Articles from Venezuela

Modelling, Design and Validation of a Parallel Kinematic Robot for Additive Manufacture Applications
Marcel Lahoud*, Leonardo Melendez and Arturo Gil
Published On 11 Jun, 2021
A cephalometric study of the tongue position in class III patients
Wilfredo Molina Wills* and Vanessa Rodriguez
Published On 20 Jul, 2019
Surgical Cure of Foot Macrosyndactyly: A Case Report
Leopoldo Maizo*, Rafael Arcia and Julio Trillo
Published On 27 Apr, 2017
A Commentary: Is Context an Important Consideration in Asthma?
Arnaldo Capriles Hulett*, James Caplin and Carlos Albarran
Published On 05 Dec, 2014
Coronary Risk Estimation according to the Framingham-Wilson Score and Impaired Fasting Glucose in Adult Subjects from Maracaibo city, Venezuela
Valmore Bermúdez*, Joselyn Rojas, Juan Salazar, Robys González, María Sofía Martínez, Carmen Chávez, Marcos Palacio, Edward Rojas, Mayela Cabrera and José López Miranda
Published On 24 Oct, 2014


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