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A study on statistical analysis for simulation of induced- immunity by exposition of CD8+, NK cells and memory cell and it relationship to cancer growth, happiness and delayed development syndrome, down syndrome

Mohamed Alsadiq Ahmed Mansour*

Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, Sudan
*Corresponding author: Dr. Mohamed Alsadiq Ahmed Mansour (BVM,MTADM,DSc), CVRL, P.O.Box 8067, Khartoum, Sudan; Tel: 00249 999174725; 00249 911311117; E-mail:
Received: 23 March, 2020 | Accepted: 30 April, 2020 | Published: 01 May, 2020
Keywords: Simulation; CD8+, NK cells, Exposition; Cancer; Happiness; Down syndrome; Dystochia

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Ahmed Mansour MA (2020) A study on statistical analysis for simulation of induced- immunity by exposition of CD8+, NK cells and memory cell and it relationship to cancer growth, happiness and delayed development syndrome, down syndrome. Glob J Medical Clin Case Rep 7(1): 024-025. DOI: 10.17352/2455-5282.000087

This study is to analyze the statistics and causality inferences of simulation of tumor due to exposition on immune system, CD8+ and NK cells and their relationship to happiness and Down syndrome. Most of the observation has been carried out from reviewed data and information from literature and also one case of a kid 10 years old suffering from down syndrome that had been followed since birthday which went an obstetric dystochia due to lack of supportive laxation, hydrocephaly and asphyxia in head during delivery, The finding of the study has significant finding that tumor is not associated with happiness P>0.05 and associated with down syndrome with p< 0.05 in children.


This study is cohort case-control study design to understand the association between cancer growth, happiness and down syndrome. Statistical analysis of simulation on induced immunity by T cell lymphocyte and Natural killer cell are important to understand the cellular and humeral immunity and cause of cancer in children, and their relationship to happiness and autism or down syndrome which are pertinent to analyze the behavioral and Psychological factor that do affect the health of children. The reason for happiness and down syndrome are independently correlated to cancer growth to understand the psychological and physical reason for the cancer in children respectively.

Case presentation

This study is explaining the exposition of tumor by CD8+ to Natural killer cells for understanding causality theorem of cancer induced by cell mediated immunity, there is a lack of knowledge in process how the memory cells expose cancer cells more effectively by CD8+ to immune system, it is seemingly the reasons are not clearly identified, however this brings about a hypothesis to the floor to know mechanism of T-lymphocytes synthesis, mode of action and kinetics in advance medicine today or physical therapy. Our hypothesis is built up on that synthesis of T-lymphocytes which are negatively inducing causes of tumor cells as part of homeostasis in body fluids, which is caused lymphoma for example, in spite of that, reason of metastasis is not known in particular case, which could cause a serious problem and cancer cells metastases in body through circulation and predominate according to its affinity in certain tissue or organ and cause severe injuries, understanding role of memory cells is important issue to understand the cause of metastasis in the body of the patient. Also, memory cells are responsible for secreting happiness hormone called serotonin which thought of to suppress the immune response and blockade synthesis of T-lymphocyte and cause tumor growth [1]. this could be an interesting Medical report to study, compare and analyze With delayed development syndrome which is one of the common obstetric cases happen in children at giving birth or delivery operation or and /cesarean section, in this case their causes are most often hydrocephaly and affect influx of deoxygenated blood to brain which is called asphyxia and affect brain tissue , it usually effects the brain cortex and hippocampus, center of senses, happiness and feeling and causes difficulty in speaking, locomotion nerves and natural growth and causing dwarfism. This paper is focusing on studying this special case to understand relationship between delayed development syndrome in children and happiness to tumor growth. The study is being following up with specialist doctors responsible of this patient to collect sufficient information and data to be study and analyze for treatment purpose, Also the patient has been put under intensive health care for purpose of health and soundness. Now the patient is getting in progress and continuing his life normally and started physical therapy at 4kid therapy center.


The study was observational study to understand the association between statistical analysis and simulation of induced immunity and their correlation to cancer, happiness and Down syndrome in children. The happiness is always in children is correlated with eating a lot of sugar and polysaccharides which is intuitively or physiologically correlated because access amount of sugar do cause diabetes in elders. The happiness is significantly related in children by increasing in metabolic rate which burn all restore of starch or sugar and deplete ATP pump to produce an energy per unit. The happiness is significantly associated with cancer growth (P-value <0.05). In other hand, Down syndrome is correlated to autism or independency in children which has no relationship with cancer (P-value >0.05), but has significant relationship (P-value<0.05) with Psychological disorder Figure 1. The Natural killer cells and T and B cells are significantly correlated to immune response in children in particular in innate immunity and passive immune response taken from the colostrums and milk of the mother, which can protect them from infection and tumor, thereafter it revealed that tumor and factor that cause tumor growth is not significantly associate with immune system in children. T and B lymphocyte had known mechanism of exposition of tumor cells and other infectious agent when it is invading children and then through either Natural killer cells which has programmed death meachism or so called apoptosis it will automatically kills itself to protect the self form foreign antigens and infectious agent or either through the using of macrophages that using the mechanism of phagocytosis to infectious organism and clean non-self foreign bodies in immune system.


The statistical analysis has found that simulation of induced immunity and cancer have significant association with down syndrome (P-value<0.05) and has no significant association with happiness (P-value >0.05). Also the current case report revealed that the cancer caused by induced immunity derived from NK cell, CD8+ and B lymphocyte and their relation to happiness and down syndrome is not clearly understood, therefore it concluded that further studies and investigation is requested (Figure 2).

  1. De Pillis LG, Radunskaya AE, Wiseman CL (2005) A validated mathematical model of cellcellmediatedimmune response to tumor growth. Cancer Res 65: 7950-7958. Link:
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