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The Lack of Love and Iron, The two causes of Alzheimer’s

Joan Manuel Rodriguez Nunez*

Geospatial Information Science Research Center, USA
*Corresponding author: Joan Manuel Rodriguez Nunez, Geospatial Information Science Research Center, USA, Tel: 1-809-578-4839; E-mail:
Received:22 May, 2019 | Accepted: 11 July, 2019 | Published: 12 July, 2019

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Rodriguez Nunez JM (2019) The Lack of Love and Iron, The two causes of Alzheimer’s. Ann Alzheimers Dement Care 3(1): 001-002. DOI: 10.17352/aadc.000006

Objective: By the lack of initiative by force (Faith) Iron man lives. Iron deficiency causes anemia, anemia causes dementia, Alzheimer dementia and Alzheimer’s produces cognitive impairment in memory produces bases. Well hear him. The Iron Will Alkaline, the answer is yes.

Methodology: On the basis of Love and the use of Iron and its allies, which are the B vitamins, Vitamin.

C, E and vitamin A. It is necessary to remember that there is to try to fight the greatest sustenance Anemia in all its contrarestantes.

Conclusion: The theory focuses on the oxygenation of the blood, which must be done, where the Warburg Alkaline Diet is demonstrated, among other factors it is necessary to emphasize the oxygenation that consists of the mental and physical, which is reduced in Sleeping correctly, Warburg Alkaline Diet, Drink Enough Water, Make Walks or Moderate Exercises, Comfort and Drink Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Complex B and Vitamin A. All this consists in Producing New Oxygen.

The deal with Love and Iron are the two causes of Alzheimer’s, since it brings together emotion and rationality in patients with Alzheimer’s. Fear is the emotional Cause, and the rational is the anemic part.

Here is going to show and demonstrate from a scientific point, why Love and Iron are the two causes of Alzheimer’s, mainly, Love is essential. They exist in many specific practices such as Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, etc ... They have focused on love as the root cause or Genesis of all things.

Here is going to show and demonstrate from a scientific point, why Love and Iron are the two causes of Alzheimer’s, mainly, Love is essential.

The main problem of patients with Alzheimer’s is The Apathy and Apathy is due to lack of love for someone.

This was received from a Mexican magazine, which focuses on these issues.

This was done in Mexico: Note this was taken from her investigation.

A That Is Often Observed trend in modern society is the lack of staff motivation, which has been called Apathy, the incidence of which extends to the MOST diverse fields and at different life stages [1].

Etymologically, the term «Apathy» is derived from the Latin Apathy, and the Greek, meaning «absence of passions, emotions, feelings or illness» (Royal Spanish Academy). THUS Apathy is defined as impassive courage and carelessness, laziness, lack of vigor or energy (Abbagnano) [2-7].

After this is another discovery made in the United States of America, with a similar procedure, everything focuses on the weakness of energy in Alzheimer’s patients.

ACCORDING to a study by the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, United States, May Apathy signal brain problems in older adults.

Researchers detail that apathy is an indicator that the brain shrinks faster than usual When you start the aging process, favors the development of other diseases as Parkinson which’s or such stroke. Even, According to information published in Livesciense, many brain diseases, Lenore J. Launer says, Neuroepidemiology chief at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda.

How much gray and white matter Have you?

In the research presented in the journal Neurology, the authors explain that gray matter is associated with memory, emotion and conscious thought, with the aim of Perceiving sensory information.

Meanwhile, white matter and brain regions Allows Communication between Connects them.

Meanwhile, Apathy is characterized by the lack of emotion, loss of interest activities, energy reduction and preference for staying home Instead of socializing. And there are publications that say that the majority of diseases are due to emotional rather than rational processes. Apathy is due to lack of communication association between patients with Alzheimer’s and their respective relatives. In this case the relatives have greater causes of association, for them.

Lack of Iron, and its vitamin allies

By the lack of initiative by force (Faith) Iron man lives. Iron deficiency causes anemia, anemia causes dementia, Alzheimer dementia and Alzheimer’s produces cognitive impairment in memory produces bases. Well hear him. The Iron Will Alkaline, the answer is yes.

In this sense it was due to emotional causes. Now another aspect that is the non-psychological treatment. Consisting of the Alcalinity of Doctor Otto Warburg, of the 31. It is necessary to synthesize that in a manuscript made by him, in 1912, he specified the treatment to the cancer cells on the basis of their oxygenation of the same ones, from there the Theory came out Oxygen or Warburg Alkalinity. El Hierro and Complejo B, are responsible for oxygen in the blood, all this is because this is due to Anemia, the lack of them. Later in 1954, the Doctor, Linus Pauling, discovered that vitamin C is the culprit of many diseases in this of the viruses and bacteria directed to our organisms. Vitamin C is also the biggest absorber of iron. In this, Vitamin E is finally determined, to complete the Anemias, which are due to lack of Iron, Vitamin C, Complex B, and Vitamin E, all the anemias are in these.

The problem of vitamin C and amyloid beta

This discovery was made during the course of 2011 and 2012, at the University of Lund, Sweden. In this we have that Vitamin C dissolves this bacterium in Alzheimer’s patients almost completely, it should be noted that it was not with the other ingredients.

Here is the discovery.

Look: Taking vitamin C with iron would not Have Beta-Amyloid.

Scientists at Lund University in Sweden found That Have vitamin C is able to dissolve the poisonous protein that causes the onset of Alzheimer’s in the brain. Biological Chemistry published in the Journal of progresses.

The Brains of People with Alzheimer amyloid plaques called piles presents, consisting of a conglomerate of another protein, beta-amyloid Known as. These plaques cause the death of nerve cells in the brain and the first nerves are That Attacked They are the center of memory.

When treating brain tissue of mice With Alzheimer’s vitamin C, You could see that the protein was dissolving “Said Katrin Mani, expert in Molecular Medicine, University of Lund Our results Demonstrate be a model formerly known as vitamin Cysts amyloid badges” I says .

Heart and brain healthy, look, please. Iron vitamin C does not produce beta-amyloid. Vitamin C helps absorb iron, and therefore does not produce BetaAmiloid.

With a healthy liver iron and vitamin C, we would have a healthy heart and a healthy brain. The liver is the main organ with more than 500 functions, the liver is MOST Have an iron. Whole blood leaving the stomach and intestines to the liver happens. The liver, decomposes and balances this blood, nutrients and metabolizes Also Creates drugs the body can use that RESULTING without poisonous. There are more than 500 vital functions of the liver. Liver, heart and brain healthy. If the liver is damaged, it will take damage to the heart and brain.

Collateral damage

The results are extremely promising, but we need more evidence to conclude whether these B vitamins in particular can reduce or prevent the development of Alzheimer’s. The answer is yes.

Complex B must join, to make changes, concentration (Vitamin E plus Complex B, with iron and Vitamin C and Vitamin A. This is taken from the University of Oxford study Oxygen deficiency in the blood it causes fatigue, weakness and headaches. The B complex vitamins several groups, some of which directly affect the functioning of the blood system and therefore help increase blood cells, and Vitamin C helps absorb iron in the blood.Vitamin A is used to a lesser extent, all studies have been Focused on these four vitamins, the treaty is to disappear based on Iron and its allies the effect of Anemia, since Iron constitutes 85 percent of the reduction of anemia, it and its vitamin assistants exterminate it.

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