Current approach to contrast nephropathy
Hüsnü Değirmenci*, Eftal Murat Bakırcı and Hikmet Hamur
Published On 28 Nov, 2020
The Prevalence of Left ventricular hypertrophy as a feature of Hypertensive Heart Disease in A Tertiary Hospital in Tanzania: An Echocardiographic Registry Study
Henry Anselmo Mayala*, Delila Kimambo, Engerasiya Julius Kifai, Siza J Ngomero, Abuu Abdallah Dalidali, Paskal Elia Kondi, Gerson Imael Mpondo, Saada A Salum, Pedro Pallangyo and Mohamed Janabi
Published On 28 Nov, 2020
Lidocaine in prevention of pain on propofol anesthetic induction: A randomized double-blinded clinical trial to estimate the magnitude of the effect
Luíza Buffon, Alexandre C Buffon*, Paulo Freitas, Nazaré O Nazário, Jefferson Traebert and Anna Paula Piovezan
Published On 27 Nov, 2020
Arterial hypertension in children with Williams-Beuren syndrome
Novo Marta, Loureiro Marília* and Rocha Liliana
Published On 27 Nov, 2020
Public policy support for agroecology in Latin America: Lessons and perspectives
Jean-François Le Coq, Éric Sabourin*, Muriel Bonin, Sandrine Fréguin Gresh, Jacques Marzin, Paulo Niederle, Maria Mercedes Patrouilleau and Luis Vásquez
Published On 27 Nov, 2020
True collision renal tumour of oncocytoma and papillary Renal cell carcinoma: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Krzysztof Stempel*, Ali Bencherki, Nils Tedehammar, Erik Sagen and Saad Elzanaty
Published On 27 Nov, 2020
In silico and in vitro investigations of antihelmintic activities of selected approved drugs
Christopher Arinze Agube*, Daniel Lotanna Ajaghaku and Ikemefuna Chijioke Uzochukwu
Published On 27 Nov, 2020
Dyslipidemia in coronavirus disease 2019 pneumonia patients
Peng Cao, Sanlan Wu, Tingting Wu, Qilin Zhang, Rui Zhang and Yu Zhang*
Published On 26 Nov, 2020
Wake Up America and Save Lives!!! Move the Drunk Driving Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Cut-off to 0.05%!!!
Tylor Zohr, Edison Nwobi, Tariq Masri-zada, Jessica Andrews, Tyiesha Head, Dima Awad, Medina Sareini, Doreen Head and Randall Commissaris*
Published On 26 Nov, 2020
Phytochemicals screening, cytotoxicity and antioxidant activity of the Origanum majorana growing in Casablanca, Morocco
Hanane Ennaji*, Dounia Chahid, Saadia Aitssi, Abdallah Badou, Naima Khlil and Samir Ibenmoussa
Published On 26 Nov, 2020
The Future of Robots in a Super-Aged Society
Ala Szczepura*, Toshio Nomura and Deidre Wild
Published On 26 Nov, 2020
Corallivory and algal dynamics on some coral reefs in the Persian Gulf
Javid Kavousi*, Parviz Tavakoli-Kolour and Sanaz Hazraty-Kari
Published On 26 Nov, 2020
Diode laser for excisional biopsy of a peripheral ossifying fibroma: A case report
Vlachos Emmanouil, Gkouzoula Despina and Fourmousis Ioannis*
Published On 25 Nov, 2020
Novel Applications of Anticoagulation with Bivalirudin in Cardiac Surgery
R Pradeep Kumar*, S Murugan, Rajkumar MC, Joseph Chacko, Jasmine, Arun Vijayakumar and A Nazer
Published On 25 Nov, 2020
Epitope Based Vaccine Designing- A mini review
Sunil K Arora* and Aryandra Arya
Published On 24 Nov, 2020
Steroid Treatment in Hematologic Patients with COVID-19: Experience of 2 cases
Jlal Bathish, Ayat Zabida, Lihie Eisenberg, Lee Cohen Ben-Meir and Aliza Zeidman*
Published On 24 Nov, 2020
A Hazard Analysis Method for Embedded Control Software with STPA
Masakazu Takahashi*, Yunarso Anang and Yoshimich Watanabe
