Clinically important differences with standard medications used for the breakthrough pain in a hospital at home unit for patients with advanced cancer
Vicente Ruiz-García*, Bernardo Valdivieso-Martínez, Elisa Soriano-Melchor, Mónica Albert-Coll, Rosalía Domènech-Clar, Rosa Navarro-Villanueva, Ana Torrego-Giménez, Sylvia Bort-Martí, Nuria Garrido-Rodríguez and Ángela Piqueras-Espallargás
Published On 31 Dec, 2020
Knowledge and perception of community health volunteers of family planning services towards COVID-19 Disease
Jennifer Anyanti, Anthony Nwala, Chinedu Edward Onyezobi*, Emmanuel Ekerrete Udoh, Hasiya Ahmadu and Raymond Songo
Published On 31 Dec, 2020
Synthesis and assessment of the bio pesticides from excerpts of tobacco, for the reduction of the agricultural pollution
Chitack Fokam Richard*, Tcheumi Hervé, Miantsia Olivier and Tzété Nathalie Sandrine
Published On 30 Dec, 2020
The status, problems and development trend of China’s industrial hemp
Guangwen Wu*, liguo Zhang, Yuyan Fang, Nan Zheng, Ming Zhang, Xixia Song, Hongmei Yuan, Lili Cheng and Si Chen
Published On 30 Dec, 2020
Cluster-based pre-scaling up of tomato technologies in harari region rural areas: Small holder farmers livelihood improvement
Ibsa Aliyi Usmane*, Abdulaziz Teha, Badaso Urgesa, Oromiya Magarsa and Robe Elema
Published On 30 Dec, 2020
Current approach to isolated diastolic hypertension
Hüsnü Değirmenci*, Eftal Murat Bakirci, Murat Çakir and Halil İbrahim Tanrıseven
Published On 30 Dec, 2020
The pandemic of 2019 novel coronavirus infection and Hajj 2021
Behroz Mahdavi Poor, Jalil Rashedi*, Nazila Gheitarani and Mohammad Asgharzadeh
Published On 30 Dec, 2020
Pir sensor based security system
Sanikommu Umamaheswari*
Published On 30 Dec, 2020
Outbreak & Early Situation of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Pakistan
Safiullah Khan Achakzai, Anwer Bugti, Abdul Samad, Jawad Ahmed Khan, Asad Khan*, Farmanullah and Naveed Ul Haq
Published On 29 Dec, 2020
Multiple re-entry gunshot wounds possibly inflicted by a single shot: Case report
Çağdaş Savaş, Emir Derkuş, Umut Erdar Bilgin and İsmail Özgür Can*
Published On 29 Dec, 2020
Current Approach to Mechanical Valve Obstruction
Hüsnü Değirmenci*, Eftal Murat Bakirci, Hikmet Hamur, Arif Arısoy and Mücahit Tan
Published On 29 Dec, 2020
Association between Metabolic Syndrome and tumor histologic grade and pathologic stage of bladder cancer
Shan Jiang, Zhi-He Xu, Qin-Feng Xu, Kun Ding, Ming-Zhen Yuan, Yong Guan* and Sheng-Tian Zhao*
Published On 28 Dec, 2020
Effect of methoxatin loaded chitosan conduit on deep digital flexor tendon healing in rabbits: An animal model study
Negin Mozafari*, Mohammad Velayati, Azad Bahrampour, Erfan Yarahmadi, Roghaiyeh Neisari and Rahim Mohammadi
Published On 28 Dec, 2020
Metformin use and the Risk of Gastrointestinal Malignancies in Diabetic Populations: A Meta-Analysis
Gil Hevroni, Samara Skwiersky, Angelina Zhyvotovska and Samy I McFarlane*
Published On 26 Dec, 2020
Colonic perforation in 91- year- old man with severe Covid-19 infection
Khin Phyu Pyar*, Min Aung Shan, Soe Win Hlaing, Diwon, Zarni Htet Aung, Soe Min Aung, Nyan Lin Maung and Aung Phyoe Kyaw
Published On 24 Dec, 2020
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in overweight and obese children and adolescents
Ralf Schiel*, Mario Heinrichs, Günter Stein, Rolf Bambauer and Antje Steveling
Published On 23 Dec, 2020
