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Assessment of diastase levels in different floral honey from Oromia region, Ethiopia
Deressa Kebebe Meskele*, Teferi Damto, Meseret Gemeda and Gemechis Laggase
Published On 31 Dec, 2022
Surgical management of the urogenital problem in male cattle
Melkamu Birhanu Meharu*
Published On 31 Dec, 2022
Review of bacteriophage and its applications
Soressa Bakala Gamachu* and Motuma Debalo
Published On 27 Sep, 2022
Recurrent primary cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma in young female patient from Ethiopia: A Case Report
Temesgen Assefa Ayele*, Abel Tenaw Tessema and Fisihatsion Tadesse
Published On 30 Aug, 2022
Review on comparative genome mapping in crop improvement
Zewdu Asrat* and Mastewal Gojjam
Published On 08 Aug, 2022
Review on Listeriosis in small ruminants and public health significance in Ethiopia
Belete Gobasho Kundul* and Mohammedkemal Mustefa Ame
Published On 12 Jul, 2022
An assessment of indigenous knowledge of apitherapy in the Oromia region, Ethiopia
Meseret Gemeda*, Deressa Kebebe and Teferi Demto
Published On 29 Jun, 2022
Speed breeding to accelerate crop improvement
Temesgen Begna*
Published On 02 Jun, 2022
Chronic (52-week) oral toxicity study of herbal tea of Moringa stenopetala and Mentha spicata leaves formulation in Wistar albino rats
Abdu Hassen Musa*, Girmai Gebru, Asfaw Debella, Eyasu Makonnen, Mesfin Asefa, Samuel Woldekidan, Boki Lengiso and Chala Bashea
Published On 25 May, 2022
Food security and safety during Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
Wabi Bajo Nagessa*, Francois Lusamaki Mukunda and Gemechu Geleta Abdi
Published On 21 May, 2022
Physicochemical and antioxidant properties of Coffea arabica honey from Western Oromia, Ethiopia
Admassu Addi*, Tura Bareke, Deresa Kebebe, Tolera Kumsa and Kasim Roba
Published On 17 May, 2022
Review on poultry production, processing, and Utilization in Ethiopia
Abera Geleta Sime*
Published On 14 May, 2022
Microbial quality and handling practices of raw cow milk in North Shewa Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia
Tadesse Birhanu, Tesfaye Debelu*, Bosenu Abera, Alemnesh Yirda and Sanago Satalo
Published On 11 May, 2022
Characterization and optimization of Casimiroa (Casimiroa Edulis) fruit juice using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)
Tesfaye Zeru Genanew*, Adamu Zegeye and Biniyam Tesfaye Banjaw
Published On 04 May, 2022
Aflatoxin contamination in dairy feed during wet and dry seasons in selected rural areas of Sidama zone in Southern Ethiopia
Wubshet Tefera*, Gerd Elisabeth Vegarud, Mestawet Taye and Tolosa Taye
Published On 20 Apr, 2022
Perineal herniorrhaphy along with anal sacculectomy in dog: Case report
Jiregna Dugassa Kitessa* and Kisi Bekele Terefe
Published On 07 Apr, 2022
Pacific bioscience sequence technology: Review
Abde Aliy Mohammed*, Bayeta Senbeta and Takale Worku
Published On 29 Mar, 2022
Effects of Extraction Temperature and Particle Size on Quality of Edible Oil from Podocarpus Falcatus Seed by Aqueous Method, Ethiopia
Daniel Alemu Goben*, Solomon Abera, Anbesse Girma Shewa and Sisay Feleke
Published On 25 Mar, 2022
Estimation of enteric methane emission factor in cattle species in Ethiopia using IPCC tier 2 methodology
