Giannina Satta

Research Associate
Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health
University of Cagliari
Journal Associated: International Journal of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Biography:

Giannina Satta is currently a research fellow of  Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health, University of Cagliari at Occupational Medicine Section since 2004. She obtained her Bachelor of in Biological Sciences (cum laude) at University of Cagliari in November 2000.  Her research interests lie in the field of environmental and occupational risk factors for lymphoma subtypes with a strong emphasis on integrating epidemiology, high quality exposure assessment, biological monitoring, molecular biology into multidisciplinary investigations and industrial toxicolgy.

 In her last years, she focused in particular on the exploration of new methods for quantifying exposure assessment to  ionizing and non ionizing radiation and risk of lymphomas. She has collaborated actively in various research projects. Authors of 70 publications, including 15 in international peer-reviewed journals. She is also a member committee of the Interlymph Consortium, a world wide network of lymphoma studies promoted by the U.S. National Cancer Institute and member of MODERNET (Monitoring trends in Occupational Diseases and tracing new and Emerging Risks in a NETwork).

Research Interest: Environmental Epidemiology, Industrial Toxicology, and Occupational Health

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