A rare cause of chronic abdominal pain among children - A case report
Krisztina Csuzi*, Orsolya Boda, Robert Neumann and Gergely Peter Toth
Published On 31 Mar, 2021
Antipsychotics and neutropoenia: An update
Luis Menéndez Rodríguez*, Jose Angel Méndez Sánchez, Martin Menéndez Rodríguez, Antonio Iglesias Pérez, Santiago Fernández Blas and Maria Del Carmen Hernández Sánchez
Published On 29 Mar, 2021
The role of depressive symptoms in successful aging in older adults
Neyda Ma Mendoza-Ruvalcaba* and Elva Dolores Arias-Merino
Published On 25 Mar, 2021
Theoretical calculation of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) preparation of AlB12
Chao Wang*, Xiaoming Cao, Mengge Dong, Lu Zhang, Jianxing Liu, Xiaozhou Cao* and Xiangxin Xue*
Published On 23 Mar, 2021
Severe immune thrombocytopenic purple in children critical of SARS-CoV-2: Case report
Jesus Dominguez Rojas*, Mariela Tello Pezo, Álvaro Coronado Muñoz, Giancarlo Alvarado-Gamarra and Kenny Chonlon Murillo
Published On 23 Mar, 2021
Internal mammary node positivity and autologous mastectomy reconstruction: Implications for breast cancer treatment and aesthetic outcome
Brian P Dickinson*, Nikkie Vu-Huynh BS, Monica B Vu BS, Gregory Senofsky, Judy Pham RN, Ayushi Patel BS, Dennis R Holmes, Kelsey Shay, Rena Callahan and Peter Ashjian
Published On 23 Mar, 2021
Effect of weaning age on morphological and histological changes that occur in a rat’s testis
Yonatan Crispel*, Yonatan Danin, Geula Klorin and Ze’ev Hochberg
Published On 23 Mar, 2021
Gingival enlargements: A review
Anuja Namala, Dyamavva Halerolli, Preethi A Poonja, Prasanna Kumar Rao* and Raghavendra Kini
Published On 22 Mar, 2021
What is the best way to measure blood pressure?
Fernando Nobre* and Décio Mion Júnior
Published On 20 Mar, 2021
Adult-onset vanishing white matter disease presenting as dementia
Soreya Belarbi*, Selma Dounia Bensemmane, Imene Bouguerra, Meriem Ouali and Samira Makri Mokrane
Published On 20 Mar, 2021
How the myobrace appliance works: Advantages and disadvantages
Paola da Cunha Busquet, Desirée de Jesus Portelinha, Monica Lage da Costa and Viviane de Andrade Cancio de Paula*
Published On 19 Mar, 2021
Bernard Brusset*
Published On 19 Mar, 2021
Significant improvement of Age-Related Macular Degeneration with Melanin Precursors (QIAPI 1®). Case Report
Arturo Solís Herrera*, María del Carmen Arias Esparza and Martha P Solis-Arias
Published On 19 Mar, 2021
Review of beef cattle breeding research and achievements in Ethiopia
Tesfaye Alemu Tucho*, Tatek Woldu and Berhanu Shelima
Published On 19 Mar, 2021
First case series of clozapine induced hypogammaglobulinaemia in England
S Elkhalifa*, T Garcez, S Drinkwater, T Tan, P Vijayadurai, A Anantharachagan, A Herwadkar, H Alachkar and J Darroch
Published On 18 Mar, 2021
Functional progression in post-osteoporotic fracture: A case study
Sérgio Caseiro, Paula Rocha, Isabel Neves, Carlos Pontinha, Ana Rita Batista, Gina Monteiro, Luís Matos*, Filipe Cunha Santos, Ana Sofia Pinto, Sara Paiva Dinis, Joana Ferreira and Cláudia Vaz
Published On 17 Mar, 2021
Climatology and vulnerability to climate change in the “Altos de Jalisco” region, Mexico
Ramírez-Sánchez HU*, Fajardo-Montiel AL and García Guadalupe ME
Published On 16 Mar, 2021
Subvesical duct and hepaticocholecystic duct in one patient
Moon Soo Choi* and Heenkenda Kotakadeniya
Published On 16 Mar, 2021
Posterior aortopexy is the option
Abdullah Al-Shamrani* and Ahmed Elwy
Published On 13 Mar, 2021
Bacterial aetiology of pani sold with popular street food Chaat in Bengaluru
Vikyath Satish*, PM Giridhara Upadhyaya and MS Kalpashree
Published On 12 Mar, 2021
Study of a preoperative scoring system to predict difficult laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Md Ashraf Ali, Md Masleh Uddin*, Md Nehal Ahmad and Shakil Jawed
Published On 10 Mar, 2021
Do we really need nutraceutical liver support? Experimental effectiveness, risks and proven clinical benefits
Francesco Marotta*, Aldo Lorenzetti, Saida Rasulova, Baskar Balakrishnan, Anna Cabeca and Fang HE
Published On 10 Mar, 2021
Is it possible to perform molecular hybridization between acetaminophen and nitric oxide donor molecule?
