Articles from Albania

Growth and yield responses of groundnut to different rates of NPK fertilizer at Umudike
Orji KO*, Chukwu LA and Ogbu JU
Published On 18 Feb, 2022
The analysis of Caesarean Section Rate based on 10 groups Robson’s Classification
Lorena Zijaj*, Arian Shtylla, Jola Kerpaci and Irida Dajti
Published On 23 Aug, 2021
Laryngeal cancer, risk factors, symptoms and treatment
Besim Boçi* and Albana Çuko
Published On 23 Apr, 2020
Women with osteoporosis present Their quality of life: Three cases from Vlore, Albania
Fatjona Kamberi*, Yllka Stramarko, Brunilda Subashi and Glodiana Sinanaj
Published On 29 Oct, 2018
Outcomes of a Pregnancy with Asthma - A Case Report
Astrit M Gashi*
Published On 24 Apr, 2017
Immunohistochemical Analysis and Pathological Assessment of B-Cbl Proto-Oncogene in Gastric Carcinoma Cells
Noria Harir, Rachida Salah, Malika Aidouni, Miloud Medjamia, Nesrine Mrabent, Soumia Zeggai, Mustapha Diaf
Published On 26 Aug, 2016
How important is the Morphology of the Semen Analysis?
Entela Shkembi*, Evin Dani, Nicola Daniele, Francesco Zinno, Gallo Emiliano Omar
Published On 03 Jun, 2016
Biobanks and Clinical Research: An "Interesting" Connection
Nicola Daniele*, Mattia Campus, Claudio Pellegrini, Entela Shkëmbi, Francesco Zinno
Published On 10 Mar, 2016
Evaluation the Compressive Strength in Concrete Structures Using the In-situ Test Methods
Naser Kabashi*, Cene Krasniqi and Arton Dautaj
Published On 09 Dec, 2015


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