Identification of suitable location for construction of check dam in Manur water shedding area, Tirunelveli District
Gopikumar S*, Sundararajan S, Allwyn Kingsly Gladston J, Antony Vasantha Kumar C, Hari Babu K and Jeyakumar K
Published On 31 May, 2021
Dietary inclusion effect of ginger (Zingiber officinale) and garlic (Allium sativum) blend on growth, feed nutrients utilization and retention in African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fry in intensive system
Paulin Nyadjeu*, Noël Arlette Tamko Ndjuissi, Doriane Divine Mane Yemdjie, Nesrine Yolande Chamsy Dedou, Georges Fonkwa, Ghislain Nguimdop Nguenang and Minette Eyango Tabi-Tomedi
Published On 27 May, 2021
Supercritical fluids state of CO2 and its the technological performance
NR Barakaev, MT Kurbonov, BT Mukhamadiev and Fayzullayev Asqar*
Published On 27 May, 2021
The response of medical science education during COVID-19: Lessons for developing countries
Reza Dehnavieh, Hadiseh Darvishzadeh, Samira Emadi, Hoda Ramezanifar, Atieh Keshavarz and Khalil Kalavani*
Published On 26 May, 2021
The helical movement of sebum
José Mesquita-Guimarães*
Published On 26 May, 2021
Mitral Valve Syndrome in older patients with and without depression: A cross-sectional study
Grazia D’Onofrio*, Mariangela Pia Dagostino, Filomena Addante, Filomena Ciccone, Maria Grazia Longo, Michele Pacilli, Daniele Sancarlo, Michele Lauriola, Leandro Cascavilla and Antonio Greco
Published On 26 May, 2021
Role of perioperative Factor XIII in intracerebral hemorrhage after brain tumor surgery: A prospective study
Estela Val Jordan*, Agustín Nebra Puertas, Juan Casado Pellejero, Lluis Servia Goixart, Jorge Rubio Ruiz, Silvia Rodriguez Ruiz, Neus Montserrat Ortiz, Gabriel Jimenez Jimenez, Concepción Revilla López, Nuria Fernández Monsteirín, Manuel Quintana Díaz and Jesús Caballero López
Published On 25 May, 2021
Saliva as a source of antibodies for MMR vaccine screening in teenagers
Barbara Fialho Carvalho Sampaio*, Luciana Regina Meireles and Heitor Franco de Andrade
Published On 24 May, 2021
Smart wheel chair
Sarmad Hameed*, Muhammad Hamza Shoukat, Abdur Rafay Khan and Khwaja Mobeen Haroon
Published On 22 May, 2021
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on work capacities of researchers: An overlooked problem
Ferdinando D’Amico, Didier Mainard, Cedric Baumann and Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet*
Published On 21 May, 2021
Mold detection and environmentally friendly prevention technology for animal specimens
Zhang Rui*, Sunmei-Rong, Zeng Yayun, Chen Wei-Ling, Shang Zhuang Zhuang, Liu Yu, Wangkang, Cao Xiao-Min, Huang Xin-Yun, TANGJun-Yu, and LIANGQI-Zhao
Published On 21 May, 2021
Tuberculosis epidemiology in Cabo Verde from 2006 to 2016
Silvânia Da Veiga Leal*, Isaías Varela and Tomás Alves de Só Valdez
Published On 19 May, 2021
Total vertebrectomy through posterior approach for thoracic tumors
Jefferson Soares Leal*, Rogério Lúcio Chaves de Resende, Daniel Ferreira Ghedini, Leandro Vinícius Vital, Haroldo Oliveira de Freitas Júnior and Luiz Eduardo Moreira Teixeira
Published On 17 May, 2021
Tumor-associated macrophages: Shifting bad prognosis to improved efficacy in cancer therapies?
Guillaume Harlé, Janske Nel, Camille Corbier, Nadège Touche and Stéphanie Grandemange*
Published On 15 May, 2021
Acute Panmyelosis with Myelofibrosis: The Serpentine Road to Diagnosis
Celia Suriu, Andrei Braester* and Masad Barhoum
Published On 13 May, 2021
Leaders and Leadership
Ecler Jaqua* and Terry Jaqua
Published On 13 May, 2021
An empirical antibiotic approach to couple infertility: Is it effective
Pasquale Scarano, Andrea Fabiani*, Maria Pia Pavia and Giovanni Gison
Published On 11 May, 2021
Comparative evaluation of anti-depressant effects of Citalopram, Ketamine and their combination in animal models of depression: A potential anti-depressant?
Salim Sheikh, Pankaj Sonone, Veena Verma, Chakra Dhar Tripathi, Bushra Ahmed Karim* and Girish Gulab Meshram
Published On 11 May, 2021
Conservative management of gestational gigantomastia: A case report
Kamal El Moussaoui*, Anas Chenguiti Ansari, Aziz Baidada and Aicha Kharbach
Published On 10 May, 2021
Comparison of the effectiveness of proprioceptive and isometric exercises in Patients of knee osteoarthtitis: A randomized control trail
Sana Naqi, Aadil Ameer Ali*, Mahnoor Bugti, Naseebullah Sheikh, Muhammad Khan Bugti, Shahmeer Chandio, Amjad Hussain, Muhammad Ishque MR and Taufiq Ahmad
Published On 10 May, 2021
Parametric study for optimizing winglet efficiency and comparative analysis of aerodynamic performance of a wing with no winglet and with different types of winglets for lighter aircraft
Parametric study for optimizing winglet efficiency and comparative analysis of aerodynamic performance of a wing with no winglet and with different types of winglets for lighter aircraft
Published On 10 May, 2021
The effects of vitamin D, C, E and zinc supplementation in chronic non specific low back pain
Unal Mehmet*, Gulcelik Ertunc Gonul, Sezgin Burak Ahmet and Kocaturk Muammer
Published On 03 May, 2021
Penetrating pharynx wound reaching mediastinum. Which is the proper surgical approach?
Rivero Fernández I*, Montojo Woodeson J, Sanz Rodríguez M, García Fernández A and Gavilanes-Plasencia J
Published On 03 May, 2021
Islanded supraclavicular artery flap: A versatile flap for oral reconstruction
Farooq A Bhat, Bashir Ahmad Bhat* and Zahoor Ahmad Naikoo
Published On 03 May, 2021


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