Carl N. Edwards

Research Director
International College of Prescribing Psychologists
Boston College Law School
Journal Associated: Journal of Addiction Medicine and Therapeutic Science Biography:

Dr. Edwards began his scientific career in the clinical division of Harvard University’s Department of Social Relations where his areas of research and publication included law and psychology, public policy and social change, substance abuse, developmental antecedents of psychopathology, social adaptation, and role conflict. He went on to serve as Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Tufts University School of Medicine for fourteen years. A licensed clinical and forensic psychologist and a licensed health services provider; he completed a post - doctoral fellowship psychopharmacology, and is a founding Fellow of the International College of Prescribing Psychologists. In addition to being an experienced assessment and treatment clinician, Dr. Edwards is well known as a researcher and for his ability to combine quantitative and observational techniques in the design and analysis of longitudinal and other research methodologies.  A graduate of the Boston College Law School, his multijurisdictional span includes the United States Supreme Court.  He served as Senior Associate for Policy, Planning and Research at the Justice Resource Institute; and remains a regular contributor to the academic literature.


Dr. Edwards’ management experience includes the assembly of an international team of over one thousand world-class medical and scientific scholars for the implementation of a major research and publishing effort; creation of the first computer assisted system for medical diagnosis; and the design and oversight of a $23 million research and academic facility for the application of advanced information technology in medical education, research, and clinical practice.  He is trained as a systems analyst, and is experienced in the development of computerized systems dynamic, simulation, and training models.  He has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Heart of Texas Red Cross and is a past Director At-Large of the Massachusetts Psychological Association. He has served on the Steering Committee of the Massachusetts Disaster Response Network of the American Psychological Association/American Red Cross, among other organizations. Dr. Edwards teaching includes psychopathology; behavioral science and American Justice; advanced quantitative methods; and public policy and social change. He currently teaches scientific evidence at the Baylor University Law School, and as a member of the American Historical Association, in the University’s department of American Studies.


Dr. Edwards’ books include Responsibilities and Dispensations: Behavior, Science, and American Justice, two texts on Texas Mental Health Law, and (with Andre A. Moenssens and Betty Layne DesPortes) the 6th edition of the classic Scientific Evidence in Civil and Criminal Cases, in addition to which he is Behavioral Science Editor of the Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science.  Dr. Edwards is a Jurisprudence Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Science.  His current interests are in medico-legal issues related to the legalization of marijuana and he is the author of Drug Dependence: Social Regulation and Treatment Alternatives (Jason Aronson, Inc.).


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