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Sleep and bipolar disorder
Michel Bourin*
Published On 01 Jun, 2023
The human gut fungiome: Role in physiology and detoxification
Gilles-Eric Seralini*
Published On 02 May, 2023
Bipolar disorder and aging
Michel Bourin*
Published On 17 Mar, 2023
Mediterranean red coral as a spawning ground for cuttlefish
Federica Maggioni and Lorenzo Bramanti*
Published On 25 Nov, 2022
Design a simulating lung in 36h or less
Jean Sébastien Buvat, Laurent Faivre, Pierre Romet, Ludovic Vitu, Julio Badie, Fernando Daniel Berdaguer Ferrari and Sylvain Malfroy*
Published On 09 Nov, 2022
Establishment and validation of a rodent model of endometriosis to evaluate the effect of new therapeutic strategies
Rana Assaly*, Sandrine Compagnie, Laurine Allimonnier, Manon Bracconi, Francois Giuliano and Delphine Behr-Roussel
Published On 29 Oct, 2022
Synthesis of optically pure calix[4]arenes derived from Evans oxazolidinone and/or pyranose
Claude Bauder and David Sémeril*
Published On 01 Oct, 2022
Gadolinium Brain Deposition in the globus pallidus and dentate nucleus after serial administrations of a macrocyclic gadolinium-based contrast agent in oncologic pediatric patients
Jonathan Carabin, Amine Bouhamama*, Ana Maria Mandache, Alexandre Basle, Edouard Marie, Cécile Faure-Conter, Pierre Leblond, Didier Frappaz, Audrey Lardy-Cleaud and Frank Pilleul
Published On 30 Sep, 2022
Vision in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Role of orthoptics
Claude Hamonet* and Lucette Ducret
Published On 14 Sep, 2022
The erosion/infiltration technique made by a polymer based on TEGDMA to mask the white lesions of the tooth
Jean-Pierre Attal*, Gil Tirlet, Philippe François, Elisa Caussin and Elisabeth Dursun
Published On 02 Sep, 2022
Prospective geo-modeling in cardiac surgery with extra-corporeal circulation-partial assessment at the Lille University Hospital
Anne Quesnel-Barbet*, Julien Soula, Frédéric Albert, Arnaud Hansske and Gilles Maignant
Published On 28 Jul, 2022
Pilot study of the efficacy of treatment of urticaria by using two traditional Vietnamese herbs administered systemically
Bach Thị Như Quỳnh, Pham Van Thức, Ninh Thị Kim Thu, Nguyen Thị Hien, Floch Katell, Nguyen Thị Hồng Liên and Carre Jean-Luc*
Published On 25 Jul, 2022
Hysteria and its deceptive masks
Michel Bourin*
Published On 29 Mar, 2022
Nutritional characteristics and phenolic compounds of ripe fruit pulp from six accessions of Mammea americana L.
Armelle Péroumal, Audrey Vingadassalon, Genica Lawrence, Sandra Adenet, Katia Rochefortd, Louis Fahrasmane and Guylène S Aurore*
Published On 19 Jan, 2022
Stakeholder involvement in the innovation process: An example in medical robotics, the ROBO-K project
Nathalie Pichot, Kévin Nadarajah, Isabelle Bonan, Guy Caverot, Pauline Coignard, Jean-Luc Le Guiet and Alain Somat*
Published On 14 Dec, 2021
High incidence rate of human herpesvirus 6 infection after Bendamustine, Cytarabine, Etoposide and Melphalan conditioning regimen: A monocentric and retrospective study
Simon Favre*, Mathieu Sauvezie, Stéphane Vigouroux, Reza Tabrizi, Marie-Sarah Dilhuydy, Gaelle Laboure, Margot Robles, Noel Milpied and Kamal Bouabdallah
Published On 14 Jun, 2021
Dilated jugular venous arch mimicking a medial neck mass – A case report
Tran Van Buu*, Grégoire Braux, Benoît Pacquelet, Emmanuel Babin and Justin Dugué
Published On 11 Jun, 2021
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on work capacities of researchers: An overlooked problem
Ferdinando D’Amico, Didier Mainard, Cedric Baumann and Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet*
Published On 21 May, 2021
Tumor-associated macrophages: Shifting bad prognosis to improved efficacy in cancer therapies?
