Luciana Furlaneto Maia

Food Technology
The Federal University of Technology
Journal Associated: International Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Technology Biography:

PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the Federal University of Paraná (2006); Master in Microbiology from the State University of Londrina (1998) and graduated in Biological Sciences from the State University of Londrina (1995). Full Professor at the Federal Technological University of Parana (UTFPR) since 2007. CNPq productivity fellow (2008-2011). Reviewer of journals: Foodborn pathogens and disease; Mycopathology; Africa Journal of Microbiology Research; The Open Microbiology Journal; The Brazilian Journal of Microbiology; Semina - Agrarias; Semina - Biology and Health; Archives of Oral Biology; Mycoses; Journal of applied Microbiology. Editorial Board member of the Journal of Microbiology and Laboratory Science and South Asian Journal of Research in Microbiology. Member of the London Journal Press.Works on the following topics: general and medical microbiology; food microbiology; biotechnology. It acts specifically in: analysis of microbiological indicators of water; analysis of virulence determinants; resistance of microorganisms to antimicrobials and heavy metals; analysis of probiotic strains of Enterococcus and of acidic bacterias; analysis of antimicrobial peptides (bacteriocins); biofilm formation. Member of the Araucaria Foundation Area Advisory Committee. Researcher at Fundação Araucária. Professor of academic master's programs: Food Technology and Environmental Engineering.

Research Interest: food microbiology; microbiology; food control


Number of Publications: 65 articles


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