Janine Stevenson

Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Psychological Medicine
Sydney University
Journal Associated: Annals of Psychiatry and Treatment Biography:

Research Interest: Personality disorders, psychotherapy, psychogeriatrics, dementia.


• 1983, Stevenson, J New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry Fellowship ‘Outcome of Psychotherapy in Borderline Patients’.

•  2002 Meares R, Stevenson J, NHMRC research grant, “Borderline personality disorder: a randomised controlled trial to evaluate patient outcome after psychodynamic-interpersonal psychotherapy (PIP) at Cumberland Hospital” ID 219214 for $100,000 over 2 years. These two studies have produced over 10 publications and have resulted in invitations to speak at the American Psychiatric Association Conference in New York, and the ISSPD conference in Florence.

•  2013 NHMRC Project grant application: “ Emotional and cognitive processing in adults with conversion disorder: an integrated developmental neuroscience and relational perspective”


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This study was influential in the introduction of Medicare Item 319, which allows patients with severe personality disorders to have in depth psychotherapy.

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