Contribution to the improvement of cotton seed storage at the new textile and cotton industrial company (SN-CITEC) in Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso
Kiessoun Konaté*, Dominique Ouryagala Sanou, Balamoussa Santara and Mamoudou Hama Dicko
Published On 30 Oct, 2020
Educational social networking services: The case of edmodo in the teaching practice
Nafsika Tegousi and Vasileios Drakopoulos*
Published On 30 Oct, 2020
Chickenpox infection in children, action to take
H Bruel* and D Pinquier
Published On 30 Oct, 2020
ACEi to ARNi: “The Switch” An Evidence Based Review
Yusuf Hassan*, Zahra Hassan, Ayesha Hassan, Asad A Saleem and Waqas Ahmed
Published On 30 Oct, 2020
The future of elder care in Italy in COVID-19 pandemic times: Socio-economic considerations
Chiara Bugari*and Giovanni Lamura
Published On 29 Oct, 2020
Determining the tracheal tube size by echography
Hector R Diaz Aguila*
Published On 29 Oct, 2020
Does personalized embryo transfer based on era improve the outcomes in patients with thin endometrium and Rif in Self Versus Donor Programme?
Priya Selvaraj*, Kamala Selvaraj, Mahalakshmi Sivakumar, Hamini Chandrasekar and Valarmathi Srinivasan
Published On 28 Oct, 2020
Drug prevalence and comparison interaction between numbers of patients admitted at two teaching hospitals; Quetta, Pakistan
Abdul Qadeer, Abdul Wahid, Asad Khan*, Hafsa Kanwal and Muhammad Rasool
Published On 28 Oct, 2020
Maize technology popularization in selected Agricultural Growth Program-II districts of Harari region and Dire Dawa administration
Ibsa Aliyi Usmane*, Abdulaziz Teha, Nasir Siraj and Oromiya Magersa
Published On 28 Oct, 2020
Cystic Fibrosis Mini Review
Baran Ezequiel*
Published On 28 Oct, 2020
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation through bone densification
Kelly Zaia Barel* and Paulo Sérgio Zaidan Maluf
Published On 27 Oct, 2020
Selecting patients for treatment with immunotherapy: Our experience in a resource-deprived economy
Gabriel Chianakwana*, Amobi Egwuonwu, Christian Okoli, Eric Ihekwoaba, Dickson Emegoakor, Henry Nzeako, Evaristus Afiadigwe and Dan Anyiam
Published On 27 Oct, 2020
Gastric Volvulus – A Rare Entity
Atta Ur Rehman*, Mobeen Ikram and Abdul Rauf
Published On 27 Oct, 2020
Microendoscopy-assisted extraforaminal lumbar interbody fusion for treating single-level spondylodesis
Motohide Shibayama, GuangHua Li*, LiGuo Zhu, Zenya Ito and Fujio Ito
Published On 27 Oct, 2020
A multidisciplinary clinic for Filipino patients with skeletal dysplasia: Opportunities and Challenges
Maria Melanie Liberty B Alcausin, Ebner Bon G Maceda*, Gracia Cielo E Balce, Joycie Eulah H Abiera and Maria Glorian B Tomen
Published On 24 Oct, 2020
Pathologic basis of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) – An overview of cellular affinities, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, autopsy findings and sequelae
Ochuko Orakpoghenor*, Talatu Patience Markus, Jamila Abdulhamid Atata, Juwon Pius Erin, Olushola Samuel Olaolu, Collins Chimezie Udechukwu, Ngozi Ejum Ogbuagu, Kelvin Olutimilehin Jolayemi, Magdalene Ogbonneya Okoronkwo and Bala Ningi Umar
Published On 23 Oct, 2020
Tailing dumps of the tyrnyauz tungsten–molybdenum mining and processing complex: Current state and outlooks
NS Bortnikov, AG Gurbanov and Alexander Y Dokuchaev*
Published On 23 Oct, 2020
Metallothioneins in Earthworms: The Journey So Far
Ogunlaja Aemere*, Vikas Sharma and Johnson Lin
Published On 23 Oct, 2020
The effect of aquatic and land exercises on pain, health related quality of life, kinesiophobia and disability in chronic low back pain: A randomized clinical trial
Nilay Çömük Balci*, Ayça Aytar, Emine Atici, Gülşen Taşkin, Mustafa Gülşen and Mert Demirsoz
Published On 22 Oct, 2020
Renal infarction due to ascending aortic thrombus: A case report
Beliz Oztok Tekten* and Mustafa Hizal
Published On 21 Oct, 2020
A new cytotype for the El Carrizo deer mouse Peromyscus ochraventer
Irma Urbina Sánchez, María de los Angeles Aguilar Santamaría* and Gerardo López-Ortega M
Published On 21 Oct, 2020
Brain Tumor: An overview of the basic clinical manifestations and treatment
Abolanle AA Kayode*, Amina Shahzadi, Muhammad Akram, Hina Anwar, Omowumi T Kayode, Omowumi O Akinnawo and Sunday O Okoh
Published On 20 Oct, 2020
Delayed percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube removal in patients with oropharyngeal carcinoma
John T Lucas, Rita Poon, Scott Finlay, Ryan Anderson, Mac Robinson, Ralph D’Agostino, Kathryn M Greven and Mercedes Porosnicu*
Published On 20 Oct, 2020
Effects of clarified açai (Euterpe oleracea Mart) supplementation on oxidative stress markers in hemodialysis patients: A randomized, controlled pilot study
Isabelle Christine Vieira da Silva Martins, Denise Mafra, Hervé Rogez, Maria Conceição Nascimento Pinheiro, Keuri Eleutério Rodrigues, Barbarella de Matos Macchi, Andréa Dias Reis, Bruna Regis Paiva, Jessyca Sousa de Brito, Greicielle Santos da Silva, Abner Ariel da Silva Lima, Luís Claúdio Santos Pinto and José Luiz Martins Nascimento*
