Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Cardiovascular Diseases
Ayapati Gautam Mehdi, Vikram Aiman Ayapati, Avinash B, A. A. Khan, Nirmal Kumar Lohiya, Vijay Lakshmi, Dharma Rakshak Ayapati, Roya Rozati*
Published On 29 Apr, 2020
Bone Quality Obtained in Sinus Lifting with Anorganic Bovine Bone. A CBCT Study
Martínez Soledad Melisa, Ibañez Maria Constanza* and Ibañez Juan Carlos
Published On 29 Apr, 2020
The association between cervical lordosis and age, sex, history of cervical trauma and sedentarity: A CT study
David Ezra, Leonid Kalichman, Azaria Simonovich, Jonathan Droujin, Ella Been And Deborah Alperovitch-Najenson*
Published On 28 Apr, 2020
Criminality, Substance abuse and Problematic Family Relations in Adolescence
Valeria Saladino*, Lilli Hoelzlhammer and Valeria Verrastro
Published On 28 Apr, 2020
Hardware Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on Smartphones
Mohamed Amine Khelif*, Jordane Lorandel and Olivier Romain
Published On 28 Apr, 2020
The Journey of TAVR
Luis M de la Fuente* and Facundo E Peñaloza
Published On 27 Apr, 2020
A typical neurofibromatosis type 1 in adult with intracranial T2 hyperintensities and pinealoma: A Case Report
Siwei Chen, Haiqiang Jin, Jing Bai, Wei Zhang, Jingjing Luo, Yining Huang and Yongan Sun*
Published On 27 Apr, 2020
Corona virus affects fertility: A concern
Dharmendra Kumar*, Rishabha Malviya and Pramod Kumar Sharma
Published On 27 Apr, 2020
Human umbilical cord blood derived mesenchymal cells for the treatment of myocardial infarction in rat model
Ayapati Gautam Mehdi, Vikram Aiman Ayapati, Avinash B, A. A. Khan, Nirmal Kumar Lohiya, Dharma Rakshak Ayapati, Roya Rozati
Published On 27 Apr, 2020
Topical Therapy of Periclitoral Lesions Associated With Dysuria and Pelvic Pain
Ingrid A Carlson*, Richard J Presutti, Ashley M Shumate and Steven P Petrou*
Published On 27 Apr, 2020
Sonographic Criteria for Earlier Detection of Molar Pregnancies
Gupta N*, Botros S, Demetrios M and Blankstein J
Published On 27 Apr, 2020
What happens when the test is negative: Evaluating adherence to malaria diagnostic algorithms among under-five children in the Northern zone of Volta Region, Ghana
Jonathan Mawutor Gmanyami*, Asiwome Ameko, Saviour Selase Ahiafe, Samuel Adolf Bosoka, Margaret Kweku, and Evelyn Korkor Ansah
Published On 25 Apr, 2020
The Strategy of Preventing COVID-19 Infection for Dental Clinics in Taiwan
Ya-Ai Cheng, Kuang-Min Hsieh, Sin-Yen Hsieh, and Yueh-Tzu Kao*
Published On 25 Apr, 2020
Congenital esophageal stenosis with tracheoesophageal window
D´Alessandro Pablo D*, Reusmann Aixa, Rubio Martin A, Cocciaglia Alejandro and Boglione Mariano M
Published On 25 Apr, 2020
Failed repair of isolated female epispadias: Insights and outcome of single stage repair
Abdul Rouf Khawaja*, Farzana Bashir, Javaid Magray, Ashiq hussain, Sajad Malik, Arif Hamid and Mohd Saleem Wani
Published On 25 Apr, 2020
Chronic axillary web syndrome: 83 months post lumpectomy-A Case report
Laura F Rezende*, Ricardo Laier Franco, Vanessa Fonseca Vilas Boas, Juliana Lenzi, and Regiane Luz Carvalho
Published On 25 Apr, 2020
Enhancing Imbalanced Dataset by Utilizing (K-NN Based SMOTE_3D Algorithm)
Khaldoon Alshouiliy*, Sujan Ray, Ali AlGhamdi and Dharma P Agrawal
Published On 25 Apr, 2020
Study of cardiovascular eligibility for hormonal contraception in women in Porto-Novo
Arnaud Sonou*, Richard Aniglé, Corine Houehanou, Armand Wanvoègbè, Mathieu Ogoudjobi and Dèdonougbo Martin Houénassi
Published On 24 Apr, 2020
The use of magnetic-laser therapy of patients with post-dental implant neuropathy
Hakobyan Gagik*, Lazar Yesayan, Arman Seyranyan and Davit Matevosyan
Published On 23 Apr, 2020
China’s contribution to gut microbiota research
Honggang Wang and Xiaozhong Yang*
Published On 22 Apr, 2020
A Concise Review of Irradiation for Temporal Bone Chemodectomas (TBC)
Ferrat Dincoglan, Murat Beyzadeoglu, Omer Sager*, Selcuk Demiral, Bora Uysal, Hakan Gamsiz, Onurhan Colak, Fatih Ozcan and Bahar Dirican
Published On 21 Apr, 2020
A combination of depression and decreased physical function further worsens the prognosis of patients with chronic cardiovascular disease
Kenya Osada, Minako Yamaoka-Tojo*, Shinichi Obara, Hidenori Kariya, Yohei Kato, Akinori Yuyama, Kentaro Kamiya, Atsuhiko Matsunaga and Junya Ako
Published On 21 Apr, 2020
Henoch-Schonlein Purpura with multiple renal calculi with hydronephrosis-A Case Report
Kriti Mohan*, Swathi Chacham, Ajay Bharti and Balram Ji Omar
Published On 21 Apr, 2020
Mitotically active fibrothecoma in association with sclerous peritonitis
Bdioui Ahlem*, Ben Khlifa Sarra, Kaabia Ons, Missaoui Nabiha, Hmissa Sihem and Mokni Moncef