João Gabriel Gouvêa-Silva, Leonardo Ribeiro Bernardo, Ygor Jessé Ramos* and Antônio José Calixto de Souza
Published On 09 Mar, 2021
Genetic mapping in crop plants
Temesgen Begna* and Husen Yesuf
Published On 08 Mar, 2021
Assess the awareness of COVID-19 among the physiotherapists working in different hospitals of Sindh, Pakistan: A cross sectional survey
Aadil Ameer Ali*, Sana Naqi, Muhammad Khan Bugti, Muhammad Rafeeq, Muhammad Ishaque M.R, Taufiq Ahmad, Amjad Hussain, Shabana Yasmeen and Hafsa Imtiaz Khokhar
Published On 08 Mar, 2021
Care under general anesthesia of patients with autistic spectrum
Paola da Cunha Busquet, Desirée de Jesus Portelinha, Monica Lage da Costa and Viviane de Andrade Cancio de Paula*
Published On 06 Mar, 2021
Anencephaly: Case report and literature review
Kamal El Moussaoui*, Sara El Bakkali, Ibrahim Ghrab, Aziz Baidada and Aicha Kharbach
Published On 05 Mar, 2021
Prognostic index to assess the risk of systemic right ventricular failure after atrial switch operation for transposition of the great arteries
Giselle Serrano Ricardo*, Adel Eladio González Morejón, Mariela Céspedes Almira, Yudith Escobar Bermúdez, Aydee Santamarina Fernández and Tania Rosa González Rodríguez
Published On 03 Mar, 2021
Tips and tricks in femoropopliteal lesions
Hüsnü Değirmenci* and Eftal Murat Bakirci
Published On 03 Mar, 2021
Biological implications of atmospheric and pedospheric levels of heavy metals
Abolanle A A Kayode*, Muhammad Akram, Umme Laila, Omar Ali Al-Khashman, Omowumi T. Kayode and Walaa Fikry Mohammed Elbossaty
Published On 03 Mar, 2021
EBV-positive mucocutaneous ulcer arising in a post-hematopoietic cell transplant patient: A difficult diagnosis
Mariateresa Giaimo*, Lucia Prezioso, Benedetta Cambò, Benedetta Dalla Palma, Federica Falcioni, Amelia Rinalidi, Alessandro Tafuni, Gianluca Di Rienzo, Valerio Copelli, Pellegrino Crafa and Daniele Vallisa
Published On 02 Mar, 2021
Overdenture: An alternative treatment for oral rehabilitation in patients with early childhood caries
Márcia Alves Pereira dos Santos, Liz Helena Moraes Pinheiro, Rafael de Lima Pedro*, Lívia Azeredo Alves Antunes and Laura Guimarães Primo
Published On 01 Mar, 2021


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