Million Tadesse, Kefale Getahun* and Ulfina Galmessa
Published On 12 Mar, 2022
Oropharyngeal Pathogenic Bacteria: Carriage, Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern and Associated Risk Factors among Febrile Patients
Merete Tesfaye Wondimu, Teklu Shiferaw Simbo, Tolossa Eticha Chaka, Haile Abera Lemi*, Biruk Yeshitila, Mekonnen Teferi, Kemal Jemal and Worku Bedada*
Published On 08 Mar, 2022
Spatial distribution of COVID-19 in Ethiopia - geospatial analysis
Kaleab Tesfaye Tegegne*, Eleni Tesfaye Tegegne, Mekibib Kassa Tessema, Geleta Abera, Berhanu Bifato, Kebebush Gebremichael, Alelign Tadele Abebe, Abiyu Ayalew Assefa, Andualem Zenebe, Wosenyeleh Semeon Bagajjo, Musie Rike, Belayneh Feleke Weldeyes and Argaw Getachew Alemu
Published On 01 Mar, 2022
Sorghum breeding in Ethiopia: Progress, achievements and challenges
Werkissa Yali* and Temesgen Begna
Published On 20 Jan, 2022
Physico-chemical properties of Ethiopian Apis mellifera Honey: Review
Sintayehu Berhanu, Dereje Mamo Tadesse* and Amauel Jorge
Published On 19 Jan, 2022
Review on postharvest quality and handling of apple
Anbesse Girma Shewa*, Daniel Alemu Gobena and Mikiyas Kebede Ali
Published On 13 Jan, 2022
Review on the implication on the control of transboundary and trade barrier animal diseases in Ethiopia
Henok Mulatu Metaferiya*, Waziir Shafi and Henok Abebe
Published On 24 Dec, 2021
Combining ability and heterosis in plant improvement
Temesgen Begna*
Published On 23 Dec, 2021
Promoting ethnic relations in the current Ethiopia
Shemsedin Ziyad Mohamed*
Published On 09 Dec, 2021
A Study on prevalence, identification and status of Ixodid (Hard) Ticks Infestation in cattle in and around Honkola Wabe District
Debele Hordofa*, Abdi Hedato, Yusuf Haji and Asefa Senbetu
Published On 24 Nov, 2021
Review of highland sorghum improvement research in Ethiopia
Zigale Semahegn* and Temesgen Teressa
Published On 10 Nov, 2021
Retrospective study of livestock vaccine coverage and trend in Lemu and Bilbilo Woreda, Arsi Zone, Ethiopia
Debele Hordofa Feyisa*, Meseret kedir and Leta Shene
Published On 28 Oct, 2021
Effect of follicular ablation and gonadotropin priming on the recovery and quality of oocytes in Boran cows
Tilaye Demissie*, Tefera Yilma, Tamrat Degefa, Gemechu Wirtu and Alemayehu Lemma
Published On 22 Oct, 2021
Land suitability evaluation for surface irrigation development using parametric evaluation approach: The case of Gudina Wacho watershed, Western Ethiopia
Gebre Gidey Weldeabzgi*, Tekalign Ketema, Gezahegn Gashu and Sime Deressa
Published On 19 Oct, 2021
Lipid profile, abnormality of serum glucose levels and their associated factors in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients
Endalkchew Biranu, Mistire Wolde*, Abebe Edao Negesso, Million Molla Sisay and Habteyse Hailu Tola
Published On 19 Oct, 2021
Effects of replacement noug seed cake (Guizotia abyssinica) with treated tagasaste (Chamaecytisus palmensis) leaf meal on egg quality traits of layer hens
Amare Sisay Sendekie*, Habtamu Ayalew Kasahun and Yohannes Dagnew Alemayhu
Published On 04 Oct, 2021
Traditional cattle breeding practices and rate of inbreeding in the mid rift valley of Oromia, Ethiopia
Aman Gudeto*, Tadele Mirkena and Tesfaye Kebede
Published On 14 Sep, 2021
