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A healthy diet can cure pancreatitis

Gargi Panigrhi*

MSc Biotechnology, MITS School of Biotechnology, BBSR, Odisha, India
*Corresponding author: Gargi Panigrhi, MSc Biotechnology, MITS School of Biotechnology, BBSR, Odisha, India, E-mail:
Received: 15 December, 2019 | Accepted: 24 December, 2019 | Published: 26 December, 2019

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Gargi P (2019) A healthy diet can cure pancreatitis. Ann Pancreat Disord Treatm 3(1): 001-001. DOI: 10.17352/apdt.000007

Pancreases is a large gland in the back of belly and near to the small intestine, which causes the secretion of digestive juices in to the small intestine through a tube called pancreatic duct. It also releases hormones into the blood stream.

Pancreatitis is inflammation in the pancreas. Pancreatitis occurs when digestive enzymes become activated while still in the pancreas, irritating the cells of your pancreas and causing inflammation.

Pancreatitis are 2 Types acute and chronic. The causes of acute and chronic pancreatitis is almost similar. According to a medical study about 80-90% of acute and chronic pancreatitis is cause by Addiction of Alcohol and gallstones, and rest 20-30% cause by Hereditary, reactions of medication or surgery, and genetic variability in Intestine or Pancreas.

If the patient is having gallstones then by using the method of surgical process gallstones can be removed from gallbladder. If the Pancreatitis is caused by alcohol, the patient can be treated according to alcohol rehabilitation procedure. Acute Pancreatitis patients get admitted in hospitals and they receive intravenous fluid and Pain management. In severe case the patients are treated in ICU to avoid the damage of other organs.

Diet for pancreatitis

A healthy diet and healthy life is necessary to cure Pancreatitis. The 1st step is to cure nutrition and vitamin deficiency. One should maintain sugar levels and blood pressure, manage diabetes level, and avoid alcohol and smoking. For the recovery of Pancreatitis, if the patient follow a healthy diet, the pancreatitis will recover easily. The patient having chronic Pancreatitis are suffer from malnutrition so they have to eat more those food which contain vitamin B12,Vitamin D, Vitamin A, etc.

Foods useful in pancreatitis

Patient should eat highly nutrition and vitamin food. Patient are suggested to eat more fibres and vitamins, which is good for digestion and which will not cause gallstones. Patient are also suggested to eat antioxidant food to avoid infection and toxicity in pancreases. Suggested foods are Green Vegetables, Fruits, Vitamins, Plant Based food and Whole grains. The patient who are having pancreatitis should avoid alcohol because drinking alcohol may cause severe pancreatitis and most of the time it caused death of that patient. Patient having pancreatitis should avoid oily and deep fried food, butter, junk food and fast food.

We can easily prevent the pancreatitis with a healthy diet. If we should maintain a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle with exercise and yoga to protect us from this deadly and painful disease.

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