Jian Wu

Associate professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai
Journal Associated: Annals of Robotics and Automation Biography:

Jian Wu received his Ph.D. at Harbin Institute of Technology. Then, he served as a post-doctoral fellow at Harbin Institute of Technology from 2011-2014 Harbin Institute of Technology.

Research Interest:  mechanical engineering, material characterization and evaluation, finite element analysis, material tribology of soft robotics, etc.

URL:  http://homepage.hit.edu.cn/wujianwh

Grants: He has carried out 15 projects, such as National defense 973, Shandong province independent innovation major project and Enterprise cooperation projects. Such as Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation Youth Program (ZR2018QEE004), Shandong Key Research and Development Program (2019GGX102051), National Natural Science Foundation of China (52075119),etc.

List of Publications:
Some Publications:
1) Wu Jian*, etc. Effect of temperature on wear performance of aircraft tire tread rubber. Polymer Testing, 2019, 79: 106037.
2) Wu Jian*, etc. Investigation on Wet Skid Resistance of Tread Rubber. Experimental Techniques, 2019, 43:81-89.
3) Wu, Jian*, et al. Effect of combined UV thermal and hydrolytic aging on micro-contact properties of silicone elastomer. Polymer Degradation & Stability 151(2018):126-135.
4) Wu, Jian*, et al. New method for studying the macro-micro contact properties between smooth metal and silicone rubber. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 96(2018):1761-1767.
5) Wu, Jian*, et al. Prediction of tread pattern block deformation in contact with road. Polymer Testing 58(2017):208-218.
6) Wu, Jian*, et al. Thermal oxidation ageing effects on silicone rubber sealing performance. Polymer Degradation & Stability 135(2017): 43-53.
7) Su, Benlong, Wu, Jian* et al. Modeling of truck tire curing process by an experimental and numerical method. Iranian Polymer Journal 24(2015):1-11.
8). Wu, Jian*., et al. Experimental and Numerical Studies on Tire Tread Block Friction Characteristics Based on a New Test Device. Advances in Materials Science & Engineering 2014.4(2014):1-9.
9) Wu, Jian*., et al. Effect of curing time on mechanical and dynamic mechanical properties of butyl rubber. Materials Research Innovations 19(2015):148-152.
10) Wu, Jian*, et al. Research on Vulcanization Process Simulation of Butyl Rubber Based on A New Characterization Model of Curing Degree. Progress in Rubber Plastics Recycling Technology 30(2014):237-248.

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