Survey of honey production method in Jimma Horro District, Kellem Wollega Zone Oromia Ethiopia
Soresa Shuma Abdisa*, Abdisa Abraham Challa and Tolera Kuma
Published On 31 Aug, 2021
Agricultural production system in arid and semi-arid regions
Begizew Golla*
Published On 18 Aug, 2021
Soil Colloids, Types and their Properties: A review
Beamlaku Alemayehu* and Habtemariam Teshome
Published On 11 Aug, 2021
Global role of plant breeding in tackling climate change
Temesgen Begna*
Published On 16 Jul, 2021
Supplementation of rams with dried Acacia Saligna (Labil) H.L. Wendi. leaves improve reproductive performance without compromising carcass quality
Gebreslassie Gebru, Yayneshet Tesfay, Gurja Belay and Gebregiorgis Ashebir
Published On 01 Jul, 2021
COVID-19 Pandemic: Past, present and future
Behailu Assefa*
Published On 03 Jun, 2021
Evaluation of advanced sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) hybrid genotypes for grain yield in moisture stressed areas of Ethiopia
Temesgen Teressa*, Tamirat Bejiga, Zigale Semahegn, Amare Seyoum, Hailegebriel Kinfe, Amare Nega, Ligaba Ayele, Daniel Nadew, Mohammed Salah, Sewmehon Siraw, Mesfin Bekele, Solomon Mitiku and Tadesse Ayalew
Published On 02 Jun, 2021
Assessing storage insect pests and post-harvest loss of maize in major producing areas of Ethiopia
Negasa Fufa*, Tekalign Zeleke, Dawit Melese and Teshale Daba
Published On 23 Apr, 2021
Systematic review and meta-analysis of animal listeriosis in Ethiopia
Sagni Diba* and Habtamu Terefe
Published On 06 Apr, 2021
The effect of the sociodemographic determinants of self-monitoring of blood pressure
Addisu Dabi Wake*, Daniel Mengistu Bekele, Yohannes Ayalew Bekele, Techane Sisay Tuji and Desalegn Tariku Jaleta
Published On 01 Apr, 2021
Knowledge and associated factors towards post-operative pain management among nurses working at referral hospitals, Ethiopia
Desalegn Tariku Jaleta, Techane Sisay Tuji* and Addisu Dabi Wake
Published On 31 Mar, 2021
Review of beef cattle breeding research and achievements in Ethiopia
Tesfaye Alemu Tucho*, Tatek Woldu and Berhanu Shelima
Published On 19 Mar, 2021
Genetic mapping in crop plants
Temesgen Begna* and Husen Yesuf
Published On 08 Mar, 2021
Prevalence of bovine fasciolosis in and around Bedelle
Wazir Shafi*
Published On 03 Mar, 2021
A review on nanotechnology and its application in modern veterinary science
Kalkidan Mamo Woldeamanuel, Fufa Abunna Kurra and Yonas Tolosa Roba*
Published On 25 Feb, 2021
Effect of watering frequency on germination and early growth of maize (Zea mays) seed
Gudisa Hailu*, Tsega’ab Tesfaye and Rosa Ayalkibet
Published On 13 Feb, 2021
Market chain analysis of Teff in Tole Woreda, Ethiopia
Tariku Legese Dibaba*
Published On 22 Jan, 2021
Climate smart Agriculture Interventions in Selected Agricultural Growth Program-II Districts of Harari Region and Dire Dawa Administration: Double Cropping Practices
Ibsa Aliyi Usmane*, Abdulaziz Teha Umer, Nasir Siraj, Oromiya Magersa, Badaso Urgesa and Tashoma Urge
Published On 19 Jan, 2021
Why advocacy for the one health approach attract attention than its practical implementation
Behailu Assefa*, Samson Terefe and Balako Gumi
Published On 18 Jan, 2021
Cluster-based pre-scaling up of tomato technologies in harari region rural areas: Small holder farmers livelihood improvement
