Charges, Waiver and Withdrawal Policy

Charges policy

The papers submitted for publication to any Peertechz journal incurs a Manuscript Processing Charge (MPC). MPC is of paramount importance for covering the cost of publishing and for disseminating quality publication services. It also helps in promoting the published research works on different Indexing platforms, DOI and other related services. MPC should be regarded as an essential and suitable section in the budget of the authors’ for research. The MPC also helps in covering partially the cost incurred in assigning the manuscript for peer-review process and for formatting the manuscript as per the publication guidelines. Peertechz expects all clients to pay the charges according to the following sheet:

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Waiver policy

We have substantial waiver policies in place for the deserving authors whose university or institution are not providing funding assistance in research or who have lack of financial support from funding agencies. The provision for complete or partial fee waiver depends on the case-by-case basis for the authors. However, the request for waiver is taken into consideration only if the request for a waiver has been sent to the related journal before submission of the manuscript.

The authors desirous for availing waiver should furnish following information along with the request for waiver:

  1. Title of the manuscript:
  2. Manuscript Type: Research Article/ Short Communication/ Review Article/ Editorial etc.
  3. Name of corresponding author:
  4. Affiliations of corresponding author:
  5. Type of waiver requested: Partial/Full
  6. Explanatory reasons for waiver request:
  7. Explanation about how the research is funded:

Withdrawal policy

If any client withdraw his/her manuscript before or after the peer-review process; he/she will be charged according to the following norms decided in the general body meeting of the company:

  1. If the manuscript is withdrawn before plagiarism checking: $0
  2. If the manuscript is withdrawn after plagiarism checking but before Peer-Review process: $249
  3. If the manuscript is withdrawn after Peer-Review process: $349
  4. If the manuscript is withdrawn at final proof stage: $549


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