The Comparison of Lower Extremity Malalignment during HPF and TRD Approach at Forward Diving Straight
Mohammad Ali Seyed Hoseini, Amir Hossein Barati, Elham Shirzad Araghi, Mahdieh Akoochakian, Mohamad Asghari Jafarabadi and Homa Naderifar*
Published On 22 Dec, 2020
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients with stable heart failure: Prevalence and associated factors
Mbatchou Ngahane Bertrand Hugo*, Che Vanessa Lum, Abinkeng Tazifua Ebenezer, Dzudie Anastase, Ngote Roger, Kamdem Felicité and Mandengue Samuel Honoré
Published On 22 Dec, 2020
Cardiac Effects of Parkinson’s Diseasec
Hüsnü Değirmenci*, Eftal Murat Bakirci and Hikmet Hamur
Published On 19 Dec, 2020
An experimental study targeting N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor in depression; beyond ketamine
Salim Sheikh, Pankaj Sonone, Chakar Dhar Tripathi, Veena Verma and Bushra Ahmed Karim*
Published On 15 Dec, 2020
Evaluation and Demonstration of Different Feeding options for Borana Cattle Fattening
Aman Gudeto*, Tesfaye Alemu T, Genet Dadi, Ashebir Worku, Mieso Guru and Frehiwot Mesele
Published On 14 Dec, 2020
Impact of a COVID-19 outbreak in a long-term care facility in Barcelona, Spain: The role of a COVID-19 prevention and control program
Gabriel Vallecillo*, Marta Anguera, Noemi Martin, Cristina González, Consol Serra, Juan Pablo Horcajad and Víctor Pérez
Published On 11 Dec, 2020
Variants of WDR36 in Cameroonian glaucoma patients
Fanny Mbacham, Yannick Bilong, Jean Paul Chedjou, Arlette Nomo, Chantal Nanfack Ngoune, Hermann Dongmo, CalvinoTAH, Jean-Claude Katte, Wilfred Mbacham, Eugene SobngwI and Assumpta Lucienne Bella*
Published On 11 Dec, 2020
Obtaining and studying properties of biodestructable composite films based on polyethylene
IH Turdikulov*, BN Mamadiyorov, MQ Saidmuhammedova and AA Atakhanov
Published On 11 Dec, 2020
Health-related quality of life of stroke patients before and after intervention: Systematic review
Abel Demerew Hailu*, Solomon Ahmed Mohammed and Yohannes Shumet Yimer
Published On 09 Dec, 2020
The Role of Speech Therapists in Olfactory Rehabilitation: A Short Report on Ten Cases of Total Laryngectomy
Michelle Passerini, Martina Da Re, Sonia Antoni, Cristina Pierluca, Giancarlo Tirelli and Vittorio Grill*
Published On 09 Dec, 2020
Intestinal Perforation Secondary to Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter; An Uncommon Complication
Uraik Fernando Hernández-Bustos, Jonathan Salgado-Vives*, Dante Alejandro Saldivar-Vera, Pedro Antonio Alvarado-Bahena and Enrique Chávez-Serna*
Published On 05 Dec, 2020
Treatment of patellofemoral chondropathy with BIOART
Ferdinando Franzoni*, Jonathan Fusi, Marco Ceccarelli, Andrea Petrocchi, Matteo Vitale, Marco Letari, Riccardo Banducci, Veronica Santini, Giorgia Scarfò, Eugenio Cerri and Fabio Galetta
Published On 03 Dec, 2020
The relative importance of multiple invasion mechanisms
Yu-Fei Zhao, Shu-Qi Zhou, Zuo-Fu Wei, Bao-Shan Zhao and Li-Jia Dong*
Published On 02 Dec, 2020
A Rare Nidus for Biliary Stone Formation: Post-Cholecystectomy Clip Migration
Robert Battat*, Marilyse Drapeau, Jonathan Wyse and Bernard Faulques
Published On 02 Dec, 2020
Groundwater quality assessment of the BDP aquifer in rural area of India
Pinaki Ghosh*, Debashis Chatterjee* and Samir Kumar Mukherjee
Published On 02 Dec, 2020

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