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An atypical pulmonary presentation of Sjögren’s Syndrome
Juan M Garcia Puebla*, Arnaldo Nieves Ortiz, Kyomara Hernández Moya, Kimberly C Padilla Rodríguez, Ileana Rivera Burgos, María C Betancourt Quiles and Ricardo Fernández González
Published On 07 Sep, 2020
The Metabolic Syndrome in Hispanics – The Role of Inflammation
Pablo I Altieri*, Jose Marcial, Hector L Banchs, Nelson Escobales and María Crespo
Published On 29 Oct, 2015
HDL as a Biomarker of Rejection in Heart Transplant
Wilma Gonzalez, Pablo I. Altieri*, Hector Banchs, Diego Iravedra, Rafael Calderon, Ivan Gonzalez-Cancel, Carmen Gurrea, Nelson Escobales, Maria Crespo
Published On 20 Sep, 2014


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