Xianfeng Fan

Chair of Particulate Materials Processing, Professor, Deputy director of chemical engineering
School of Engineering
The University of Edinburgh
Journal Associated: Open Journal of Chemistry Biography:

Research Interest: Photocatalysis, colloid and interfacial phenomenon, CO2 capture and storage, multiphase flow in porous materials,

 i) 5.2018-5.2020, UGC-UKIERI, £50000, Novel EOR technique for the depleted oil reservoirs of Upper Assam Basin with simultaneous CO2 Capture and Sequestration. (PI)
(ii) 10.2017-9.2018, EPSRC, £10000, EPSRC Formulations for collaboration with the University of Nottingham
(iii) 8.2016 - 7.2019, EPSRC, EP/N024672/1, £1,226,534, A compact CO2 capture process to combat industrial emissions.
(iv) 2013 - 9. 2015 Royal Society of Edinburgh, Removal of SOx and NOx from fossil fuel combustion, £11,600.
(v) 1.2013 - 4.2016, EPSRC, EP/J019720/1, £832,807, Feasibility of a wetting layer absorption carbon capture process based on chemical solvents. For this project, I supervised a research associate working on microwave swing adsorption for CO2 capture.
(vi) 2012-2013, Royal Academy of Engineering, Study on phosphorylated hollow silica / polysulfone hybrid membrane for the treatment of wastewater containing oil, £24000.
(vii) 2011-2014, EPSRC, EP/I010939/1, £664,440, FOCUS – Fundamentals of Optimised Capture Using Solids: circulating fluidised bed CO2 capture processes for coal-fired power plants based on amine-functionalised adsorbents.
(viii) 10/2011 - 9/2014, PhD studentship, Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, Transport of three phase flow in porous media for CO2 storage and enhanced oil recovery, £60,000.
(ix) 2010-2011 Research Grant from the Royal Society, £17,745,

URL: https://www.eng.ed.ac.uk/about/people/dr-xianfeng-fan

List of Publications

1.    C. Chao, X. Jin, L. Teng, A.A. Stokes, X. Fan, Bubble Dislodgment in a Capillary Network with Microscopic Multichannels and Multibifurcation Features, Langmuir, 2019, DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.8b03323

2.    E Al-Zaidi, X Fan*, Liquid CO2 behaviour during water displacement in a sandstone core sample, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 62, 259-274, 2019

3.    C Chao, G Xu, X Fan*, Effect of surface tension, viscosity, pore geometry and pore contact angle on effective pore throat, Chemical Engineering Science, 197, 269-279, 2019

4.    E Al-Zaidi, K Edlmann, X Fan*, Gaseous CO2 behaviour during water displacement in a sandstone core sample, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 80, 32-42, 2019

5.    C Chao, X Xu, SO Kwelle, X Fan*, Significance of gas-liquid interfaces for two-phase flows in micro-channels, Chemical Engineering Science 192, 114-125, 2018

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14.    S.J. McGurk, C.F. Martín, S. Brandani, M.B. Sweatman, X. Fan*, Microwave Swing Regeneration of Aqueous Monoethanolamine for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture, Applied Energy, 192, 126–133, 2017

15.    S. Farrukh, X. Fan, A. Hussain, A comparative CO2 adsorption analysis in pure and amine modified composite membranes. Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering, 56, 1158–1166, 2017

16.    C.F. Martín, M.B. Sweatman, S. Brandani, X. Fan*, Wet impregnation of a commercial low cost silica using DETA for a fast post-combustion CO2 capture process, Applied Energy, 183, 1705–1721, 2016.

17.    Dne. Nagy, D. Nagy, I.M Szilagyicd, X. Fan*, Effect of the morphology and phases of WO3 nanocrystals on their photocatalytic efficiency, RSC Adv. 6, 33743, 2016. 1 citation.

18.    D Nagy, T Firkala, X Fan†, I.M. Szilágyi, A study of the effect of the morphology on the photocatalytic activity of WO3,  Eur. Chem. Bull., 5, 40-42, 2016

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22.    S. Hafeez, X. Fan†, A. Hussain, A Kinetic Study of CO2 Adsorption in Cellulose Acetate Membranes, International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, 6, 755-759, 2015.


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