COVID-19 IGG better than PCR for the green pass
Damsa Cristian* and Damsa Tomas
Published On 20 Jul, 2021
Spinal Muscular Atrophy - The disease and its treatments
Kyra Y. Chen*
Published On 17 Jul, 2021
Global role of plant breeding in tackling climate change
Temesgen Begna*
Published On 16 Jul, 2021
Dirac spinor’s transformation under Lorentz mappings
J Yaljá Montiel-Pérez, J López-Bonilla* and VM Salazar del Moral
Published On 15 Jul, 2021
Determining the chlorine kinetic behavior in surface water using evolutionary metaheuristic algorithms
Farhad Mahmoudi Jalali, Seyyed Roohollah Masoomi, Mostafa Azizi, Reza Aghlmand, Mohammad Gheibi* and Zahra Kian
Published On 14 Jul, 2021
How and what we eat impact our environment
Rafael de Freitas Juliano and Jonathan Ballico de Moraes*
Published On 14 Jul, 2021
Chemical and physical stability of selected drugs for aerosol therapy with Sirmione thermal water
Francesco Saverio Robustelli della Cuna*, Carlo Sturani, Sarah Galfrè, Luisa Gervasio, Cristina Sottani and Elena Grignani
Published On 10 Jul, 2021
A Twin-Herbal Combination was found to have Cardio-Vascular Protection Effects after repeated RCTs on four groups of patients with Different Disease Background A Cross-Biostatical Study
William KF Cheng, Ping Chook, KS Woo, Timothy CY Kwok, Bryan PY Yan, Johnny CM Koon and Ping-Chung Leung*
Published On 07 Jul, 2021
Assessment of the role of multimodality imaging for treatment volume definition of intracranial ependymal tumors: An original article
Ferrat Dincoglan, Omer Sager*, Selcuk Demiral and Murat Beyzadeoglu
Published On 06 Jul, 2021
Web application: Contribute to environment conservation
Pralhad R Gavali, Vrushabh Kupwade, Mayuri Kulkarni* and Sumit Vajarinkar
Published On 06 Jul, 2021
Nasopharyngeal space in patients with vertical growth pattern and different anterior posterior malocclusions
Alireza Haerian, Mohammad Hossein Toodehzaeim, Elaheh Rafiei, Firoozehsadat Aghaei and Pooya Fadaei Tehrani*
Published On 05 Jul, 2021
Research status and prospect of MOF composites in the field of electrochemical sensing
Mengtian Deng, Pingping Penga and Zhenzhong Guoa*
Published On 03 Jul, 2021
The application of unsupervised machine learning to optimize water treatment membrane selection
Khaled Younes*, Omar Mouhtady and Hamdi Chaouk
Published On 03 Jul, 2021
Numerical investigations for flow past two square rods in staggered arrangement through Lattice Boltzmann method
Raheela Manzoor*, Tehmina Naz, Maliha Jalil, Sajida Perveen, Rahila Akbar, Yasmeen Akhtar and Neelam Panezai
Published On 03 Jul, 2021
Supplementation of rams with dried Acacia Saligna (Labil) H.L. Wendi. leaves improve reproductive performance without compromising carcass quality
Gebreslassie Gebru, Yayneshet Tesfay, Gurja Belay and Gebregiorgis Ashebir
Published On 01 Jul, 2021
Over-the-counter medicine (Seirogan) containing wood creosote kills Anisakis larvae
Kou Matsuoka and Tatsuomi Matsuoka*
Published On 01 Jul, 2021
Anatomical and Technical Considerations of "Dual Subsartorial Block" (DSB), A Novel Motor-sparing Regional Analgesia Technique for Total Knee Arthroplasty
Kartik Sonawane*, Hrudini Dixit, Tuhin Mistry and J. Balavenkatasubramanian
Published On 01 Jul, 2021
Time to pay attention: Elder abuse in the COVID-19 Pandemic Era
Nader Aghakhani, Kazhal Mobaraki, Marzieh Hossini and Jamal Ahmadzadeh*
Published On 01 Jul, 2021
Use of reconstruction plate and intramedullary pin for repair of a tibiotarsus fracture in a red-legged seriema (Cariama cristata, Linnaeus, 1766): Case report
Michelle Colpani Fernandes, André Luis Mota da Costa, Thais Fernanda da Silva Machado Camargo, Lourenço Candido Cotes, Flávia Paiffer, Luan de Souza Santos, Reinaldo Caetano Silva and Rodrigo Hidalgo Friciello Teixeira*
Published On 01 Jul, 2021

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