Ibsa Aliyi Usmane*, Abdulaziz Teha, Badaso Urgesa, Oromiya Magarsa and Robe Elema
Published On 30 Dec, 2020
Evaluation and Demonstration of Different Feeding options for Borana Cattle Fattening
Aman Gudeto*, Tesfaye Alemu T, Genet Dadi, Ashebir Worku, Mieso Guru and Frehiwot Mesele
Published On 14 Dec, 2020
Farmer Breeding Objectives and Production Constraint of Arsi Cattle Reared in Mid Rift Valley of Oromia
Aman Gudeto*, Sandip Banerjee and Tadele Mirkena
Published On 11 Dec, 2020
A Review on Intestinal and Blood parasitic (Haemoparasite) protozoans
Said Muhammed Hussen*
Published On 10 Dec, 2020
Health-related quality of life of stroke patients before and after intervention: Systematic review
Abel Demerew Hailu*, Solomon Ahmed Mohammed and Yohannes Shumet Yimer
Published On 09 Dec, 2020
Epidemiology of Listerosis in Animal and Human in Ethiopia
Sagni Diba Bayata*
Published On 18 Nov, 2020
Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia: A rare hematologic malignancy that needs due consideration
Temesgen Assefa* and Yosef Alebel
Published On 07 Nov, 2020
Soil acid Management using Biochar: Review
Miheretu Bedassa*
Published On 05 Nov, 2020
Maize technology popularization in selected Agricultural Growth Program-II districts of Harari region and Dire Dawa administration
Ibsa Aliyi Usmane*, Abdulaziz Teha, Nasir Siraj and Oromiya Magersa
Published On 28 Oct, 2020
Determinant of Milk Production in Northwestern and Western Zones of Tigray, Ethiopia
Desale Gebretsadik*, Abrehaley Tikue, Teklemariam Abadi, Danial Desta and Gebrekiros Maru
Published On 21 Sep, 2020
The impact of Gibe III hydroelectric dam on the situation of livestock diseases with particular emphasis on bovine trypanosomosis in Southern Ethiopia
Solomon Mekuria, Hoges Ashenafi, Nigatu Kebede, Tadesse Eyasu, Saifemichael Ushecho and Getachew Terefe*
Published On 05 Sep, 2020
Enset (Ensete Ventricosoum) Value Chain in Dawuro Zone, Southern Ethiopia
Ashenafi Haile, Berhanu Megerssa* and Rijalu Negash
Published On 27 Aug, 2020
Impacts of Climatic Factors on Vegetation Species Diversity, Herbaceous Biomass in Borana, Southern Ethiopiaq
Asfaw EJO*, Tessema Zewedu and Ibsa Aliyi Usmane
Published On 13 Aug, 2020
Glaucoma awareness and knowledge among adults in woliso town, South West Ethiopia
Mahlet Tsegaye, Abiye Mulugeta and Abeba T Giorgis*
Published On 06 Aug, 2020
Review on some cereal and legume based composite biscuits
Milkesa Feyera*
Published On 06 Jul, 2020
Diversity of fishes in Beles and Gilgel beles Rivers, abay basin, Ethiopia
Abebe Getahun, Zeleke Bereie* and Eshetie Dejen
Published On 06 Jul, 2020
Value chain analysis of smallholder milk producer in West Hararghe Zone, Ethiopia
Azeb Lemma Kebede* Adune Dinku and Mohammed Sheko
Published On 02 Jul, 2020
Safety of convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19: Systematic review
Ephrem Awulachew*, Kuma Diriba, Asrat Anja and Firehiwot Belayneh
Published On 29 Jun, 2020
Effect of storage container and storage period on germination of grain maize in bako, West Shewa, Ethiopia
Negasa Fufa*, Solomon Abera and Girma Demissie
Published On 26 Jun, 2020
Multivariate analysis of phenotypic traits of indigenous sheep revealed new population in western part of Ethiopia
Gobena Wagari*, Tesfaye Getachew and Elias Bayou
Published On 08 Jun, 2020
