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A case of acute transverse myelitis following the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine
Reema Madike and Andrew Lee*
Published On 21 Mar, 2023
Two methods for determining combinatorial identities
Victor Kowalenko*
Published On 10 Jan, 2023
Voluntary Selection; Bringing Evolution at the Service of Humanity
Omid Sadeghi Fathabadi*
Published On 28 Dec, 2022
Physical contradictions ruling out photonic quantum nonlocality
Andre Vatarescu*
Published On 29 Oct, 2022
Molybdenum supplementation may increase sulfides in the human colon
Brian James Grech*
Published On 06 Sep, 2022
Psychological wellbeing and mental health outcomes in Australian Nurses and Midwives
Louise Gibson and Kimberley Norris*
Published On 06 Sep, 2022
Graphene oxide-based waveguides for enhanced self-phase modulation
Yuning Zhang*, Jiayang Wu, Yang Qu, Linnan Jia, Baohua Jia and David Moss
Published On 09 Aug, 2022
Health quality of retired Royal New Zealand Navy personnel: A cross-sectional analysis
Doug King*, Patria A Hume, Trevor N Clark and Conor Gissane
Published On 06 Oct, 2021
Astra zeneca Covid vaccination conversion reaction
Roy G Beran*
Published On 27 Jul, 2021
Subvesical duct and hepaticocholecystic duct in one patient
Moon Soo Choi* and Heenkenda Kotakadeniya
Published On 16 Mar, 2021
Energy and exergy analyses of combustion process in a DI diesel engine fuelled with diesel-biodiesel blends
Shahnaz Habibian, Rahim Karami* and Marziyeh Hoseinpour
Published On 15 Mar, 2021
Designing and evaluating analytical parameters to adapt siemens urinary creatinine enzymatic method to open system analysers
Ashraf Mina*, Leah McNeice, Shanmugam Banukumar and Santiago Vazquez
Published On 17 Sep, 2020
The Impact of Artificial intelligence and Robotics on the Future Employment Opportunities
Kamran Shaukat*, Farhat Iqbal, Talha Mahboob Alam, Gagandeep Kaur Aujla, Liton Devnath, Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Rimsha Iqbal, Irum Shahzadi and Afifah Rubab
Published On 15 Sep, 2020
It is time to abandon apneic-oxygenation testing for brain death
James Tibballs*
Published On 11 Sep, 2020
Do fascial perturbations contribute to oxidative stress?
Peter Lelean CM*
Published On 25 Aug, 2020
Psychological and neurocognitive impact of Behcet’s disease
Caroline A Fisher*
Published On 03 Feb, 2020
Which kinds of work stress are related with which types of depression? Workplace satisfaction and subtypes of depression in rural Australians
Christopher F Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, Kimaya Sarmukadam and Linda L Agnew
Published On 31 Jul, 2019
Functional outcomes and rehabilitation effi ciency in patients with restricted weight-bearing
Meredith Ogilvie-Brown* and Tik Chan
Published On 13 Jul, 2019
Antiemetic prescribing patterns for post-operative surgical patients
Van N Tran1*, Brennan J Fitzpatrick1, Stefanie N Edwards2, Emily J Ferraro2, Federica Marafi oti2, Thi Nguyen2, Alia Rafhi2, On Na Lam2 and Vincent Chan2
Published On 11 Jul, 2019
A self-defeating interpersonal style predicts depression over and above the Big 5 personality trait constructs
Breanna E Atkinson, Gabriela Lasky, Gregory J Boyle and Philip A Vernon*
Published On 12 Apr, 2019
Vacuum-assisted foetal delivery device to remove a rectal foreign body – A novel application of the Ventouse method
Basilie Teoh*, Raaj Chandra, Jacob McCormick and Ran Li
Published On 23 Mar, 2019
Pathological lumbar hernia following recurrent retroperitoneal abscess
Tiffany J Cherry*, Ran Li and Rezvaneh Shakerian
Published On 23 Mar, 2019
Gallbladder volvulus mimicking a cardiac event – an unusual presentation
Basilie Teoh*, Nicole Campbell, Paul Flanagan and Ian Campbell
Published On 21 Mar, 2019
Page Kidney Phenomenon following Kidney Graft Biopsy
Jackie Mak and Bulang He*
Published On 23 May, 2018
Proposal for an Urgency Score as General Referral Strategy to Second- Care Rheumatology
Mohamed Omar Ghazal and Michael Schirmer*
Published On 07 Feb, 2017
Prosthetic Functional Rehabilitation Following Resection of an Oral Malignoma – A Case Report
Zupancic-Cepic L*, Eder J, Schmid-Schwap M and Piehslinger E
Published On 09 Jan, 2017
A ‘Field of Mouths’: Damselfishes in the Intertidal of Heron Island Cay, Great Barrier Reef
John Lucas*, Leya Koh, Maximilian Rath, Jasper Synowski, Richard Vierick and Salomé Willer
Published On 03 Jan, 2017
Current Pathogenetic Concepts of Vascular Cognitive Impairment
Kurt A Jellinger*
Published On 30 Dec, 2016
In Painful Shoulder Disease, Inpatient Rehabilitation has Long Term Benefits with or without Therapeutic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Werner Kullich*, Barbara Stritzinger, Monika Mustak-Blagus, Albrecht Falkenbach, Jutta Rus-Machan, Thomas Berger and Bibiane Steinecker-Frohnwieser
Published On 23 Dec, 2016
Trans Tracheal Approach to the Oesophagus: Case Report
Angelica Lynch*, Chris Perry, Bernard Mark Smithers, Raefe Gundelach and Daniel Rowe
Published On 15 Dec, 2016
Diabesity Increases Inflammation and Oxidative Stress
Dayre A, Pouvreau C, Butkowski EG, de Jong B and Jelinek HF*
Published On 01 Oct, 2016
Electrophysiological Profiling of Depression in the Elderly
Jenny L Patterson, J. Bruce Barber, Daniel W. O Connor and Samia R Toukhsati
Published On 23 Jul, 2016
Ameloblastoma, Human Papillomavirus, and p16- is there An Association?
Thasvir Singh*, Christopher Angel, Sepehr Tabrizi, Alyssa Cornall, John Clement and Arun Chandu
Published On 11 May, 2016
Antidiabetic, Antihypertensive and Statin Medication Use in Metabolic Syndrome
Ie Butkowski E, Brix L, Al-Aubaidy HA, Kiat H and Jelinek HF*
Published On 01 Apr, 2016
Nano-Confined Synthesis of Fullerene Mesoporous Carbon (C60-FMC) with Bimodal Pores: XRD, TEM, Structural Properties, NMR, and Protein Immobilization
Mohammad A Wahab*, Farzana Darain#, Azharul Karim and Jorge N Beltramini*
Published On 05 Jan, 2016
Experimental Study of Impact of Foul Release with Low Surface Energy on Ship Resistance
Kianejad SS*, Seif MS and Ansarifard N
Published On 16 Dec, 2015
Dual Kidney Transplant: Clinical Experience and Overview of Surgical Techniques
Dhruv Patel, Monika Zwierzchoniewska and Bulang He*
Published On 27 Apr, 2015
Neuropeptide Research in the Eye
Josef Troger*
Published On 01 Mar, 2015
Central Corneal Thickness in Nepalese Glaucoma Patients and Glaucoma Suspects
Prakash Adhikari*, Pratik Chettry and Madhu Thapa
Published On 25 Nov, 2014


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