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Anthropogenic Effects on Climate

Khalidullin Oleg*

Global Shezhire of Kazakhs, Russia
*Corresponding author: Khalidullin Oleg, Global Shezhire of Kazakhs, Russia, Tel: 87770550099; E-mail:
Received:03 April, 2017 | Accepted: 22 May, 2017 | Published: 24 May, 2017

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Oleg K (2017) Anthropogenic Effects on Climate. Open J Environ Biol 2(1): 035-037. DOI: 10.17352/ojeb.000006


It remains very little until the complete destruction of the Earth. Man, like an unreasonable child, without knowing danger, destroys his cradle. Every living creature, every blade of grass on the planet has its purpose. Their origin, existence and reproduction depend on water. Water is the working body, is in a continuous cycle of transformations. Advancing it along bodies, trunks and stems is an integral part of the overall hydrological cycle. The balance of these transformations was created for millions of years. There is evidence that every hectare of land contains 20 tons of living organisms, each of which converts water. We fill up the soil with dumps and dumps, we put it under fields, we pour water for the hydroelectric power station - we destroy the biota. More than half of all the inhabited land we already dead [1]. Nature, periodically, with increasing frequency and strength, warns us of floods, storms, etc., natural disasters. But we persistently continue to build new hydroelectric power stations, fill up new areas with dumps of new deposits and build new cities.

Water, fallen precipitation on the asphalt are deprived of natural uses, evaporates immediately back into the atmosphere, the link of the natural cycle disappears. The process of evaporation is accelerating, clouds and clouds of new origin appear. An increased frequency of unprecedented flooding in various areas of the planet may indicate a rapid recovery of water in the atmosphere. Where did these waters come from? Naturally from the evaporation. To do this, it is sufficient to perform an elementary analysis of the links in the circuit of the water circuit. Let us consider the sources of evaporation. The surface of the oceans and seas, it is always stable and the main source of evaporation - you can take their volumes and speed for a constant. How much it came with rainfall, so much and must return to the rivers in the seas and oceans.

The comfort of existence of everything on Earth was stabilized before the industrialization of the world economy began. Biota is a necessary, indispensable link in the chain of water conversions - it affects the atmosphere in the same way as the atmosphere affects the biota through precipitation. How much water it consumes, as much it goes into the sky with fumes, breathing and transpiration. With a strictly defined adjustable speed. The more water in the clouds, the less the intensity of evaporation. Three components - the basis of atmospheric phenomena - the volume of fumes, the frequency of precipitation and the regulatory capacity of the water circuit - created a climate for every point of the planet.

The total waste of the life of the biota - the release and the pair of respiration and transpiration of plants, determined the composition of the atmosphere. There were no other evaporators.

The man destroyed this balance, took half of the land from nature - arable land, dumps, dumps, reservoirs, deforestation, construction of cities and roads and many other types of soil erosion.

The simplest mental experience can replace laborious scientific research and show the reality of the proposed idea. If a bucket of water is poured on the asphalt, it will evaporate in an hour or two. A bucket of water poured onto the soil will return to the atmosphere in a month or two, until it passes through food and vegetable chains of underground and terrestrial living creatures and plant roots. And it will come out, basically, by the exhalations of living beings and the transpiration of plants. It is known that every hectare of soil contains 20 tons of underground living creatures, each unit of which participates in a single technological process of transformation [2].

The circuit of the greater part of all the precipitation of land in nature is short-circuited. Water, falling precipitation, immediately comes back from plow and asphalt, from active evaporators of many technological operations, turbines of power generators, drying floors, utensils, linen without performing natural functions. Volumes of such fumes are many times higher than the volumes and rates of natural fumes. Artificial evaporation is the evaporation of waters that do not pass their way through food and vegetable chains. Water, as it came from the sky, so it went back. The nature of this is not provided. Half of all the inhabited land is turned into such a frying pan. Water fulfills the necessary human needs for washing, making various items, but this is unnatural for nature.

The biota volatiles depend on the accumulation of water in the clouds. The more water in the atmosphere, the denser the clouds, the less heat on the soil, less evaporation. Artificial evaporation broke the regulatory capacity of the atmosphere, since it depends little on solar radiation. A person turns water into steam irrespective of the weather, the time of the year, the time of day.  But there is still a significant, very important, little-researched, but logically justified addition. It is possible that the phenomenon of climate change is enhanced by a change in the quality of evaporation. Here are some suggestions that the new qualities of evaporation complement the phenomenon. It is necessary to consider evaporation at the molecular level.

