Mohamed Nageeb Rashed

Environmental Chemistry
Aswan University
Journal Associated: Annals of Environmental Science and Toxicology Biography:

Prof. Mohamed Nageeb Rashed is a Professor of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Aswan University, Egypt. He previously was a director of mining research centre at Nasser Lake Development Authority, Aswan, Egypt. His research interests have been water pollution monitoring, control and treatment; bioindicators for water pollution; advanced oxidation treatment, photocatalysis, nanocatalyst, nanocomposite and adsorption techniques in water and wastewater treatment. Prof. Rashed supervises several M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis in the field of analytical and environmental chemistry. He published 75 scientific papers in international journals. He participated as invited speaker in 20 conferences around the world. Prof. Rashed acts as editor-in-chief and an editorial board member in several international journals in the fields of chemistry and environment. He awarded the Egyptian National Award for Environmental Researches for the year 2001.

Research Interest:  Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Industrial chemistry, Nanocatalysis, Water quality, Photocatalysis, Adsorption, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Industrial Waste Recycling, Wastewater management.


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Scoups ID: 7006151185

List of Publications: 

1- M.Nageeb Rashed, Mohamed E. Soltan, Mahasen M. Ahmed, Ahmed N. E. Abdou (2018) Heavy Metals Removal from Wastewater by Adsorption on Modified Physically Activated Sewage Sludge. Archives of Organic and Inorganic Chemical Sciences, 1(1), 1-8.
2- Nageeb Rashed M, Eltaher MA, and Abdou ANA. (2018).Removal of Methyl Orange and Cd using Sewage Sludge Adsorbent Assisted Photo- Fenton UV /H2O2. Chem Eng Process Tech 4(1): 1051.
3- M. Nageeb Rashed, A.A. Gad and A.M. AbdEldaiem.(2018). Preparation and characterization of green adsorbent from waste glass and its application for the removal of heavy metals from well water. Advances in Environmental Research, Vol. 7, No. 1 (2018) 53-71 .
4- El-Sheikh S. M., Ahmed Shawky, Sabrin M. Abdo, Mohamed Nageeb Rashad, Thanaa I. El-
Dosoqy. (2018). Preparation and characterization of nanokaolinite photocatalyst for removal of P-nitrophenol under UV irradiation. Int.J.Nanostructure. Accepted.
5-Nageeb Rashed, Mohamed E. Soltan, Mahasen M. Ahmed, Ahmed N. E. Abdou (2017)
Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater by New Adsorbents from Chemical Activation of Sewage Sludge. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, Vol.16, No. 7, 1531-1542.
6- M.Nageeb Rashed, A. Rashed Mohamed, M. Ahmed Awadallah (2017).Preparation of
adsorbent from phosphate rock waste to be used for the removal of heavy metals from
wastewater. Journal of Applied Chemistry Science International, Accepted, in press.
7- G. M. Taha, M. N. Rashed, M. S Abd El-sadek, M. A. Moghazy (2017) Comparative Study on Three Different Methods for Synthesis of a Pure Nano Multiferroic BiFeO 3.Advanced Science, Engineering and Medicine, 9(6),461-468.
8. S. M. El-Sheikh, Ahmed Shawky, Sabrin M. Abdo, Thanaa I. El Dosoqy, Mohamed Nageeb Rashad (2017) . A novel nanokaolinite photocatalyst for degradation of P-nitrophenol.
Conference Paper published Aug 2017 in IEEE International Conference on Manipulation,
Manufacturing and Measurement on the Nanoscale (3M-NANO).
9- M. Nageeb Rashed, M. A. Eltherr and A. N. A. Abdou (2016 ).Synthesis of TiO2@ Activated Bagasse Fly Ash Nanocomposite as a Photocatalyst for Removal of Dyes and Heavy Metals from Wastewater. International Research Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry 11(4): 1-13.
10- M. Nageeb Rashed, M. A. Eltherr and A. N. A. Abdou (2016 ) Coupled Adsorption and
Photocatalysis of Cadmium and Methyl Orange from Aqueous Solution using anocomposite
(TiO2/ Sewage Sludge Based Activated Carbon) .In publishing, J. Environmental Technology & Innovation.
11- Said M. El-Sheikh, Mohamed N. Rashed, Ahmed Shawky, Sabrine M. Abdou, Thanaa I. El-Dossoqy (2016) Preparation of 2D Nanostructured Kaolinite as Enhanced Photocatalyst for Degradation of Rhodamine B Dye under UV Light. NT16- Seventeenth International
Conference of Science and Applications of Nanotubes and Low Dimensional materials,
University of Vienna, Austria (7-13th Aug. 2016) / (GSS16- 7thGraphene and 2D Materials
Satellite Symposium, faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, Austria (13th Aug. 2016).
12-M. Nageeb Rashed, M. A. El-Daim El Taher and Somaya M. M. Fadlalla (2016).Adsorption of methylene blue using modified adsorbents from drinking water treatment sludge. Water Science & Technology, 74 (8), 1885-1889.
13-M.Nageeb Rashed, M.A.El-Daim El Taher, S. M. M. Fadlalla (2016) Adsorption Kinects and Isotherms for Removal of Rhodamine B (dye) using Adsorbents prepared from drinking water treatment sludge. American Journal of Scientific Research and Essays, Vol. 1(1): 13-30
14- M.N. Rashed, A. Rashed Mohamed, M. Ahmed Awadallah (2015) Chemically Activated
Phosphate Slime as Adsorbent for Heavy Metals Removal from Polluted Water. International
Journal of Environment and Waste Management. Int. J. Environment and Waste Management, Vol. 16, No. 2.145-165.
15- M. N. Rashed, M. A. Eltherr, A. N. A.Abdou (2016) Enhancement the efficiency of methyl orange and cadmium simultaneous removal using activated sewage sludge supported by photo - Fenton system. In publishing.
16-M.N.Rashed, M. E. Soltan, , M.M. Ahmed, A. N. A. Abdou (2014) Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater by New Adsorbents from Chemical Activation of Sewage Sludge .Journal Environmental Engineering and Management, Accepted and in Press.
17-M.N. Rashed, M.A.El-Taher, E.M.Fawezy and S.M. N. Moalla (2013) Photocatalytic
Degradation of Methyl Orange under Sunlight Irradiation and Nanosized TiO2 Catalyst
Modified Concrete Materials (recycled glass cullet as aggregate). 11th International Conference on Chemistry and its Role in Development (ICCRD'11) Mansoura - Sharm El-Sheikh March 11-15, 2013


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