Published On 23 Nov, 2020
The effect of low-pressure blast-wave exposure on middle aged rats
Galya Herzog, Amitai Zuckerman, Omri Ram, Michael A Matar, Zeev Kaplan, Amir B Geva, Oren Sadot and Hagit Cohen*
Published On 23 Nov, 2020
Advances in Cholangiocarcinoma Treatment in the Personalized Medicine Era
Kathrin Dvir, Gliceida M Galarza Fortuna, Nathaly Cortez, Veronica Guerra and Mike Cusnir*
Published On 23 Nov, 2020
Eumelanic coloration and age interact to influence breath rate following a boldness test in urban pigeons
Sophie Dupont, Emmanuelle Baudry, Pauline Juette and Julien Gasparini*
Published On 18 Nov, 2020
The comparative assessment of the of the effectiveness of immediate and delayed dental implantation
Gagik Hakobyan*, Lazar Esayan, Davit Hakobyan, Gagik Khachatryan and Gegham Tunyan
Published On 18 Nov, 2020
Cumulus-oocyte developmental competence: From morphological selection to molecular markers
Nasser Ghanem*, Romysa Samy, Dalia Abd-El Rahman Ahmed, Beshoy SF Khalil, Eman Kh Kassab, Md Fakruzzamana and Kong IK
Published On 17 Nov, 2020
Pregnancy with active Takayasu’s arteritis: A medical challenge
Manu Goyal, Neha Agrawal*, Pratibha Singh and Shafaq Bhandari
Published On 17 Nov, 2020
Going Along the Direction of Trained Immunity - a Herbal Supplement for the Prevention of Respiratory Infection
Ben CL Chan, Ping-Chung Leung*, William KF Cheng, Zhixiu Lin, Edwin CL Yu, Ida MT Chu, Ping Chook, Carmen YS Fong and Chun-Kwok Wong
Published On 10 Nov, 2020
Atypical Fibroadenoma Presentation of a Case
Juana Teresa Santiago Pérez*, José Miguel González Barcena, Yuranis Gárciga Martin and Yahumara Suarez Morales
Published On 10 Nov, 2020
Preservation of capsular transparency and geometrical consistency in cataract surgery using a novel intracapsular ring
Ahmed Elmassry, Onurcan Sahin, Loukia Leonidou*, Dimitris Liakopoullos, Harilaos Ginis, Aristophanis Pallikaris and Ioannis Pallikaris
Published On 09 Nov, 2020
What we Learned from Covid19 on behalf of Hospital Management?
Malhan S*, Torgay A, Kavuncubası S, Alzhanov S, Kikimbayeva R, Malchenko V, Zhunussov Y and Haberal A
Published On 07 Nov, 2020
Vaccination in India: An Insight
Avishek Das and Tapas Kumar Chaudhuri*
Published On 06 Nov, 2020
Eosinophilic enterocolitis: A rare nosological entity
K Krati, Y Lemfadli*, I Boujguenna and H Rais
Published On 06 Nov, 2020
Assessing the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the environment: A correlation or causation?
Sikpaam Issaka Alhassan, Justice Delali Akoto, Michael Ackah, Stephen Mintah, Feiping Zhao and Haiying Wang*
Published On 06 Nov, 2020
Processing of Semantic Ambiguity Based on Words Ontology
A Abou Shousha, Samir Hamada*, Salwa Hamada and Mohammad Alshibli
Published On 05 Nov, 2020
Mitochondrial disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and cutaneous lupus in an infant with food hypersensitivity
E Estrada-Reyes*, D Lopez-Gallegos, E Faugier-Fuentes, M Pardo-Castañeda, E Barragán- Perez, I Nuñez-Barrera, M Sanchez-Ruiz, S Nuñez-Barrera and G Ramon-Garcia
Published On 04 Nov, 2020
Coronavirus disease (covid-19) and public health issues in developing countries-focus on biomedical waste management
Kuljeet Singh Anand*, Bhuwan Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Mahajan, Sanjeet Panesar and Prachi Dubey
Published On 02 Nov, 2020

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