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Do dental screening and treatments prior to heart valve interventions help prevent prosthetic valve endocarditis? A systematic review
Adriana Jacoba Kouwenberg*, G Mensink, MWA Van Geldorp, J Schaap, RG Bentvelsen and JE Bergsma
Published On 14 Dec, 2022
Septic Arthritis: The drainage controversy
de Jong PH*, Bisoendial RJ and Lems WF
Published On 24 Sep, 2018
Two cases of spontaneous rupture of an umbilical hernia, a rare complication of portal hypertension
Peter R Oosterwijk*, Eva Kouw and Wouter H. de Vos tot Nederveen Cappel
Published On 28 Aug, 2017
Morel-Lavallée Lesion: A not so rare, but often missed diagnosis
KTM Opdam, R van de Coevering and I van der Haven*
Published On 02 Aug, 2017
Music Therapy in Patients with Huntington’s Disease: A Case Report
Monique CH van Bruggen-Rufi*, Annemieke C Vink2, Wilco P Achterberg, Raymund AC Roos
Published On 23 Mar, 2017
Treatment of Intracranial Superfi cial Micro-AVMs: A Single Center Experience
GM Overdevest, AC van Es, MAA van Walderveen and PWA Willems*
Published On 23 Feb, 2017
Total Knee Prosthesis after Knee Joint Distraction Treatment
Karen Wiegant*, Peter van Roermund, Ronald van Heerwaarden, Sander Spruijt, Roel Custers, Natalia Kuchuk, Simon Mastbergen, Floris Lafeber
Published On 05 Nov, 2015


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