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Wood-cement-steatite panels used in replacement of gypsum boards in residential and commercial buildings: contribution to the thermal mass
Viet-Anh Vu, Benoit Bissonnette*, Alain Cloutier and Pierre Blanchet
Published On 18 Oct, 2022
Adaptation to climate change in Africa
Jamal Saghir*
Published On 14 Jul, 2022
Analysis of secondary data: Considerations revisited
Linda L Pederson*, John J Koval and Evelyn Vingilis
Published On 29 Jun, 2022
Early experience with force-space navigated robotics for glenoid implantation during total shoulder arthroplasty
Corey D Smith, George S Athwal and Louis M Ferreira*
Published On 14 Apr, 2021
A Rare Nidus for Biliary Stone Formation: Post-Cholecystectomy Clip Migration
Robert Battat*, Marilyse Drapeau, Jonathan Wyse and Bernard Faulques
Published On 02 Dec, 2020
Use of secondary data analyses in research: Pros and Cons
LL Pederson*, E Vingilis, CM Wickens, J Koval and RE Mann
Published On 08 Jul, 2020
Trauma Resuscitation Time at A Tertiary Care Hospital in Oman: A Retrospective Observational Study
Maysa Al-Maawali, Salim Al Rawahi* and Hani Al-Qadhi
Published On 12 Jun, 2020
Antenatal diagnoses of congenital cataracts and related surgical complications in a familial case of Nance-Horan Syndrome
Gayathri K Sivakumar, Gunjan Mhapankar, Victoria Mok Siu and Sapna Sharan*
Published On 18 May, 2020
What proportion of ever smokers quit? Analysis of information from CAMH from 1996-2016
LL Pederson*, J Koval, AR Ialomiteanu, M Chaiton and RE Mann
Published On 09 May, 2020
A new technique to test the effect of cognition on standing balance in Parkinson’s disease
Mayank Bhatt, Bhuvan Mahana, Jonathan J Marotta, Ji Hyun Ko, Douglas Everett Hobson and Tony Szturm*
Published On 20 Sep, 2019
Heart failure and chronic obstructive airway disease as combined comorbidities. Meta-analysis and Review
Hadi AR Hadi Khafaji*, Jassim Al Suwaidi and Asim Cheema
Published On 12 Aug, 2019
The Buddy Ballooning Technique- A simple debulking technique
Vincent Dangoisse
Published On 08 Dec, 2018
Low Prevalence of Botulinum Toxin-A Adverse Effects: Good Safety Profile or Underreporting?
O.Aimer*, N.Roche, H.Michelon, A.Schnitzler, K.Hamami, L.Fellous, F.Genet, M.Villart,
Published On 10 Nov, 2017
Phenazopyridine abuse presenting with acute kidney injury, hemolytic anaemia and jaundice
Jaya Prakash Nath Ambinathan*, Mohamed Elbokyl and Rory McQuillan
Published On 23 Aug, 2017
Towards a better understanding of the impact of the sequelae of TBI on the social participation of seniors
Marie-Josée Levert*, Hélène Lefebvre, Mélanie Levasseur, Isabelle Gélinas, Michelle McKerall, Odette Roy and Michelle Proulx
Published On 24 Jul, 2017
Resilience in later life: A critical role for Nursing?
Ronald J Burke*
Published On 19 Jun, 2017
Impact of Calorie Intakes on the Risk of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Extremely Preterm Infants
Belal Alshaikh*, Siddartha Buddhavarapu, Albert Akierman, Abhay Lodha, Reginald Sauve and Amuchou Soraisham
Published On 11 Apr, 2017
Ambient Temperature and the Air Quality Health Index
Mieczysław Szyszkowicz*
Published On 30 Mar, 2017
Graduates’ Experiences of Transition and Transformation Following Completion of a Nursing Bridging Education Program
Sue Coffey*, Gail Lindsay, Katherine Cummings, Shelley Bouchard, Marianne Cochrane, Karen Macdonald, Sandra Mairs and Susan Sproul
Published On 08 Feb, 2017
Antipsychotics, Hypothermia, Undressing, and Death
Mary V Seeman*
Published On 23 Jan, 2017
Allergenic Ribosomal P Proteins
M Serdal Sevinc* and Hari M Vijay
Published On 07 Jan, 2017
Squaring the Circle Using Modifi ed Tartaglia Method
Mieczysław Szyszkowicz*
Published On 30 Dec, 2016
Managing Large Herbivores in Protected Areas
Rob Found*
Published On 17 Aug, 2016
How Challenging is the “Scaling Up” of Orthopaedic Simulation?
Mohamed Mediouni*, Neil Vaughan, Sunil H Shetty, Manit Arora, Alexander Volosnikov and Amal Khoury
Published On 18 Jun, 2016
Evaluating Community Health Care Providers Knowledge and Self-Confidence in the Identification, Diagnosis and Treatment of Adolescent Depression in Tanzania
Stan Kutcher*,Yifeng Wei, Heather Gilberds, Adena Brown, Omary Ubuguyu, Tasiana Njau, Norman Sabuni, Ayoub Magimba and Kevin Perkins
Published On 16 Jun, 2016
The Efficacy of Laser Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Jennifer Boudreault, François Desmeules*, Jean-Sébastien Roy, Clermont E Dionne, Pierre Frémont and Joy C MacDermid
Published On 08 Feb, 2016
Flow, Work Satisfactions and Psychological Well-Being among Nurses in Turkish Hospitals
Ronald J Burke*, Mustafa Koyuncu and Lisa Fiksenbaum
Published On 06 Feb, 2016
Life after Medicine: A Systematic Review of Studies of Physicians’ Adjustment to Retirement
Michelle Pannor Silver*, Angela D Hamilton, Aviroop Biswas and Sarah A Williams
Published On 02 Jan, 2016
Schamberg Disease in a 54-Year-Old Chinese Woman
Alexander KC Leung*, Amy AM Leung, Benjamin Barankin
Published On 10 Sep, 2015
Psoriasis with Onychodystrophy in a 7-Year-Old Boy
Alexander KC Leung*, Amy AM Leung, Benjamin Barankin
Published On 01 Sep, 2015
Care of Older Residents: One Man among Many Women
Sandra P Hirst* and Annette Lane
Published On 22 Jun, 2015
Iron Deficiency Anemia in a Premenopausal Woman
Rehman HU*, Rocha Michaels C, Kamrul R
Published On 10 Nov, 2014
Target (Iris) Lesions of Erythema Multiforme
Rehman HU*, Surtie F
Published On 28 Aug, 2014


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