Articles from Kazakhstan

Biochemical applications and application of indicators in blood and lymph after a new feed additive based on bentonite
Demchenko GA*, Makashev EK, Bachtiyarova ShK, Abdreshov SN and Koibasova LU
Published On 02 Feb, 2022
Analysis of risk level at oil production on the shelf of the Caspian Sea
MZH Nurushev*, MD Diarov and A Nurusheva
Published On 06 Oct, 2021
Physical principles of the mossbauer effect for solving inner-nuclear phenomena in solids
AK Shokanov, MF Vereshchak, IA Manakova, YA Smikhan* and YA Ospanbekov
Published On 12 Jan, 2021
The Role of Climate Change in the Dynamics of the Kazakhstan Population of Saiga (Saiga Tatarica L.)
Murat Nurushev*, Assel Nurusheva and Azim Baibagyssov
Published On 09 Dec, 2020
Adaptation of priority research direction in agriculture to climate change in kazakhstan
Kenenbayev SB and Yesenbayeva GL*
Published On 04 Jun, 2020
Safety of the novel vector vaccine against Brucella abortus based on recombinant influenza viruses expressing Brucella L7/L12 and OMP16 proteins, in cattle
Kaissar Tabynov*, Zhailaubay Kydyrbayev, Sholpan Ryskeldinova, Bolat Yespembetov, Nazym Syrymkyzy, Indira Akzhunusova and Abylai Sansyzbay
Published On 03 Jan, 2015


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