Published On 20 Oct, 2020
Promoting resilience among expectant and parenting youth in California during the COVID-19 pandemic
Yalda Toofan, Lia Cassanego, Shira Rutman and Kathleen P Tebb*
Published On 19 Oct, 2020
Assessment of sanitary status of food and drinks catering establishments: A descriptive observational study in south East Asmara, Eritrea, 2019
Idris M Idris*, Samuel J Wolday, Amanuel T Ghebremariam, Habtom Kidane, Misgina Leake, Hagos Milkias and Kahsay Ghebremichael
Published On 19 Oct, 2020
Influence of Intra-ductal Carcinoma on Clinical Outcomes in Men with Prostate Cancer: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Jatinder Kumar*, Muhammad Umar Alam, Karthik Tanneru, Shiva Gautam, Daniel Norez, Charu Shastri, Joseph Costa, Mark Bandyk, Hariharan Palayapalayam Ganapathi, Shahriar Koochekpour, Sanjeev Shukla and KC Balaji
Published On 17 Oct, 2020
An astrobiological theorem
David A Steinberg*
Published On 17 Oct, 2020
Expression profile of immunological and vascular mediators in an unusual case of paravertebral primary cutaneous non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Jeane Sousa Ribeiro, Uener Ribeiro dos Santos, Izaltina Silva-Jardim, Jane Lima dos Santos and Juneo Freitas Silva*
Published On 17 Oct, 2020
Nav channels in cancers: Non-classical roles
Hengrui Liu*
Published On 15 Oct, 2020
Lung cavitation-a rare complication in COVID-19 patients: A case report
Bhoomi Angirish* and Ketan Parmar
Published On 15 Oct, 2020
Effects of neck muscle vibration on subjective visual vertical in an altered visual frame of reference
Christopher A Malaya* and Charles S Layne
Published On 15 Oct, 2020
Electronic Fans: A pathogen reservoir and potential cross-contamination source
Vance Bergeron*, Amine Metahni and Francis Derouin
Published On 15 Oct, 2020
Reaching Out: Supporting Families and Carers Bereaved During COVID-19
Barbara von Barsewisch*, Su Yin Yap and Bernie Byrne
Published On 13 Oct, 2020
Impact of spatial patterns on arthropod assemblages following natural dune stabilization under extreme arid conditions
Ittai Renan, Amnon Freidberg, Elli Groner and Pua Bar Kutiel*
Published On 13 Oct, 2020
Study of biochemical profile in tubercular pleural and peritoneal effusion in the sub-himalayan region patients
Kiran Gupta, Ashraf Ali Khan, Tariq Masood and Waseem Feeroze Bhat*
Published On 13 Oct, 2020
Surveillance Computed tomography scan– Is there a role at five years in post curative resection of colorectal cancer?
Ishani Mukhopadhyay*, Dariush Kamali and Venkatesh Shanmugam
Published On 10 Oct, 2020
Invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the conjunctiva
Sonda Kammoun, Mona Rekik*, Saloua Ben Amor and Jamel Feki
Published On 08 Oct, 2020
Impact of COIVD19 on our Ecology in India
Suresh K*
Published On 07 Oct, 2020
Dieulafoy’s Lesion Associated with Megaesophagus
Valdemir José Alegre Salles*, Rafael Borges Resende, Gustavo Seiji, and Rodrigo Correia Coaglio
Published On 07 Oct, 2020
Neonatal and infantile abuse in a family settings
Giulio Perrotta*
Published On 06 Oct, 2020
Suggestion of Terminology in COVID-19
Li Liu and Yumin Huang-Link*
Published On 06 Oct, 2020
Talent Recruiting Innovations and High Start-Ups
Sehar Shahzad Farooq*, Irfan Mehmood and Soon Ki Jung
Published On 06 Oct, 2020
Tumor-stroma cross talk and platelets: Curse of cancers
Ashok Vikey*
Published On 06 Oct, 2020
Dissolution testing of prolonged-release tablets using experimental design approach
Blagica Manchevska*, Filip Smilcevski, Maja H Gigovska, Packa Antovska and Sonja Ugarkovic
Published On 06 Oct, 2020
Biomaterials for the rehabilitation of bone and teeth tissues from the sequelae of oral trauma
Mayra de la C Pérez Álvarez* and Amisel Almirall La Serna
Published On 06 Oct, 2020
The SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, a school case for public health
Philippe Chossegros*
Published On 05 Oct, 2020
Nutritional and Health Benefits of Donkey Milk
Bhairav Prasad*
Published On 03 Oct, 2020
Welcoming protocol in the maximum restriction of the emergency department of a tertiary hospital in Brazil
Juliane Martin Prestes, Allant Silva Klein, Alexandra Jochims Kruel, Angelise Maria Martins, Carolina Ritter Ribeiro and Fernando Anschau*
Published On 03 Oct, 2020
Methamphetamine-Related Psychiatric Symptoms with Special Reference to COVID-19 Issues
Valerie Yarema MSW* and David Wellisch
Published On 03 Oct, 2020
Educate the correct way of urination in western-style toilet
Satoshi Iwase*
Published On 01 Oct, 2020
An alternative strategy for studying emerging atypical porcine pestivirus
Xujiao Ren, Xueyan Liu, Jianglong Li, Huanchun Chen, Xiangmin Li and Ping Qian*
Published On 01 Oct, 2020
Purulent pleurisy in children
Mouad Fatima Zahra*, Elmoussaoui S, Elfakiri K, Rada N, Draiss G, Soraa N and Bouskraoui M
Published On 01 Oct, 2020

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