Articles from Greece

Temperature effects on grain growth phenomena and magnetic properties of silicon steels used in marine applications
Polyxeni Vourna, Nikolaos D Papadopoulos*, Nikos Stefanakis, Sotirios Xafakis and Evangelos Hristoforou
Published On 21 Jun, 2023
An innovative method and a medical screening device for cancer detection in real-time
K Papageorgiou* and G Papageorgiou
Published On 17 Jun, 2023
On Λ-fractional variational calculus
KA Lazopoulos and AK Lazopoulos*
Published On 01 Mar, 2023
Recent studies on Polyphenols: Extraction technologies and prospects
Stefanos Leontopoulos*, Vasilios Chatzitheodorou and Prodromos Skenderidis
Published On 22 Nov, 2022
The phenological stages of forestry species under the impact of climate change• Early data
Dimitra Papagiannopoulou* and T Tsitsoni
Published On 15 Nov, 2022
Is asthma over-diagnosed in Cyprus? A clinical study at the outpatient’s primary care level
Charis Armeftis, Marinos Lemessios, Christos Anastasiades, Christina Gratziou, Nikolaos Siafakas*, Paraskevi Katsaounou and Petros Bakakos
Published On 28 Sep, 2022
AI trends in digital humanities research
George Pavlidis*
Published On 29 Jun, 2022
Promoting entrepreneurship in science education: Insights into curricular goals
Konstantinos Karampelas*
Published On 12 Apr, 2022
Delayed splenic rupture 4 months following minor blunt abdominal traumaChatzipetrou Maria, Tzanakis Nickolaos, Giannopoulos George and Kornaropoulos Michail*
Chatzipetrou Maria, Tzanakis Nickolaos, Giannopoulos George and Kornaropoulos Michail*
Published On 13 May, 2021
Diode laser for excisional biopsy of a peripheral ossifying fibroma: A case report
Vlachos Emmanouil, Gkouzoula Despina and Fourmousis Ioannis*
Published On 25 Nov, 2020
MANETs: How are they evolving to support multimedia communication?
Dimitris Kanellopoulos*
Published On 21 Nov, 2020
Preservation of capsular transparency and geometrical consistency in cataract surgery using a novel intracapsular ring
Ahmed Elmassry, Onurcan Sahin, Loukia Leonidou*, Dimitris Liakopoullos, Harilaos Ginis, Aristophanis Pallikaris and Ioannis Pallikaris
Published On 09 Nov, 2020
Educational social networking services: The case of edmodo in the teaching practice
Nafsika Tegousi and Vasileios Drakopoulos*
Published On 30 Oct, 2020
Achieving asthma control: A focus on poor perceivers
Paraskevi Katsaounou*
Published On 24 Jun, 2020
Alkaline diet and long term preservation of renal function in stage 5 CKD
Athanasiadou V, Kiousi E, Panokostas D and Grapsa E*
Published On 25 May, 2020
Rheumatoid arthritis: Treatment evolution over the years
Eleftherios Pelechas* and Panagiota Karagianni
Published On 16 May, 2020
Smoking asthmatics, a neglected large phenotype of asthmatic patients
Paraskevi Katsaounou*, Marios Ioannou, Michael E Hyland, Mikaela Odemyr, Otto Spranger, Anne Lindberg, Matthias Gasser, Lorena Garcia Conde, Xavier Jaumont and Ismail Kasujee
Published On 09 Dec, 2019
Targeting metalloproteinases in cardiac remodeling
Anestakis Doxakis*, Konstantinidou Polyanthi, Tsepa Androniki, Petanidis Savvas, Zagelidou Eleni, Leontari Roubini and Raikos Nikolaos
Published On 31 Jul, 2019
Rib fractures and nerve block. A 84 case study
Efstathios K Metaxas*, Ioannis Stamatatos, Sophia Ispanopoulou, Konstantia Bouchra, Stamatia Georgoudi, Areti Falara, Vasiliki Katsou, Christina Balakera and Georgios Meimaris
Published On 20 Jul, 2019
Collision Tumor of the Ovary. Adjunction Cystic Teratoma and Serous Cystic Adenofi broma. Presentation of a Rare Case
Sofoudis C*, Louis K, Papamargaritis E, Lenos M and Gerolymatos A
Published On 04 Jun, 2018
Bicuspid Aortic Valve, Bovine Aortic Arch and early Atherosclerosis: When one plus one equals three
E Chatzistamatiou*, G Moustakas, I Babatseva-Vagena, C Danelatos, A Androulakis, C Avgeropoulou, D Tousoulis and I Kallikazaros
Published On 05 Sep, 2017
Right Iliofemoral Venous Thrombosis in a Prothrombin 20210GA carrier with Duplicated Inferior Vena Cava. An Unusual Case Report
Konstantinos Tigkiropoulos*, Emmanouil Papadakis, Ioannis Lazaridis and Nikolaos Saratzis
Published On 04 Sep, 2017
Binge Eating Disorder in obese patients suffering from psychosis and mood disorders
Fragiskos Gonidakis*, Eirini Ralli, Evelyn Spilioti, Aimilia Tsertou, Maria Ginieri-Coccossis and Eleftheria Varsou
Published On 21 Jun, 2017
Erasmus Intensive Programmes focusing on care of the elderly: An innovative Nursing Educational Tool?
