Articles from Argentina

General determinants of aging: The size and geometry of living beings
Jorge Barragán* and Sebastián Sánchez
Published On 20 Jun, 2023
Stamps as a cultural value related to the biodiversity of insects
Paola Turienzo*
Published On 16 May, 2023
Knowledge Evolution: Inert sciences to living science
Castañeda Cataña MA, Amato R, Sepulveda C, Carlucci MJ*
Published On 27 Sep, 2022
Synergistic antifungal effectiveness of essential oils from andean plants combined with commercial drugs
Beatriz Lima, Maximiliano Sortino, Alejandro Tapia and Gabriela E Feresin*
Published On 03 Aug, 2022
Evaluation of agrobiodiversity and its trophic interactions as an indicator of sustainability in productive systems
Taraborelli P*, Carrasco N, Malaspina M, Domínguez MC, Belaus A, López A, Scavone AS, Barbera A and Zamora MY
Published On 06 May, 2022
Nano-chemistry and Bio-conjugation with perspectives on the design of Nano-Immune platforms, vaccines and new combinatorial treatments
Luna R Gomez Palacios, Sofia Martinez, Cecilia Tettamanti, Daniela Quinteros and A Guillermo Bracamonte*
Published On 13 Dec, 2021
Impact of the gamma variant on the icu admission in a hospital of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires (Caba), Argentina
Verónica Mandich*, Daniel Chiacchiara, Antonio Pilipec, Santiago Grimaldi, Johnny Cotez, Víctor Paniouk, Oswaldo Escobar, Henry Arévalo, Sebastián Pérez Flach, Amílcar Herbas Pozo, Alejandro Aimar and Marcelo Bravo
Published On 18 Nov, 2021
Cystic Fibrosis Mini Review
Baran Ezequiel*
Published On 28 Oct, 2020
Fisher, Haldane and Wright would be proud owing to population genetics has become in a defiant study area in the genetics researches
María Eugenia Barrandeguy, Daiana Jimena Sanabria and María Victoria García*
Published On 26 Jun, 2020
Ozone therapy with local cellular immune modulation and disc progenitor cell implant is safe, effective and efficient
Grangeat AM, Crocce EA, Erario MA, Moviglia Brandolino MT, Piccone SL, Lopez MA and Moviglia GA*
Published On 22 Jun, 2020
Red blood cell alterations by in vitro action of Trichinella spiralis newborn larvae
Patricia Ponce de León*, Martin Toderi, Horacio Castellini and Bibiana Riquelme*
Published On 28 May, 2020
Aqueous extract from Opuntia megapotamica fruit pulp promotes osteoblast activity
Valeria Gili, Juan A Laiuppa and Graciela E Santillán*
Published On 20 May, 2020
Bone Quality Obtained in Sinus Lifting with Anorganic Bovine Bone. A CBCT Study
Martínez Soledad Melisa, Ibañez Maria Constanza* and Ibañez Juan Carlos
Published On 29 Apr, 2020
The Journey of TAVR
Luis M de la Fuente* and Facundo E Peñaloza
Published On 27 Apr, 2020
Congenital esophageal stenosis with tracheoesophageal window
D´Alessandro Pablo D*, Reusmann Aixa, Rubio Martin A, Cocciaglia Alejandro and Boglione Mariano M
Published On 25 Apr, 2020
Bioaccumulation of trace elements in lichens exposed to geothermal and volcanic activity from copahue-caviahue volcanic complex, patagonia, Argentina
Débora Fabiana Bubach*, Soledad Perez Catán, María Inés Messuti, María Angélica Arribére and Sergio Ribeiro Guevara
Published On 04 Apr, 2020
Antibacterial, antioxidant and antihypertensive properties of polyphenols from argentinean red wines varieties
María J Rodríguez-Vaquero*, Claudia V Vallejo and Pedro A Aredes-Fernández
Published On 26 Mar, 2020
Nursing preoperative checklist for safe surgery
Ariel P Ramos, Roberto de Anton, Ethel Guidi, Stella M Delor, Liliana Lupica, Viviana B Fraiz, Dario Fidel, Sabrina Arena and Eduardo B Arribalzaga*
Published On 04 Nov, 2019
Type A Insulin Resistance Syndrome- Novel insulin receptor gene mutation and familiar phenotypic variability
Analía V Freire*, Paula Scaglia, Mirta G Gryngarten, Mariana Gutiérrez, Andrea J Arcari, Laura Suarez, María Gabriela Ballerini, Laura Valinotto, Mónica I Natale, Kenny Y Del Toro Camargo, Ignacio Bergadá, Rodolfo A Rey and María Gabriela Ropelato
Published On 13 Jun, 2019
Emergent of Colistin Resistant Enterobacteriaceae carrying the mcr-1 gene among clinical isolates from patients in an Argentine hospital: Clinical and microbiological aspects
J Nievas*, D Torres, F Nicola, P Bonvehí, L Scocozza, W Alcalá, F Herrera, S Relloso and J Smayevsky
Published On 11 Dec, 2018
Lichen as biomonitor of atmospheric elemental composition from Potter Peninsula, 25 de Mayo (King George) Island, Antarctica
Mariana S Rivera, Soledad Perez Catan, Carla Di Fonzo, Laura Dopchiz, Maria A Arribere, Martin Ansaldo, Maria I Messuti and Debora F Bubach*
Published On 31 Jul, 2018
Quality of life in patients with epilepsy
Dorrego Pamela*, Joneret Gisele, Zofiaurre Jennifer, Perez Armanazco Cinthia, Morales David and Arrigoni Maria Isabel
Published On 19 Jul, 2018
MINI-OPCABG an option in Hybrid coronary revascularization
Vincenzo Cianci*, Natalia Scialacomo, Debamalya Ray and Prof. Federico Benetti
Published On 13 Mar, 2018
Peritoneal catheter survival: The impact of unroofing
Barone RJ*, Beresan M, Pattin M, Gimenez NS, Verga G, Santopietro M and Ramirez L
Published On 18 Nov, 2017
A proposal for a semantic change in the current diagnostic criteria of Parkinson’s disease Psychosis
Francisco Appiani, Marcelo Miranda, Carlos Zúniga-Ramírez, Michel Saenz-Farret, Vanderci Borges and Federico Micheli*
Published On 06 Jul, 2017
Advances and Perspectives in Genetics of Congenital Thyroid Disorders Associated with Thyroglobulin Gene Mutations
Héctor M.Targovnik*, Cintia E.Citterio, Sofi a Siffo and Carina M.Rivolta
Published On 19 Dec, 2016
Ambulatory Blood Pressure (BP) and Heart Rate (HR), Gender Differences in Cordoba, Argentina
Bendersky Mario*, Cruz Mariana, Baroni Marcos, Sala Javier and Sala Jose
Published On 21 Jun, 2016
Hepatopulmonary Syndrome and Portopulmonary Hypertension in the Same Patient
Glenda Ernst, Fernando Grassi and Julio F Chertcoff*
Published On 29 Jan, 2016
Nail Fold Capillaroscopic Findings in Elderly Patient with Acrocyanosis
Maria Bibiana Leroux*
Published On 08 Jan, 2016
Clinical Aspects of C-Type Natriuretic Peptide on the Cardiovascular System
Marcelo R Choi*, Adriana S Donoso, Nicolás M Kouyoumdzian, Natalia L Rukavina Mikusic, Ana M Puyó,
Published On 03 Oct, 2015


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