Valentina Gatta

Associate Professor
University of Chieti
Journal Associated: Scientific Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy Biography:

Current position:
2011- present : Associate Professor of Medical Genetics (Area A1/06- SSD MED03), University of Chieti-Pescara  Italy On April  2017, VG obtained the National Scientific Qualification as Full Professor  in Medical Genetics  (SSD MED/03)

Previous positions:

2005-2011:  University Researcher (Medical Genetics - MED 03) University of Chieti-Pescara ( Italy)
2002-2005: Post-Phd Fellowship supported by University of Chieti.
1995- Fellowship supported by European Structural Funds. Research area:  Biological and Medical Science carried out at the  Centro di Genetica Evoluzionistica- CNR Rome

Research Interest: During the course of her scientific activity, VG  worked in the field of molecular genetics, using the most recent techniques for the study of gene mutations causing pathologies such as male infertility, short stature (linked to mutations of the SHOX gene), familiar breast cancer (due to mutations of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes), Van Der Woude syndrome (IRF6 gene), and several neuromuscular diseases (Duchenne Muscular Dystrohpy, distal SMA, and others).
 She is head of a research team, working in the CAST research Centre of Chieti University specialized in molecular genetics.
 During these years VG primary interest was the study of the molecular basis of human reproduction and  she is currently investigating molecular mechanisms involved in oocyte competence and male infertility.
 These studies have been carried out by VG using a variety of molecular genetics technique like PCR, Southern Blot, DNA sequencing, as well as Multiple Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA). In the last few years, she has employed Real Time PCR, microarray , HRM, pyrosequencing and NGS technologies to investigate the modulation of gene expression profile in  different  models and SNPs (oocyte mitochondrial DNA, sperm, cumulus cells, oocyte, Transgenic Mouse Models of AD, stem cells).


Number of publications: 10


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