Articles from Algeria

Percutaneous Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) closure: When and how to close Coil VS Occluder “step by step” cases report
Nassime Zaoui*, Amina Boukabous, Nabil Irid, Katia Babou and Sabrina Benamara
Published On 22 Mar, 2023
Factors associated with dementia among elderly people living in Algiers
Soreya Belarbi*, Meriem Tazir and Samira Makri Mokrane
Published On 27 Dec, 2021
Adult-onset vanishing white matter disease presenting as dementia
Soreya Belarbi*, Selma Dounia Bensemmane, Imene Bouguerra, Meriem Ouali and Samira Makri Mokrane
Published On 20 Mar, 2021
Description of the characteristics influencing the therapeutic management of infertile couples in western Algeria
Belhachemi N*, Zelmat SA, Chafi B, Foughal M and Mohand Arabe W
Published On 16 Dec, 2020
HELLP syndrome, A real general disease that threatens the maternal morbidity and mortality at the EHU in Oran
Setti Aouicha Zelmat*, NBelhachemie, D Bouabida K Kerbouia, E Boucherit and F Mazour
Published On 01 May, 2020
Damage control surgery Concept
Abdelkader Boukerrouche*
Published On 11 Jul, 2019
The QRS complex detection using morphological filtering
Taouli SA* and Bereksi-Reguig F
Published On 25 Jan, 2019
Optimal composition of plaster mortar reinforced with palm fibers
Rachedi Mokhtar*
Published On 22 Oct, 2018
Effects of phytogenic products on gut morpho-histology of broiler chickens
Megaache Mounia*, Alloui Nadir and Bennoune Omar
Published On 27 Feb, 2018
Leishmania antimony resistance/ susceptibility in Algerian foci
Eddaikra N*, Ait-Oudhia K, Oury B, Moulti-Mati Farida, Harrat Z and Sereno D
Published On 28 Sep, 2017
CCK-2/Gastrin-R Immunodistribution in a Solid Pseudopapillary Pancreatic Tumor: A Case Report of a 28-Years-Old North African Woman
Noria Harir*, Feriel Sellam, Nesrine M Mrabent, Abdenacer Tou, Houria Belkralladi, Rachida Salah, Soumia Zeggai
Published On 29 Jun, 2016
HER2 Status in Male Breast Carcinoma: a Single North African Institution Experience of 10 Cases and Review of the Literature
Meriem N Mrabent, Noria Harir, Feriel Sellam*, Soumia Zeggai, Abdenacer Tou, Mustapha Diaf, Rachida Salah and Soraya Moulesshoul
Published On 28 Oct, 2015


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