Published On 21 Apr, 2020
Vaginal health and well ageing during all stages of women’s life
Letteria Greco*, Marco Fontana, Enzo Berardesca and Maurizio Barbieri Carones
Published On 18 Apr, 2020
A Survey on Fish Population Availability in Different Season in Northern India
Shikha Gomra, Sunaina Chandel, Atif Zargar and Arup Giri*
Published On 18 Apr, 2020
A summary of the molecular testing recommended in acute myeloid leukemia
Ruth Stuckey, Cristina Bilbao-Sieyro and María Teresa Gómez-Casares*
Published On 18 Apr, 2020
Comparison of low back mobility and stability exercises from Pilates in non-specific low back pain: A randomized controlled trial
Iã Ferreira Miranda, Catiane Souza, Alexandre Tavares Schneider, Leandro Campos Chagas, Jefferson Fagundes Loss*
Published On 18 Apr, 2020
Expression of blaCTX-M2 and invA genes of Salmonella Heidelberg isolated from poultry by Qpcr
Gabriella Bassi das Neves, Denise Nunes Araújo, Eduarda Pick, Dinael Simão Bitner, Maiara Cristiane Brisola, Regiane Boaretto Crecencio, and Lenita Moura Stefani*
Published On 16 Apr, 2020
Towards a fast detection of microbial resistance to antibiotics
Leonardo Venturelli, Anne-Céline Kohler and Sandor Kasas*
Published On 16 Apr, 2020
Hemolytic disease of the newborn caused by anti-U: A case report
Renata Esteves Almeida, Sandro Artur Fierz, Flavia Miranda Constantino-Bandeira, Patricia Olga Souza-Sergio, Cristiane Sá Ferreira Facio, and Alexandre Gomes Vizzoni*
Published On 16 Apr, 2020
Hematuria in a Patient with Non-malignant Bladder Nodules
Terese S Bergheim, Visal Nga, Andrew C Burg and Bahman Chavoshan*
Published On 13 Apr, 2020
The effect of freshwater acidification in the tissues of Cyprinus carpio
Ibrahim A*, Narayanan M, Khan Salman and Sheik Mohamed
Published On 13 Apr, 2020
Effects of pilates method on the posture, postural habits, and neck and back pain of women with temporomandibular dysfunction: A randomized clinical trial
Luiza Rampi Pivotto, Cláudia Tarragô Candotti*, Juliana Adami Sedrez, Emanuelle Francine Detogni Schmit, Letícia Miranda Resende Da Costa and Jefferson Fagundes Loss
Published On 11 Apr, 2020
Incomplete Currarino Syndrome: Case Report and a Brief Review of Literature
Muhammad Abdelhafez Mahmoud*and Ashraf Hamed Seddek
Published On 11 Apr, 2020
COVID-19 and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saleh A Eifan* and Atif Hanif
Published On 09 Apr, 2020
Variable epitope library-based COVID-19 vaccine for current and future related epidemics
Karen Manoutcharian*, Jesus Guzman Valle1 and Josué Odales
Published On 07 Apr, 2020
Evaluation of aerobic capacity and muscle function in a case series of patients with relapsing polychondritis
Diego Sales de Oliveira, Alexandre Moura dos Santos, Rafael Giovani Misse, Jean Marcos de Souza, Fernanda Rodrigues Lima, Rosa Maria Rodrigues Pereira, and Samuel Katsuyuki Shinjo*
Published On 07 Apr, 2020
US and Russian physician perspectives regarding end of life care
Gerald J Jogerst*, James G Jackson, Yulia Matveeva, Yinghui Xu, and Anna Turusheva
Published On 06 Apr, 2020
Mechanism of multi-resistant bacterial pathogenesis: MDR genes are not so deadly unless plasmid-mediated toxin, virulence and regulatory genes are activated
Kousik Poria, Shampa Bhatta, Sanatan Das, Madhumita Dey, Chandan Halder, Sankalita Datta and Asit Kumar Chakraborty*
Published On 04 Apr, 2020
Biodegradable masterbatch blends: The implications on thermal conversion and recycling stream of polyethylene
João Vitor Ferreira Duque, Márcio Ferreira Martins* and Marcos Tadeu D’Azeredo Orlando
Published On 04 Apr, 2020
Bioaccumulation of trace elements in lichens exposed to geothermal and volcanic activity from copahue-caviahue volcanic complex, patagonia, Argentina
Débora Fabiana Bubach*, Soledad Perez Catán, María Inés Messuti, María Angélica Arribére and Sergio Ribeiro Guevara
Published On 04 Apr, 2020
Sciatic nerve injury associated with acetabular fracture (About a case)
MJEl Mekkaoui*, J Boukhris, M Boussaidane, B Chafry, D Bencheba, AS Bouabid and M Boussouga
Published On 03 Apr, 2020
High mortality in geese associated with feeding tofu skin waste in Hebei Province, China
Xinwei Wang*, Chang Cai, Yin Li, Hao Tang and Ian D Robertson
Published On 02 Apr, 2020
In vitro genotoxic study reinforces the use of titanium-35niobium alloy in biomedical implants
Dennia Perez de Andrade, Isabel Chaves Silva Carvalho, Bruno Henrique Godoi, Newton Soares da Silva, Carlos Alberto Alves Cairo, Cristina Pacheco Soares* and Yasmin Rodarte Carvalho
Published On 02 Apr, 2020

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