Abdeslem El Idrissi

Department of Biology
City University of New York
Journal Associated: Journal of Biology and Medicine Biography:

Abdeslem El Idrissi is a professor of Neuroscience and a Deputy Chair of the Biology Department at the College of Staten Island. He is also a Director of the Medical Technology Program and holds an appointment at the Graduate Center of the CUNY in the Neuroscience subprogram. Dr. El idrissi’s research interest focuses on the developmental maturation of the GABAergic system and the developmental disabilities associated with the abnormal development of this system.  Thus the research interest has broadened to include physiological function where the inhibitory system plays a critical role. Professor El Idrissi’s research lab has shown that fragile x mouse model has a delayed maturation of the GABAergic system. Additionally, this mouse model shared a significant neurobiology with autism which extended the research interest to this area. Specifically, how environmental toxins play a role in the etiology of autism. Dr. El Idrissi’s lab has also a long standing interest in the study of taurine and its physiological functions on the brain and other organ system.


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