Guillaume Harlé, Janske Nel, Camille Corbier, Nadège Touche and Stéphanie Grandemange*
Published On 15 May, 2021
Bernard Brusset*
Published On 19 Mar, 2021
Results of a preliminary study on the effects of a compound on telomeres length, biological and physiological parameters
Christophe de Jaeger*, Carla Lamberti, Virginie Van Leeuwen, Elena Voronska and Saskia Kruiskamp
Published On 17 Feb, 2021
Bipolar disorder in children and adolescents
Michel Bourin*
Published On 03 Dec, 2020
Public policy support for agroecology in Latin America: Lessons and perspectives
Jean-François Le Coq, Éric Sabourin*, Muriel Bonin, Sandrine Fréguin Gresh, Jacques Marzin, Paulo Niederle, Maria Mercedes Patrouilleau and Luis Vásquez
Published On 27 Nov, 2020
Corallivory and algal dynamics on some coral reefs in the Persian Gulf
Javid Kavousi*, Parviz Tavakoli-Kolour and Sanaz Hazraty-Kari
Published On 26 Nov, 2020
Eumelanic coloration and age interact to influence breath rate following a boldness test in urban pigeons
Sophie Dupont, Emmanuelle Baudry, Pauline Juette and Julien Gasparini*
Published On 18 Nov, 2020
A Discussion of Anxiety over the Last Millennium (1000 to 2000)
Michel Bourin*
Published On 02 Nov, 2020
Chickenpox infection in children, action to take
H Bruel* and D Pinquier
Published On 30 Oct, 2020
Electronic Fans: A pathogen reservoir and potential cross-contamination source
Vance Bergeron*, Amine Metahni and Francis Derouin
Published On 15 Oct, 2020
The SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, a school case for public health
Philippe Chossegros*
Published On 05 Oct, 2020
Reflections for re-in-root: Case sudies
Munoz Grégory* and Fleury Jean
Published On 16 Sep, 2020
Trophic contamination by octocrylene does not affect aerobic metabolic scope in juveniles clownfish
Julie Lucas*, Valentin Logeux, Alice MS Rodrigues, Didier Stien and Philippe Lebaron
Published On 25 Jul, 2020
The 6-minute walk-test in type 2 diabetics predicts to some extent maximal aerobic capacity but not its training-induced improvement
Jean-Frédéric Brun*, Justine Myzia, Gaspard Bui, Elizabeth Grubka, Marie Karafiat, Jacques Mercier and Eric Raynaud de Mauverger
Published On 10 Jul, 2020
Clinical effects of Lactobacillus strains as probiotics in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome. Results from the LAPIBSS trial: Future objectives
Jean-Michel Maixent*, Olivier Pons, Souad R Sennoune and Stéphane Sadrin*
Published On 18 May, 2020
Strangle hernia in the children! not always, amyand hernia with appendicitis
M Lahfaoui*, E Koulouris, A Alfaour and L Gouizi
Published On 16 May, 2020
History of depression through the ages
Michel Bourin*
Published On 06 May, 2020
Hardware Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on Smartphones
Mohamed Amine Khelif*, Jordane Lorandel and Olivier Romain
Published On 28 Apr, 2020
Experience of psychoactive substance use in patients with psychiatric disorders
Barbara Gouget-Para*, Alice Deschenau, Jean-Charles Leblanc, Armelle Seiler, Fathia Djellil, Valérie Cerboneschi and Muriel Lascaux
Published On 21 Mar, 2020
Cognitive impact in bipolar disorder
Michel Bourin*
Published On 17 Dec, 2019
Exercise targeted at the level of maximal lipid oxidation (LIPOXmax) improves weight loss, decreases orexigenic pulsions and increases satiety after sleeve gastrectomy
Jean-Frédéric Brun*, Valentin Lasteyrie, Lylia Hammoudi, David Nocca, Edouard Ghanassia, Philippe Noirez, Constance Chevalier, Jacques Mercier and Eric Raynaud de Mauverger
Published On 10 Jun, 2019
