Articles from Czech republic

Different approaches to system science
Svítek Miroslav* and Žák Ladislav
Published On 24 Nov, 2022
Air pollution and possible risk of dementia in the Czech Republic
Topinka J, Rossner P, Rossnerova A and Sram RJ*
Published On 15 Oct, 2022
The nutrition and life-style of mothers from industrial and nonindustrial regions related to their economic situation
Ingrid Baloun, Olga Dvorackova, Simona Simkova and Radim J Sram*
Published On 13 Aug, 2022
Application of photovoltaic technology in the use of solar energy
Andjela B Stanojevic*
Published On 04 Aug, 2021
Air pollution emission from the copper smelter Complex Bor in Serbia
Andjela B Stanojevic*
Published On 26 Apr, 2021
Conservation agriculture and its principles
Andjela B Stanojevic*
Published On 08 Apr, 2021
The effectiveness of the concept ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) in patients of surgical intensive care unit
Jana Richtarova*, Eva Mrazkova and Igor Satinsky
Published On 09 Jul, 2020
Extent of surgery in chronic rhinosinusitis: primarily focused on nasal polyposis
Petr Schalek*, Lukáš Otruba and Anasuya Guha
Published On 14 Oct, 2017


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