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Awareness of smell exercise after smell dysfunction related to COVID-19 in Alahsaa, Saudi Arabia
Khalid A Alyahya, Abdulrahman Khalid Aldrweesh, Alghaydaa Fouad Aldoughan, Sumaia Mohammed Alarfaj, Fatimah Khalid Alabdulqader and Abdullah A Alarfaj*
Published On 21 Sep, 2022
Atypical presentation of a fish bone foreign body: A case report and review of the literature
Rabab R Bagdadi and Leena R Baghdadi*
Published On 23 Apr, 2021
Role of a dentist in environment protection-A short communication
M Nazargi Mahabob*
Published On 15 Apr, 2021
Posterior aortopexy is the option
Abdullah Al-Shamrani* and Ahmed Elwy
Published On 13 Mar, 2021
COVID-19 pandemic in Saudi Arabia: The decline continues
Mohammed N Al-Ahdal*
Published On 22 Dec, 2020
Double homozygous Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Regulator gene (CFTR) mutation: A case series and review of the literature
Hanaa Banjar*, Wesam Alkassas, Firas Ghomraoui, Reem Ghomraoui and Nabil Moghrabi
Published On 18 Aug, 2020
Pulmonary and meningeal tuberculosis patterns in children at King Abdul-Aziz university hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: A retrospective study
Nadia M Fida*, Mohammed Farouq, Razan Daghistani, Abeer Alnajar and Duha Alamawi
Published On 05 Jun, 2020
COVID-19 and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saleh A Eifan* and Atif Hanif
Published On 09 Apr, 2020
Investigation of physiological responses of Procambarus clarkii and some enzyme activities to selected heavy metals
Hussein AB, A Abbas, N Hussein and Noreldaim Elkhidir*
Published On 12 Nov, 2019
Solitary Plasmacytoma of bilateral temporal bone in a patient with multiple myeloma
Nouf Albakheet*, Elaf Essa Ahmed, Yazeed Al-Shawi and Khabti Almuhanna
Published On 06 Nov, 2019
Neurological manifestations of Vitamin D defi ciency among medical students
Ahmed Hassan Mitwalli*, Durdana Hammad, Rehab B Albakr, Abduallatef Alrashoudi, Abeer Aljomaiah, Sanaa Tulbah, Rawabi Albogomi, Mohammed Mitwalli and Hussam Mitwalli
Published On 19 Jul, 2019
Resident Satisfaction Regarding Surgical Training Programs in Eastern Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study
Mohammed Yousef Aldossary*, Manal Alnaimi, Fatimah Almabyouq, Tlal Alsofyani, Akram AlJahdali and Hussah Albuainain
Published On 05 Jan, 2019
A case report on sublingual hematoma
Adil Omar Bahathiq*
Published On 16 Nov, 2018
Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the external auditory- A Case Report
Khabti Almuhanna* and Abdullah Alfulaij
Published On 30 Jan, 2018
Immediate Implant with simultaneous Ridge Augmentation
Saurabh Chaturvedi*, Mohammed A Alfarsi, Mudita Chaturvedi, Kaushik Pandey and Sunil Kumar Vaddamanu
Published On 16 Jun, 2017
Cardiac Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography Post Non-diagnostic or Equivocal Myocardial Perfusion SPECT
Abdullah Al-harbi, Mervat M Aboulkheir and Ahmed Fathala*
Published On 31 May, 2017
Impact of Irrigation System on Malaria Transmission in Jazan Region, Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Hassan Alzahrani, Philip McCall, Amir Hassan, Abdiasiis Ismael Omar* and Abdelmohsin Mohammed Abdoon
Published On 29 May, 2017
Disclosure of cancer diagnosis to the patient: A cross-sectional assessment of public point-ofview in Saudi Arabia
Essmat A Mansour*, Isabelita N Pandaan, Essmat M Gemeay, Ayat H Al-Zayd and Eman K Alenize
Published On 24 May, 2017
Hepatitis E: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges
Mohammad K Parvez*
Published On 07 Mar, 2017
Leveraging Data Analytics by Transforming Relational Database Schema in to Big Data
Mukhtar Ahmad and Zeeshan Siddiqui*
Published On 30 Dec, 2016
The Influence of Pregnancy and Lactation on Plasma Antioxidant Status in Aardi Goats
Al-Hassan MJ, HE Mohamed*, Al-Samawi KA and Al-Badawi MA
Published On 22 Dec, 2016
Role of Dentists in Creating a Tobacco free Society
Amit Vanka and Shanthi Vanka*
Published On 08 Sep, 2016
Role of Counselling to Facilitate Compliance to the Dots for the Treatment of Tuberculosis
Siddiqua Aamir, Nosheen Latif and Anila Basit
Published On 11 Aug, 2016
Childhood Gynecomastia: A Mini Review
Nasir AM Al Jurayyan*
Published On 22 Jul, 2016
Interventional Pulmonology in 2015: A Survey of Practice Patterns and Future Directions of this Emerging Field
Abid Butt, Rodrigo Cavallazzi and Umair Gauhar
Published On 04 Jul, 2016
Brucellosis in Immunocompromised Hosts
KA Al-Anazi* and AM Al-Jasser
Published On 26 May, 2016
Subclinical Bovine Coccidiosis in Al -Baha Area, Saudi Arabia
Mohamed Moussa Ibrahim*, Maha F Soliman and Ali Othman Alghamdi
Published On 18 Dec, 2015
SMART Drug Based Targeted Delivery: A New Paradigm for Nanomedicine Strategies
Sugapriya Dhanasekaran*
Published On 20 Aug, 2015
The Relationship between Parental Approach and Anxiety
Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Atram*
Published On 12 Aug, 2015
Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma in Infant: A Case Report
Syed Mohammed Yaseen*, Ravindranath Acharya, Satish Yadav
Published On 06 Aug, 2015
The Association of Previous Hajj Performance on the Diabetes Preparation during the Hajj Season
Ziyad Alakkas*, AlBaraa Yousef, Khaled A Alswat
Published On 22 May, 2015


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