1. The moisture of the exhalation of a living being and the transpiration of plants, as well as the evaporation of juices and all the excretions of the organic world - the nature’s evaporation - must have significant differences from artificial fumes. “... Of all the phenomena of life there is no more striking and more deserving physicists and physiologists than the phenomena accompanying breathing.” A. Lavoisier There is an assumption that natural evaporation has its own quality different from all other evaporation and each such source is individual. Studies [3], confirm this assumption that according to the exhalations of sick people, their diseases can be diagnosed.

2. It is known that everything smells and carries smells, are chemicals, gases, pheromones. Information about the source of the smell spreads through the air and also rises into the clouds.

3. Considering the information on the quality and structure of water at the molecular level from numerous studies, one can note that its structure varies from different types of impact: technogenic processes associated with water - pumps, turbines, pipelines, heating, chemical, physical and any other influences change its natural structure. This fact gives rise to another assumption that the distorted structure of water is transferred to clouds also with a distorted molecular structure. Volumes of such waters can easily be imagined if we mentally summarize what passes through the turbine blades of hydroelectric power stations all over the world. All water moving in pipelines, propellers of all water vessels of the world. All these waters are concentrated in the seas and oceans, covering their surface. It can be assumed that these evaporation go to the sky with the same distorted structure.

4. We also change the structure of the molecules of water in the air. Millions of internal combustion engines, compressors, aircraft engines thousands of other mechanisms suck and destroy the structure of water vapor in their chambers and cylinders. These include all the furnaces that burn fuel in the presence of oxygen and moisture in the air.

Thus, the destruction of the structure of vapors can be an additional and essential element of the destruction of the established climate. An unprecedented phenomenon for nature appeared. Huge volumes of water in an atmosphere of artificial origin, uncontrollable in volume and speed. Climate rescue is a return to the nature of the soil, or the restoration of natural and reducing artificial evaporation. For this, it is necessary to develop and immediately begin implementing a new global concept of preserving the life of the planet based on: The population of the Earth the essence of our existence.

Only by restoring the natural circulation of water in nature, we can save the planet from destruction, the approaching worldwide flood.

∗ By the threshold of no return, humanity has already approached and has come to the decisions of the development of “green” technologies, “the reduction of carbon. But this is a rudimentary state, started on an amateur, in his spare time. Public event. It is necessary to develop it into the state, strategic, universal, compulsory direction of each country, each person.

∗ Immediately stop all projects and work of the construction of hydroelectric power stations with the accumulation of water in reservoirs, all work on turning rivers and laying canals. Begin a gradual and unconditional replacement of hydroelectric power plants with a dam-free and alternative energy and draining all artificial water areas.

∗ Reclamation of dumps, landfills and other degraded territories

∗ Drip irrigation, non-plowing, organic farming - alternatives to traditional agriculture

∗ Deepening the river bed as a means of preventing floods. Spills of floods ruin the subsoil world and increase artificial evaporation.

∗ Reduction of washing areas for everything that is washed and dried is available, and it is necessary to develop new, dry cleaning methods for everything, for example, cars, road washing. Such technologies are known:

∗ Reuse and recycling of water, collection and use of rainwater from hard surfaces.

∗ Outdoor landscaping of buildings and structures. There are experiments on the cultivation of fruits and vegetables on roofs and walls [3].

∗ Underground and underwater construction. The development of ores, dressing, smelting, getting the finished product - all this can be done underground, in the worked out spaces. If it’s metals, then metal is carried to the surface. If it is oil, only fuel is output. If it is uranium, then electricity is output. All types of production can be located underground. Even trade and housing. There are many shopping areas and metro in many large cities. There are real projects of underwater and underground cities. So Japan is already building an underwater city. Underground greenhouses are known, where all greenery is grown year round [4].

But ... Governments of many countries are discussing the problems of climate change. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions. And they build new hydroelectric power stations with the flooding of huge areas, turn rivers, develop new ore deposits and fill new areas with heaps and dumps and build new cities and roads.

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