Assessment of Sparus aurata (Gilthead Seabream) stock in Bardawil lagoon, southeast Mediterranean Sea
Ahmed El-Aiq, Mohamed Raaft, El-Dakar A Youssef, Salem M Ahmed, Ahmed M Al-Beak* and Kassem S Ahmed
Published On 30 Sep, 2021
Effect of Using Zornia glochidiata (shelini) Meal in Replacement of Wheat Bran on Lamb Performance and Feeding Cost Decreasing
Idris Adam Idris1, Mohamed Tagi Saed Kiir, Suleiman Eshag Mohamed Abdalla, Salah Basar Hammad Dahia, Jumaa Barram Jadalla and Mohammed Alhadi Ebrahiem*
Published On 29 Sep, 2021
Effect of deep-litter floor and battery cages system on the feed consumption and egg production rate of commercial Layers
Nura El Dikeir Kogoor, Jumma B Jadalla, Mahmoud Fadlelmoula Bakhit, Idris Adam Idris and Mohammed Alhadi Ebrahiem*
Published On 29 Sep, 2021
Unusual increase in the incidence of unilateral Optic Neuritis: Case presentation
Odalys Cáceres-Toledo, María Cáceres-Toledo*, Runse Zhao, Yeimi Carolina Laurencio, Yarlín La O-Lozano and Irinia Díaz-Ríos
Published On 28 Sep, 2021
Smart cities IOT & Digital network connectivity devices: Optimization on business in Africa
Yakubu Ajiji Makeri*, Victor Chang Xi’an Jiaotong, Ibrahim Abaker Targio Hashem, Afam Uzorka and Giuseppe T Cirella
Published On 25 Sep, 2021
Effects of feeding Ailanthus excelsa (Roxb.) leaves on desert lamb’s feed intake, nutrients digestibility and growth performance
Musa Ahmed Musa Tibin, Zahra Alfaki Alsharif, Yahia Ibrahim Mohammed Abutaba, Jumaa Barram Jadalla and Mohammed Alhadi Ebrahiem*
Published On 24 Sep, 2021
Evaluation of the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate in patients undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty by the Anterior Approach using a Rapid Recovery Protocol during a COVID-19 pandemic in a Public Hospital in the State of São Paulo
Marco Aurélio Silvério Neves, Victor Edmond Seid, Leandro Gregorut Lima, Gustavo Rocha Santos, Dimas Vicente Terra Santos, Bruno da Silva Ivo, Ivan Espuri and Barbara Fialho Carvalho Sampaio*
Published On 23 Sep, 2021
Alcohol and Handwritings
Ayushi Rana* Mahendra Verma and Munish Mishra
Published On 21 Sep, 2021
Comparison of level of mental stress between exercising and non-exercising undergraduate physical therapy students of LUMHS, Jamshoro
Sana Naqi, Kainat Faizan, Fayaz Chandio, Aadil Ameer Ali*, Shoaib Waqas, Suhani Bhatti and Aiman Bachani
Published On 18 Sep, 2021
Association of ulcerative colitis and IgA nephropathy: A case report
S Boulajaad*, M Haida, Ait Errami, S Oubaha, Z Samlani and K Krati
Published On 17 Sep, 2021
Tuberculosis in goats in Benoue area of North Cameroon: Prevalence, diagnostic performance of intradermal tuberculin skin test and zoonotic risk factors
Julius Awah-Ndukum*, Emmanuel Assana, Victor Ngu-Ngwa, Achille Olivier Tchedele, Mohamed Moctar Mouliom Mouiche, Jean-Pierre Kilekoung Mingoas and André Pagnah Zoli
Published On 17 Sep, 2021
In vivo activity of different feeding levels of Greater Celandine (Chelidonium Majus) extract on the growth performance and digestibility in broilers
Muhammad Usman Arain, Gulfam Ali Mughal, Shamsuddin Bughio, Muhammad Bilawal Arain*, Farman Siyal, Muhammad Ali Arain, Saba Nawaz Arain and Sarfraz Ali Vessar
Published On 15 Sep, 2021
Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorder in electricity lineman in city Faisalabad, Pakistan
Amna Noor, Umair Arif*, Sulman Aslam, Raees Sabir, Ammar Ahmad Sohail, Hareem Aslam, Mahnoor Ch and Syed Muhammad Ali raza
Published On 14 Sep, 2021
Pseudoaneurism of the brachial artery mimicking a soft tissue sarcoma: Case report
John Musubao Katsuva*, Simplice Kighoma Vuhaka and Sosthene Tsongo Vululi
Published On 14 Sep, 2021
Water pipe smoking among female in Iran : A survey Pattern of use, risk perception and environmental factors
Saeed Bashirian, Majid Barati, Manoochehr Karami, Behrooz Hamzeh and Elahe Ezati*
Published On 13 Sep, 2021
Miliary Tuberculosis and Infective Endocarditis
Harshil Gumasana* and Mansukh V Patel
Published On 08 Sep, 2021
Association of different Demographic characteristics with Hip Osteoarthritis patients attending the different Hospitals across the Karachi and Quetta
Aadil Ameer Ali*, Natasha Bhutto, Shahmeer Chandio, Shoaib Waqas, Ali Raza Khoso, Muhammad Rafique, Muhammad Ismail and Shanza Iqbal
Published On 08 Sep, 2021
Penetrating keratoplasty for the management of a severe idiopathic lipid keratopathy
Eirini Kaisari, Emmanouil Blavakis and Georgios Kymionis*
Published On 07 Sep, 2021
Bioinformatic analysis of metal transportomes from Mycobacteria Sp.
Shanti Kumari Lunavat, Jai Satya Gowri Gogada, Surya Satyanarayana Singh and Raghu Gogada*
Published On 07 Sep, 2021
Natural bee bread positively regulates lipid metabolism in rats
Zhen Li, Qiang Huang, Yibo Liu, Chengtao Peng and Zhijiang Zeng*
Published On 04 Sep, 2021
An insight of mucormycosis (black fungus) in ayurveda
Mohsina FP*, Faheem IP, Tabassum S, Shah I and Ahmad A
Published On 02 Sep, 2021


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