore Ferdinando and Del Greco Maurizio
Published On 17 Aug, 2015
A Great Discovery Allergy and Asthma are fully Genetic in Children
Arnaldo Cantani*
Published On 10 Aug, 2015
Sonography and Contrast Enhancement MDCT in the Evaluation of Complicated Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease
Francesco Messina, Francesco Loria*, Giuseppe Loria, Luciano Frosina, Francesca Frosina5 and Enrico Morano
Published On 03 Aug, 2015
Different Levels of Exhaled Nasal Nitric Oxide in Patients Diagnosed with Primary Dyskinesia
A Bodini, D Peroni, L Tenero*, M Sandri, M Brunelli, G Inzalaco, U Pradal, M Piazza, AL Boner and GL Piacentini
Published On 07 Jul, 2015
The Endoscopic Treatment of Tracheo-bronchial Amyloidosis: A Challenging Issue
Umberto Caterino*, Sandro Batzella, Gabriele Lucantoni, Alfonso Fiorelli, Mario Santini and Giovanni Galluccio
Published On 22 Jun, 2015
Impact of Glomerular Filtration Rate on Intravenous Thrombolytic Therapy in Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Retrospective Study from a Single Italian Center
Fabio Fabbian*, Cristiano Azzini, Mauro Gentile, Alfredo De Giorgi, Alessandro De Vito, Francesco Portaluppi and Ilaria Casetta
Published On 01 Jun, 2015
Effective Percutaneous Repositioning of an Active Fixation ICD Lead
Maria Grazia Bongiorni, Giovanni Coluccia*, Luca Segreti, Luca Paperini and Ezio Soldati
Published On 28 May, 2015
Recovery of Post Thyroidectomy Aphonia with Peri Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Injection of Meloxicam
Battista Borghi*, Aladdin Safi, Claudio Santangelo, Raffaele Borghi
Published On 06 May, 2015
Nutritional outcomes in HIV-Exposed Infants in the Mingha Program, Dschang-Cameroon (2003-2011)
Sanou Sobze Martin, Djeunang Dongho Ghyslaine Bruna*, Russo Gianluca, Zefack Yannick, Sali Ben Bechir Adogaye, Tsi Kien-Atsu, Fotso Jimmy Roger, Tiotsia Tsapi Armand, Ercoli Lucia, Colizzi Vittorio and Zambou Ngoufack Francois
Published On 31 Mar, 2015
Novel Strategies to Improve Rituximab Efficacy in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas
Massimo Bortolotti and Letizia Polito*
Published On 10 Mar, 2015
Optical Coherence Tomography for the Identification of a Rare Case of Keratoconus in Albino Donor Cornea
Hossein Mostafa Elbadawy*, Alessandro Ruzza, Mohit Parekh, Davide Camposampiero, Marina De Rossi, Sandro Sbordone, Stefano Ferrari and Diego Ponzin
Published On 23 Feb, 2015
Extracorporeal Shock Waves in the Treatment of Equinovarus Foot in a Duchenne Patient: A Case Report
Michele Barazzuol MD, Efthymia Lampropoulou MD, Andrea Meneghini MD and Stefano Masiero MD*
Published On 10 Jan, 2015
Relationship between BMI, PSA and Histopathological Tumor Grade in a Caucasian Population Affected by Prostate Cancer
Tirabassi G*, Gioia A, Manco R, Tenaglia R.L, Balercia G
Published On 24 Oct, 2014
Potential Arrhythmogenic Risk of DDI/DDD Pacing Modes During Atrial Fibrillation
Giacomo Mugnai*, Livio Bertagnolli and Ruggero Tomei
Published On 25 Sep, 2014
Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection and Implantation of Absorb Bioresorbable Drug-Eluting Stent in Cocaine-Related Acute Coronary Syndrome
Roberto Ceravolo, Marco Vatrano, Giuseppe Dattilo, Alessandro Ferraro, Vincenzo Antonio Ciconte and Egidio Imbalzano*
Published On 13 Sep, 2014
Severe Repeated Hypotension Occurred after Rocuronium Administrations in a Morbidly Obese Patient: A Case Report
Fabio Silvio Mario Araimo Morselli*, Paolo Tordiglione, Ilaria Scarpa, Francesco Zuccarini, Giovanni Rosa
Published On 06 Sep, 2014
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Heart Failure: Rationale, Results, Indications, Limits and Perspectives
Andrea Mazza, Sergio Valsecchi, Umberto Riva, Maria Grazia Bendini and Massimo Leggio*
Published On 04 Aug, 2014

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