On-farm Evaluation and Demonstration of Koekoek chicken under farmers condition in North western Tigray, Ethiopia
Teklemariam Abadi*, Desale Gebretsadik, Kibrom Gebremedhin, Teklehaimanot Tsigab, Mulalem Zenebe and Daniel Desta
Published On 04 Jun, 2020
The milk processing: Status, challenges and opportunities in ethiopia
Mebrate Getabalew, Tewodros Alemneh* and Derbie Zewdie
Published On 29 May, 2020
Prevalence of Cryptosporidium species among HIV/AIDS patients in Sub Saharan Africa; Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Ephrem Awulachew*, Kuma Diriba, Aschalew Gemede and Feven Wudneh
Published On 04 May, 2020
Heterosis and character association of mid altitude adapted quality protein maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids at Bako, Western Ethiopia
Beyene Abebe*, Wassu Mohammed Ali and Adefris Teklewold Chere
Published On 01 May, 2020
Enhancing health facility-based data quality and use for decision making at primary health care units to improve health service delivery of maternal newborn child and adolescent health, Tigray Ethiopia 2018
Assefa Ayalew Gebreslassie*, Molla Teferi Below, Mengistu Mitiku Ashebir, Kebede Embaye Gezae and Mebrahtu Kalayu Chekole
Published On 06 Apr, 2020
Outbreak investigation steps in the case of 2019 novel coronavirus infection, a review
Dessalew Habte Alene* and Waktole Yadeta
Published On 22 Mar, 2020
Evaluation of bread prepared from composite flour of sweet lupine and Bread wheat variety
Biadge Kefale* and Bethel Yetenayet
Published On 26 Feb, 2020
Participatory demonstration of concentrate based Arsi-Bale sheep fattening technology at Dodola and Kofele districts in West Arsi-Zone, Oromia regional state, Ethiopia
Aman Gudeto*, Mieso Guru, Frehiwot Mesele, Ashebir Worku, Genet Dadi and Tesfaye Alemu T
Published On 06 Feb, 2020
Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in dairy cattle and the associated risk factors in Oromia, Ethiopia
Dereje Lemu*, Abeje Abera, Tadelech kebede and Dimshasha Tolera
Published On 31 Jan, 2020
Beef cattle value chain analysis: Evidence from West Hararghe Zone of Ethiopia
Adunea Dinku*, Bezahagn Abebe, Azeb Lemma and Muhammed Shako
Published On 21 Nov, 2019
Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Pathogenic Bacteria in Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus L
Begonesh Bekele, Kassaye Balkew Workagegn* and P Natarajan
Published On 04 Nov, 2019
Knowledge level and associated factors about sexual and reproductive health rights among University of Gondar students, Gondar Ethiopia
Kefl ie Yohannes Gebresilassie*, Moges Muluneh Boke, Melaku Kindie Yenit and Adhanom Gebreegziabher Baraki
Published On 30 Aug, 2019
Evaluation of different feeding options on growth response and carcass characteristic of yearling Kereyu-Bulls to attain local/export market weight
Ashebir Worku*, Tesfaye Alemu, Mieso Gurru, Aman Gudeto, Firehiwot Messele and Genet Dadi
Published On 17 Jul, 2019
Exotic chicken production performance, status and challenges in Ethiopia
Tewodros Alemneh* and Mebrate Getabalew
Published On 15 Jul, 2019
Effects of Blending Semolina with Egg Powder on Physico- Chemical and Sensory Quality of Macaroni
Anbesse Girma*, Geremew Bultosa and Solomon Abera
Published On 29 Jan, 2019
