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IV. Bisphosphonates promote healing of complicated stress fractures in the foot
E Fink-Eriksen*, T Ianssen and EE Husebye
Published On 16 Jul, 2021
Aquaculture in Sri Lanka: History, current status and future potential
Asbjørn Drengstig*
Published On 30 Sep, 2020
Trauma-related aggression - Dissociation or psychosis
John E Berg*
Published On 08 Apr, 2019
Sinus or nasal surgery alleviates headache symptoms: A prospective study
Vegard Bugten*, Marte Fossum and Ann Helen Nilsen
Published On 05 Nov, 2018
A Case of Severe, Silent Fetomaternal Haemorrhage (FMH) Detected by Mixed-Field in the Mother’s ABO Typing
Aurora Espinosa*, Kristin Finserås, Grete Storvold, Tone Wedø, Kristin Fonn, Seema Mathew, Eline B Seljeflot and Eszter Vanky
Published On 05 Aug, 2016
Vitamin D Deficiency: A Global Health Problem
Geir Bjørklund*
Published On 26 Jan, 2016
Muscle Activity, and the Association between Core Strength, Core Endurance and Core Stability
Atle Hole Saeterbakken*, Marius Steiro Fimland, Jonas Navarsete, Trine Kroken and Roland van den Tillaar
Published On 29 Jun, 2015


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