Chronic demyelinating polyneuropathy associated with anti-ganglioside GQ1b antibodies in peripheral T-cell lymphoma
Salem Bahashwan*, Carolyne Croizier, Xavier Moisset, Romain Guièze, Bertrand Evrard, Olivier Tournilhac, Jacques-Olivier Bay and Richard Lemal
Published On 23 May, 2019
Alcohol, hepatitis C screening and hepatic fibrosis in drug users
Di Nino F, Chaffraix F, Schaeffer M and Doffoel M
Published On 22 May, 2019
Postpartum depression: An overview
Michel Bourin*
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Laparoscopic treatment of Biliary Peritonitis due to Double Organ injury after Swallowing of Chicken Bone
Ludmil Marinov*, Manol Kalniev and Ivan Cholashki
Published On 27 Sep, 2018
Subjects with substituted hypothyroidism oxidize more lipids and carbohydrates during exercise
Jean-Frederic Brun*, Stephanie Metrat, Jean-Marie Nguyen, Marlene Richou, Fatiha M’Rabta, Orianne Villard, Francois Bughin, Christine Fedou, Ariane Sultan, Antoine Avignon, Jacques Mercier2, and Eric Raynaud De Mauverger
Published On 09 Jul, 2018
Post-stroke depression and changes in behavior and personality
Michel Bourin*
Published On 07 Apr, 2018
Clinical aspects of depression in the elderly
Michel Bourin*
Published On 03 Apr, 2018
Clinical pharmacology of anxiolytics
Michel Bourin*
Published On 12 Feb, 2018
Psychoeducation of bipolar disorder patients and their relatives
Michel Bourin*
Published On 17 Jan, 2018
Are antidepressants useful in bipolar disease?
Michel Bourin*
Published On 13 Dec, 2017
Hyperparathyroidism and Asthenia. A New Deal?
S Li Sun Fui* and P Bonnichon
Published On 07 Dec, 2017
A prescription guide for baclofen in Alcohol Use Disorder- For use by physicians and patients
Sylvie Imbert, Samuel Blaise, Jacques Bérard, Renaud de Beaurepaire*, Amanda Stafford and Philippe Jaury
Published On 24 Oct, 2017
Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis: Case report and Current Status
Jacques Rottembourg* and Belkacem Issad
Published On 05 Oct, 2017
Divergent Effects of Haloperidol on Motor Versus Spatial Functions
Robert Lalonde* and Catherine Strazielle
Published On 20 Sep, 2017
Bilateral greater Occipital Nerve Block for Headache after corrective Spinal Surgery: A Case Report
Edmundo Pereira de Souza Neto*, José Luis Martinez, Kathryn Dekoven, Francoise Yung and Sandra Lesage
Published On 21 Aug, 2017
An Experience Feedback Committee for Improving Patient Safety: An Observational Study in Anaesthesiology
Patrice Francois*, Claude Jacquot, Elodie Sellier, Daniel Anglade, Bastien Boussat and Pierre Albaladejo
Published On 08 Jul, 2017
Postoperative Correlation of Radiological and Surgical Findings in Management of Ethmoid Sinus Adenocarcinoma
Prampart A*, Djennaoui I, Ciftci S, Riehm S and Debry C
Published On 29 May, 2017
Abrikossoff’s Tumour Mimicking a Neoplastic Tumour of the Breast: A Case Report
Alassiri A*, Al Ali A, Vaysse C, Escourrou G, Vinet B and Rimailho J
Published On 20 Mar, 2017
Case Report: Extent of the Clinical Spectrum for C9orf72 Mutation - From Frontotemporal Dementia to Autonomic Dysfunction
Catherine Takeda-Raguin*, Pierre Olivier Lang, Jérémie Perisse, Nathalie Philippi, Patrick Karcher and Thomas Vogel
Published On 24 Jan, 2017
General-leutnant Dr Karl Mauss (1898-1959)
Xavier Riaud*
Published On 03 Jan, 2017
Captain Ben Salomon (1914-1944)
Xavier Riaud*
Published On 02 Jan, 2017
Some Dentists in Nantes, France, Who Were Resistance Fighters
Xavier Riaud*
Published On 02 Jan, 2017
Does Rivaroxaban Better than Vitamin K Antagonists in Atrial Fibrillation Patients Undergoing PCI?
