Hamed Yazdani Nezhad

Assistant professor
Mechanical Engineering
Cranfield University
Journal Associated: Open Journal of Chemistry Biography:

Hamed received his PhD in mechanical engineering on a collaborative project between the University of Limerick, Imperial College London and Helmholtz-Zentrüm Berlin, titled "Effect of prior deformation on creep behaviour of AISI 316H austenitic stainless steels" funded by Science Foundation Ireland and EDF (formerly British Energy Ltd.).

He worked at the Irish Centre for Composites Research as lecturer in Finite Element Analysis and Aircraft Structures, and as a post-doctoral researcher on three consecutive industrial-oriented projects on composites materials, MAAXIMUS project funded through EU FP7 grant agreement nº213371 led by Airbus (www.maaximus.eu), Design of Optimised Composites for Impact Applications (OPTCOM) project funded by Enterprise Ireland (grant CF/2013/3012B), and the Science Foundation Ireland funded FALCOM project (www.falcom.ie) on a novel adhesively bonded joining technology.

Research Interest: 

•    Airworthiness

•    Composites

•    Computing, Simulation & Modelling

•    Manufacturing of Functional Materials

•    Aerospace Materials

•    Nanomaterials

•    Renewable Energy

•    Smart Materials

•    Structures and Materials

URL: https://www.cranfield.ac.uk/people/dr-hamed-yazdani-nezhad-14085695

List of Publications: 

1.    Deane, S, Avdelidis HP, Ibarra-Castanedo C, Zhang H, Yazdani Nezhad H, Williamson AA, Mackley T, Davis MJ, Maldague X & Tsourdos A (2019) Application of NDT thermographic imaging of aerospace structures, Infrared Physics and Technology, 97 (March) 456-466.
2.    Liu Y, Zhang X, Lemanski S, Yazdani Nezhad H & Ayre D (2019) Experimental and numerical study of process-induced defects and their effect on fatigue debonding in composite joints, International Journal of Fatigue, 125 (August) 47-57.
3.    Sirikham A, Zhao Y, Yazdani Nezhad H, Du W & Roy R (2019) Estimation of damage thickness in fiber-reinforced composites using pulsed thermography, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 15 (1) Article No. TII-18-2286 445-453.
4.    Yazdani Nezhad H,Stratakis D, Ayre D, Addepalli S & Zhao Y (2018) Mechanical performance of composite bonded joints in the presence of localised process-induced zero-thickness defects, Procedia Manufacturing, 16 91-98.
5.    Lotfian S, Giraudmaillet C, Yoosefinejad A, Thakur VJ & Yazdani Nezhad H (2018) Electrospun piezoelectric polymer nanofiber layers for enabling in situ measurement in high-performance composite laminates, ACS Omega, 3 (8) 8891-8902.
6.    Mgbemena CO, Li D, Lin MF, Liddel PD, Katnam KB, Kumar VT & Yazdani Nezhad H (2018) Accelerated microwave curing of fibre-reinforced thermoset polymer composites for structural applications: A review of scientific challenges, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 115 (December) 88-103.
7.    Yazdani Nezhad H & Thakur VJ (2018) Effect of morphological changes due to increasing carbon nanoparticles content on the quasi-static mechanical response of epoxy resin, Polymers, 10 (10) Article No. 1106.
8.    Liu Y, Lemanski S, Zhang X, Ayre D & Yazdani Nezhad H (2018) A finite element study of fatigue crack propagation in single lap bonded joint with process-induced disbond, International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, Early online.
9.    Yazdani Nezhad H, Egan B, Merwick F & McCarthy CT (2017) Bearing damage characteristics of fibre-reinforced countersunk composite bolted joints subjected to quasi-static shear loading, Composite Structures, 166 (April) 184-192.
10.    Bhanushali R, Ayre D & Yazdani Nezhad H (2017) Tensile response of adhesively bonded composite-to-composite single-lap joints in the presence of bond deficiency, Procedia CIRP, 59 139-143.
11.    Yazdani Nezhad H, Zhao Y, Liddel PD, Marchante VR & Roy R (2017) A novel process-linked assembly failure model for adhesively bonded composite structures, CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 66 (1) 29-32. Dataset/s: 10.17862/cranfield.rd.4681009
12.    Yazdani Nezhad H & O'Dowd N (2015) Creep relaxation in the presence of residual stress, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 138 250-264.
13.    Zhou Y, Yazdani Nezhad H, Hou C, Wan X, McCarthy C & McCarthy M (2015) A three dimensional implicit finite element damage model and its application to single-lap multi-bolt composite joints with variable clearance, Composite Structures, 131 1060-1072.
14.    Yazdani Nezhad H, Merwick F, Frizzell R & McCarthy C (2014) Numerical analysis of low-velocity rigid-body impact response of composite panels, International Journal of Crashworthiness, 20 (1) 27-43.
15.    Zhou Y, Yazdani-Nezhad H, McCarthy M, Wan X & McCarthy C (2014) A study of intra-laminar damage in double-lap, multi-bolt, composite joints with variable clearance using continuum damage mechanics, Composite Structures, 116 441-452.
16.    Yazdani Nezhad H & O'Dowd NP (2012) Study of creep relaxation under combined mechanical and residual stresses, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 93 132-152.


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