Efficacy of cognitive restructuring technique on adjustment of social isolates in a sample of nigerian secondary school adolescences
Damian Chijioke Ncheke, Nneka Nwosu*, Nkechi Theresa Egenti, Esther E Enajedu, Moses Onyemaechi Ede, Sunday S Umah, GN Omeje and FA Ugwu
Published On 27 Feb, 2021
Behavioral impairments and biochemical alterations in brain following exposure to WiFi radiation and aluminum in rats
Haifa Othman*, Mariem Tanazefti, Mohsen Sakly, Hafedh Abdelmelek and Mohamed Ammari
Published On 26 Feb, 2021
A review on nanotechnology and its application in modern veterinary science
Kalkidan Mamo Woldeamanuel, Fufa Abunna Kurra and Yonas Tolosa Roba*
Published On 25 Feb, 2021
Attitude of rabies among dog bite victims in Srinagar, Kashmir
Namera Thahaby*, Afzal Hoque Akand, Shabeer Ahmed Hamdani, Abdul Hai Bhat, Sanobar Rasool, Niha Ayman and Shiekh Shubeena
Published On 23 Feb, 2021
From lasik to smile: Time to change laser refractive surgery
Roberto Bellucci*, Simonetta Morselli and Carlo Bellucci
Published On 23 Feb, 2021
Prevalence and associated factors of elevated blood pressure in adolescents in schools in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo
Placide Kambola Kakoma, Emmanuel Kiyana Muyumba, Clarence Kaut Mukeng, Jaques Mbaz Musung, Jeef Paul Banze, Christian Ngama Kakisingi, Dophra Ngoy Nkulu and Olivier Mukuku*
Published On 23 Feb, 2021
Effect of percutaneous coronary intervention in diabetic patients with non-ST elevated myocardial infarction
MSI Tipu Chowdhury*, Sadia Sultana, MD. Syedul Alam Kuryshi, Zahidul Mostafa and Mohammad Khurshadul Alam
Published On 23 Feb, 2021
Return to Former Activities of Daily Living for Cardiovascular Patients in COVID-19
Muharrem Said Cosgun, Cansu Cosgun and Husnu Degirmenci*
Published On 20 Feb, 2021
Spatial distribution of heavy metal concentrations surrounding a cement factory and its effect on Astragalus gossypinus and wheat in Kurdistan Province, Iran
Bahram Gholinejad*, Sardar Mehrju, Isa Bandak, Khaled Osati, Farshid Ghorbani and Asghar Farajollahi
Published On 20 Feb, 2021
Preparation of Aluminium dodecaboride (AlB12) powder by Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS)
Chao Wang*, Xiaoming Cao, Mengge Dong, Lu Zhang, Jianxing Liu, Xiaozhou Cao and Xiangxin Xue*
Published On 18 Feb, 2021
Results of a preliminary study on the effects of a compound on telomeres length, biological and physiological parameters
Christophe de Jaeger*, Carla Lamberti, Virginie Van Leeuwen, Elena Voronska and Saskia Kruiskamp
Published On 17 Feb, 2021
A rare case of concomitant acute occlusion of left main coronary artery and right coronary artery with characteristic electrocardiographic pattern
Thilina Jayasekara*, Hansa Sooriyagoda, Dayananda Balasooriya, Indika Wickramatunga, Lakshman Bandara, Arulkumar Jegavanthan, Ghanamoorthi Mayurathan, Subhashini Jayawickreme, Ajith Kularatne and Thilakshi Abeysinghe
Published On 15 Feb, 2021
Pregabalin overdose causing sinus bradycardia – A rare complication
Rajesh Kumar*, Jathinder Kumar, Ihtisham Malik and Gordon Pate
Published On 15 Feb, 2021
Prenatally diagnosed patent urachus with bladder prolapse: Case Report and review of the literature
Stanislaw Warchol*, Sylwia Slomska, Tomasz Roszkowski and Teresa Dudek-Warchol
Published On 12 Feb, 2021
Biofuels and biochemicals from biomass
Indra Neel Pulidindi and Aharon Gedanken*
Published On 11 Feb, 2021
A rare case of ciprofloxacin-induced cholestatic hepatits in the newborn
Mohamed Sellouti*, Karima Laarbi Ouassou, Abdelhakim Ourrai, Amale Hassani, Rachid Abilkassem and Aomar Agadr
Published On 11 Feb, 2021
Nanovesicles of cholesterol-free enable malignant tumor-specific magnetic resonance imaging
Zhilin Zhang, Guochao Nie*, Yunting Deng, Lonli Song, Wangqiang Wei, Huali Li, Mengfei Lu, Dongxian Qin and Yulin Yan*
Published On 10 Feb, 2021
CXCR4 and RANK Combination as a Predictor of Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis in Indonesia
Erwin D Yulian*, Sonar S Panigoro, Bajuadji Sudijono, Walta Gautama, Primariadewi Rustamadji and Ricky Dosan
Published On 10 Feb, 2021
COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2: Despite the vaccination, new targets/drugs for treatment and the virus cycle mechanisms still have to be continually investigated
Victor GO Evangelho, Camila F Mattos, Marcia R Amorim, Juliana S Novais, Marcos K Veiga, Murilo L Bello* and Helena C Castro*
Published On 10 Feb, 2021
COVID-19 screening-A report from a fever clinic in Shenzhen, China
Shihua He, Yu Qiu, Donghua Jiang, Caixing Huang, Kuanlong Huang, Shaofen Huang, Winston Dunn* and Chuanghong Wu*
Published On 09 Feb, 2021
Application of nano based drug delivery channel against leukemia chemotherapeutic resistance
Rahul Bhattacharjee*, Olabimtan Olabode H, Ochigbo Victor and Samuel Florence
Published On 09 Feb, 2021
Effect of intraoperative radiotherapy for patients with low-risk early-stage breast cancer
Diego Carreño*, Camila Quirland, Pedro Ferrer, Luz María González and Badir Chahuán
Published On 05 Feb, 2021
Perception of community-based health insurance scheme in Ogun State, Nigeria
Adeneye AK*, Musa AZ, Afocha EE, Adewale B, Ezeugwu SMC, Yisau J, Raheem TY, Akande DO, Akinremi AO, Runsewe OA and Mafe MA
Published On 04 Feb, 2021
Sustainable development of urban agglomeration industrial layout based on big data and deep learning
Renzhou Gui*, Huilin Zheng, Tongjie Chen, Chuan Pang and Chengkun Liu
Published On 03 Feb, 2021
Analysis of Effectiveness of Treatment of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction in Patients with Computer Vision Syndrome
Kavitha Chikkanayaknahalli Venugopal, Pavana Acharya, Shruthi Kavinamoole* and Spoorti Mundinamani
Published On 03 Feb, 2021


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