Effect of sowing time and environmental variation on yield of differnt Maize varieties
Begizew Golla*, Birhanu Tadesse, Desalegn Chalsisa and Elsabet Bayisa
Published On 31 Dec, 2018
Factors Affecting Iron Absorption and Mitigation Mechanisms: A review
Fikiru Dasa* and Tilahun Abera
Published On 24 Dec, 2018
Impact of Nitrogen Rate and Intra Row Spacing on growth parameters and Yield of Maize at Bako, Western Ethiopia
Begizew Golla*, Adugnaw Mintesnot and Merkeb Getachew
Published On 02 Nov, 2018
Sweet lupine recipe development and nutritional content of recipe at Holeta, Ethiopia
Biadge Kefale* and Esayas Abrha
Published On 20 Aug, 2018
Microbial Function on Climate Change – A Review
Endeshaw Abatenh*, Birhanu Gizaw, Zerihun Tsegaye and Genene Tefera
Published On 30 Apr, 2018
Fishing Condition and Fishers Income: The case of Lake Tana, Ethiopia
Dagninet Amare*, Mihret Endalew, Tegegne Debas, Ayalew Demissew, Kiber Temesgen, Ayenew Meresa, Amare Getnet
Published On 18 Jan, 2018
The Role of Microorganisms in Bioremediation- A Review
Endeshaw Abatenh*, Birhanu Gizaw, Zerihun Tsegaye and Misganaw Wassie
Published On 10 Nov, 2017
Assessment of Commercial Beef Cattle Fattening Practices and performance in East Shoa Zone
Genet Dadi* Mengistu Urge and Tsegay Teklebrhan
Published On 27 Sep, 2017
Prevalence of Major Intestinal Nematodes of Equines in Jimma Town, South Western Ethiopia
Bamlaku Andarge, Chaltu Muhammed and Gebawo Tibesso*
Published On 19 Sep, 2017
Prevalence and correlates of anxiety and depression among cancer patients in the University of Gondar Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia
Firnus Berihun*, Sisay Haile, Mastewal Abawa, Missaye Mulatie and Alemayehu Shimeka
Published On 18 Sep, 2017
Physicochemical properties of Ethiopian Beeswax, the case of South Wollo zone, Amhara Region
Addisu Bihonegn*, Desalegn Begna, Asaminew Tassew and Zeleke Mekuriaw
Published On 15 Sep, 2017
Evaluation of Preliminary Phytochemical Constituents and Antibacterial Activity of Edible Plants against Urinary Tract Infection Causing Bacteria in Children
Arun Thangavel*, Omprakash Sahu, Saravanan Ponnappan, Abenezer Tadele, Gezahegn Abawa and Karthikeyan M
Published On 22 Apr, 2017
Evaluation of Physico-Chemical Properties of Honey Produced in Bale Natural Forest, Southeastern Ethiopia
Bekele Tesfaye*, Desalegn Begna, Mitiku Eshetu
Published On 11 Nov, 2016
Physical, Chemical, Biological properties and fish species type of Geray reservoir, -W/Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia
Brehan Mohammed*, Dereje Tewabe, Wonde Zelalem and Adane Melaku
Published On 16 Apr, 2016
Current Status of Grevy Zebra: A Review
Kula Jilo*, Nejash Abdela, Ahmed Mohammed
Published On 16 Apr, 2016
Medicinal Values of Camel Milk
Kula Jilo*
Published On 07 Apr, 2016
Pre-Scaling Up of Solar Tent Fish Drier in Northern and North Western Part of Lake Tana, Ethiopia
Erkie Asmare*, Dereje Tewabe, Birhan Mohamed and Beniyam Hailu
Published On 23 Nov, 2015
Status of Lake Tana Commercial Fishery, Ethiopia
Dereje Tewabe*
Published On 22 Feb, 2015
Preliminary Survey of Water Hyacinth in Lake
Dereje Tewabe*
Published On 10 Jan, 2015
Climate Change Challenges on Fisheries and Aquaculture
Dereje Tewabe*
Published On 12 Dec, 2014


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