Maamar Kara, Omar Aitmokhtar*, Adel Azaza, Saber Seddiki, Faiza Harbi, Arezki Sik, Kheireddine Merad and Salim Benkhedda
Published On 30 Dec, 2016
Tracheotomy/Tracheostomy Management at Home and in Care Centers
Guillaume Buiret*, Laura Gautheron and Hélène Labrosse-Canat
Published On 09 Nov, 2016
Persistence of Stains and DNA on Evidence in Hostile Situations
Piters Alice, Esponda Audrey, Beaufils Martine, Monique Guillaume, Doutremepuich Antoine, Doutremepuich Christian*
Published On 01 Nov, 2016
Modulation of the Activity of Enzymes Involved in Carbohydrate Metabolism during Flower Development of Grapevine ( Vitis Vinifera L. )
Cédric Jacquard*, Gaël Lebon, Marine Rondeau, Lisa Sanchez, Essaid Ait Barka, Nathalie Vaillant-Gaveau, Christophe Clément
Published On 14 Oct, 2016
Choledochal Cyst in a Female Adult Asymptomatic Patient: Review of the Literature
De Simone Belinda*, Del Rio Paolo, Napoli Josephine Andrea, Sianesi Mario
Published On 08 Jun, 2016
Negative Pressure Treatment for Abdominal Wall Pseudotumor Due to Fishbone Perforation
Livideanu C*, Alassiri A, Paolino L, Martini F, Droz J, Fritsch S
Published On 25 Jan, 2016
Optimization of DNA Extraction and PCR Conditions for Genetic Diversity Study in Artemisia Herba- Alba from Algeria
Benchohra Maghni , Youcef Bougoutaia, Khadidja Abderrabi, Ahmed Adda and Othmane Merah*
Published On 19 Jan, 2016
Use of Iron Therapy in Chronic Kidney Disease
Jacques Rottembourg* and Guy Rostoker
Published On 06 Jan, 2016
Association of the Treatment Induced Clearance of Hepatitis C Virus Infection with the IL28B Gene Polymorphisms
Pavlina Dzekova Vidimliski, Igor G Nikolov, Nadica Matevska Geshkovska, Yana Boyanova, Nina Nikolova, Grigore Romanciuc, Dan Dumitrascu, Viktorija Caloska- Ivanova, Nenad Joksimovic, Krasimir Antonov, Lyudmila Mateva, Lionel Rostaing, Aleksandar Dimovski, Aleksandar Sikole*
Published On 28 Dec, 2015
Impact of Food Allergies on the Allergic Person's Travel Decision, Trip Organization and Stay Abroad
Dano D, Michel M, Astier C, Couratier P, Steenbeek N, SarrP-Y, Bonnefoy M, Boulangé M and Kanny G*
Published On 11 Dec, 2015
Anti-VEGF Therapy Induces Proteinuria through Endothelial Disorganization Leading to Nephrin Decrease in Podocytes
Marianne Terrasse*, Florence Jouan, Thibault Dolley-Hitze, Yannick Arlot-Bonnemains, Marc-Antoine Belaud-Rotureau, Nathalie Rioux-Leclercq, Nolwenn Lorcy, Cécile Vigneau
Published On 28 Oct, 2015
Impact of Early Nasal Obstruction in Histological Development of and Physiological State
Guy Stéphane Padzys*, Jean Marc Martrette, Marie Trabalon
Published On 19 Oct, 2015
Anaphylaxis to the Citrus Fruit Yuzu
Lefèvre S, Jacquenet S, Richard C, Astafieff K, Peru L, Froelicher Y and Kanny G*
Published On 25 Sep, 2015
Attitudes towards a Complete Smoking Ban among Mental Health Hospital Employees in France
R de Beaurepaire*, P Rat, N Hachimi, N Benslimane, F Djellil, D Lafarge, K Lalam, AL Lavazais and R Molimard
Published On 05 Aug, 2015
An Anusual Cause of Secondary Hypertension in a Young Man
Belaid L, Rivalan J, Laguerre B, Rioux-Leclercq N and Vigneau C*
Published On 10 Jan, 2015
International Dental Aid and WWII
Xavier Riaud*
Published On 27 Oct, 2014
Dental Identifications of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun
Xavier Riaud*
Published On 27 Oct, 2014


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