Dimitrios Theofanidis* and Antigoni Fountouki
Published On 14 Jun, 2017
Distribution and immunoexpression of LOX, PCP and Myofi broblasts in Vaginal Tissue of Postmenopausal Women with and without Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Christos Kleanthis*, Kondi-Pafi ti A, Liapis E, Lambrinoudaki Ε and Vakas P
Published On 19 May, 2017
The Promise of Disease Management in Greece
Konstantinos Stamatiou, Richard Lacroix, Eleni Almpani, Konstantinos Katsanos, Georgios Tzitzikos and Maria Saridi*
Published On 30 Mar, 2017
Salivary Mucoceles in Children and Adolescents: A Clinicopathological Study
A Poulopoulos*, D Andreadis, E Parcharidis, I Grivea, G Syrogiannopoulos and A Kolokotronis
Published On 15 Feb, 2017
A Unique Case: Solitary Fibrous Tumor of the Mandible
Stylianos N Zanakis* and Megas F
Published On 31 Jan, 2017
Growth and Vascular Remodeling Factors during a Basketball Season in Adolescent Boys
Elias Armenis, Anastassios Philippou*, Maria Maridaki, Panayiotis Baltopoulos and Maria Tsironi
Published On 24 Jan, 2017
Novel Strategies in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Emmanouil Magiorkinis*
Published On 20 Dec, 2016
Dental Transposition of Mandibular Canine and Lateral Incisor
Muhamad Abu-Hussein*, Nezar Watted
Published On 25 Oct, 2016
The use of Cilostazol in Diabetic Patients
Konstantinos Spanos* and Athanasios D Giannoukas
Published On 20 Sep, 2016
A Theory-Based Intervention in Health Visiting Students in Order to Reduce Mental Illness Stigma: A Quasi-Experimental Study
Georgia Koutsouradi*, Christina Dimitrakaki, Eirini Agapidaki, Yannis Tountas and Areti Lagiou
Published On 03 Sep, 2016
A Retrospective Study of the AL Technology Implant System used for Single-Tooth Replacement
Muhamad Abu-Hussein*, Nezar Watted, Dror Shamir
Published On 09 Jul, 2016
Primary Leiomyosarcoma of the Mandibular Gingiva
Stylianos N Zanakis*, Vasileios Lyris, Sotirios Kyriakou, George Agrogiannis and Penelope Korkolopoulou
Published On 03 Mar, 2016
Identifying the Relation between Fasting Blood Glucose and Glycosylated Haemoglobin Levels in Greek Diabetic Patients
Marilena Stamouli*, Abraham Pouliakis, Antonia Mourtzikou, Anastasios Skliris, Ioanna Panagiotou, Evaggelia Marasidi, Emmanouil Mournianakis
Published On 02 Mar, 2016
Comparative Analysis of Conventional and Thin Prep Papanicolaou Test. Technical and Economic Aspects
Mary Giachnaki*, Elena Athanasiadi, Abraham Pouliakis, Aris Spathis, Christine Kottaridi, Evangelia Aga, Maria Papaefthimiou, Panagiota Mentzelopoulou, Helen Spathi, Petros Karakitsos
Published On 28 Feb, 2016
Financial Crisis and Health
Maria Saridi*
Published On 06 Nov, 2015
Compulsive Bowel Emptying and Rectal Prolapse in Eating Disorders. Presentation of Two Cases
Fragiskos Gonidakis*, Georgios Georgantopoulos, Olga Theodoropoulou and Eleftheria Varsou
Published On 27 Oct, 2015
Middle Aortic Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Chatzistamatioy EI*, Moustakas GN, Avgeropoulou C, Androulakis A, Tousoulis D, Kallikazaros IE
Published On 16 Oct, 2015
Management of a Common Iliac Artery Aneurysm Causing Contralateral Iliac Venous Thrombosis
Miron Fasoulakis, Alexandros Blionas, Evridiki Karanikola, George Galyfos*, Emannuel Barbaressos and Konstantinos Filis
Published On 30 Sep, 2015
Botanical Extracts Used as Wine Preservatives
Charalampos Proestos*, Konstantinos Sflomos, Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis, Panagiotis Tatarides, Vassilia J Sinanoglou
Published On 28 Sep, 2015
Asthma Attacks During Pregnancy in the ICU: Just Be Alert
Leonidas Grigorakos*, Ioannis Nikolopoulos, Katerina Tzortzopoulou, Anastasia Alexopoulou, Mariza Gioka and Dimitrios Veldekis
Published On 09 Jun, 2015
A Pharmacokinetic Analysis and Pharmacogenomic Study of 6-mercaptopurine
Vicha A, Katsila T, Giannopoulou E, Leontari H, El Mubarak M, Gravia A, Chondrou V, Symeonidis A, Patrinos GP, Kalofonos HP and Sivolapenko G*
Published On 23 May, 2015
Meniscal Scaffolds: a Mini Review
Koukoulias NE*, Dimitriadis T, Germanou E, Papavasileiou AV and Sinopidis C
Published On 22 Apr, 2015


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